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  1. Hi again, Yeah I got the purple eglu go and the girls have bee outside since the end of March and they love it. I put hay down in the run as they have eaten all the grass and that works very well. They are very happy pigs in their eglu go.
  2. Hi ya, I'm very excited as I'm going to get a purple one for my piggies. They are pretty expensive but I think worth it. I found that keeping the wooden hutches you get damp and rot etc. at least the plastic guinea eglu go will last. I've got three baby girls inside at the moment. Not going out til early summer. If I still had my eglu from the chooks then I would have go the converter kit instead. Good idea I think. n
  3. Hi everyone, I have already posted in the guinea pig section but thought more of you may be in this section. Long story but do you know if you can apply red mite powder to guinea pigs, my guineas have moved into a chicken coop, that's developed red mites! ! have treated twice now!! but now they have moved on to the pigs aswell! HELP!! I can't stop scratching either!!!
  4. Hi everyone, I rehomed my only remaining silkie as her little friend died last week I decided to put my guinea pigs in the wooden chicken coop that is also suitable for guineas as it has a ramp etc and is bigger than their existing hutch. I gave it a good clean out with the pressure washer and noticed it had a few mites on the house. I doused it in red mite powder and left it overnight to dry out etc before putting the guineas in. But the mites are back and they are on my guineas and the house!!! can I use the red mite powder on my guineas! I also got them on me!!!! eewww I feel all horrible and itchy now because of going out there!!!! My OH suggested putting the guineas in the new house asap so we can dispose of there old hutch but I think we should have waited before doing that! Can the mites live long on the guineas??? and can guineas die from this??? I'm worried now! Help!!
  5. Hi everyone, We had to have "Perkin" put to sleep this morning as nothing could be done, it was flystrike The vet said there's no telling on how far it could have gone inside. The other girls are fine, they haven't got it, but thanks for that, there's stupid me thinking it was worms! Our girls are going to be sad when they come home from school I got my flubenvet layers pellets from www.happychicks.co.uk We are feeding them just for the numbered days it says, I think that is a better idea. thanks for your replies. RIP : little fluffy Perkin
  6. Awwww sorry to hear ur sad news, we lost our Rosie back in feb and she was one of my favs too. gr8 name eh. RIP little rosie
  7. Ah ha! why didn't I think of that! hmm yeah I think it could well be, the worm looking thingy isn't very big and I haven't spotted anything moving in the expelled poo. There are alot of flies about at the moment, flipping nuisance! Thanks for that. Will get her down to the vet.
  8. Hi everyone, We have recently purchased some Flubenvet layers pellets and been giving them to our hens. On the bag it says you can give it permanently to them but mixed in with some ordinary layers pellets. DH wanted to do it this way as he said at least you can guarantee the hens are always wormed. I was going to feed them over the 5 or 7 days which it also recommends.(I was going to feed them the pellets seperately for the 5-7 days and then go back to the ordinary layers pellets). I have spotted this evening that Perkin our silkie has worms, I spotted one outside her botty and i think I can see some wriggling around inside the entrance to her vent She had previously had a bit of a dirty botty, hence sorting out the worming. Also her botty is a little bit bald, there's a few feathers missing. She seems ok in herself, usual chicken behaviour but what do you think is best we do?? I'm thinking just give the worming pellets only like I originally said. Thanks for any help
  9. Oh well done guys! you made me feel much better ! I can sort her out first thing tomorrow! Now I come to think of it I also noticed that when DD was holding her today her head and neck were lower than her body, the way she was holding herself was a little odd! Yep I think we've def got the correct diagnosis.
  10. thank you but oh crikey!! I don't like the sound of squeezing her crop cause you can make them choke! Gonna be tricky to starve for 24 hrs and separate as got no alternative accommodation Should I do the apple cider vinegar and get some probiotic yoghurt ? The dirty botty I think will settle once she wormed. Not experienced this before alot of the fluid has been coming out on it's own, so I hope that's a good thing that it's clearing. What could I mix the yoghurt with? if anything? Thanks alot for your help. I not had a chance to feel her crop, they gone to bed now! but from the way you describe it , it's sounding like what it is.
  11. Hi everyone, I have a three silkies and they have all been fine up until recently when we have noticed Perkin dribble a little bit from her beak. Today our girls said she looked like she had been sick when they were out there she dribbled a bit of clear fluid from her beak. They have been free ranging for most of the afternoon and not picked up anything that i have noticed. Perkin also has a bit of a dirty bot, I know they are overdue for their worming and I was going to try those layers pellets with the flubenvet already in. Where is the best place to get these? plse. Do you think it is because she needs worming? or is there something else wrong?? There poo doesn't seem to be abnormal. Many thanks for any responses, I'm a bit worried
  12. Hi ya, I agree with what the others have said, it's early days. We tried introducing 3 newbies onto our one girl, she accepted the two big girls but not the little silkie, she pecked her neck til draw blood so I seperated her into a cage, then got another hen house and two friends of her own sort. All is now peaceful here, except for the two girls that have gone broody! Keep a close eye on the little silkie cause they don't always hold their own very well. Good luck with it.
  13. Hi everyone, We have two seperate flocks, 3 in each. One flock consists of all hybrids and the other all silkies. (all silkies in together, all hybrids in together) we have one broody silkie and one broody hybrid. Up until recently "Pootle " our silkie was laying but she's now broody, though we did get an odd shaped egg last week and yesterday was normal egg?? can they still lay when broody?? (know for definiate she was laying) I boot her out of the nestbox wearing gloves!!! as she goes to peck at us!! once she cannot get back in she eats and drinks etc but the minute I open the door i.e in the evening to come in, she charges up the ramp!! The hybrid "Willow" is the same she was laying and she hasn't done so for the last few days but she sits on the others eggs, the others still seem to be able to lay their eggs despite her being broody. She sits there fluffing herself up and making purr purr noises, I can boot her off the nest once the others have laid without being pecked, she's not as broody as the silkie. I have also noticed that they are bald underneath near their breast bones, is this normal??? Not sure whether to:- 1. Carry on booting them out of nestbox? 2. give them a nice cold dunking? 3. ice pack ? 4. Tried the football and it didn't work!!! she pushed it out!! Sorry for such an essay but this our first experience in 3 yrs of broody hens so I suppose we have been lucky
  14. Flubenvet layers pellets???? How often do you give that? or is it just a continuous thing that's just in the feed for them to have all the time?? Would save messing about mixing own batch up.
  15. How awful for you! I'm really sorry for you

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