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  1. Thanks i unpicked it all and have sewn the new fabric on the old which saved me buying new padding and made it easier to do but time consuming.
  2. A good friend gave me a c"Ooops, word censored!"at for my grandson for our car. it came from her parents so was hardly used but had a stain on the cover i couldn't wash off. So i decided after looking online for tips, to recover it. It took while , about 5 hours!! but was worth it and i'm very pleased with it just need to do the strap pads as i run out of fabric
  3. not that i ever go but its Aleks Josh from The Voice , not that he won but he was from here lol
  4. thanks, i did see a cake pop silicone mould but that would mean they are just cake balls where as these were cake crumbled mixed with icing and rounded into a ball. bit like a truffle
  5. was very happy with them, took a while to get the coating to flow right but worked in the end
  6. Samsung galaxy , we have 3 in our house of different models
  7. i don't watch a lot of sport but love the Olympics watched all the swimming, some diving , most of the gymnastics and odd bits of other sports. Am looking forward to lots of athletics next week on my week off Loved the opening ceremony more than i thought i would and was/am proud to be british! loved the James Bond moment and i think Mr Bean was there as he is loved in so many countries. Paul M was a bit cringe worthy though
  8. I haven't been on much lately due to the arrival of my amazing first grandson 4mths i don't look for chicken help really now but used it a lot when i first started. I pop onto the craft and food sections occasionly and Omlet is always where i come with a query about a new purchase or a question that i am sure someone here can help with about everyday things. I am always amazed at the quick replies and the knowledge of everyone here
  9. we went 2 years ago and got the pass, there was lots on it we didnt do but still worked out cheaper, bronx zoo, empire state, boat trips etc but we were there 10days . subway and by foot were the way we travelled, mostly by foot
  10. Some people just don't get it, my mum is 82 and was a teacher and head never had it. My brother ( eldest child ) never had it. Me and my sister both had it , my kids all had it , eldest got it then her 2 siblings 2 weeks later.
  11. I lost the last of my first 3 girls last week 4.6 yearslaid on and off up to the end.
  12. i guessed quite quickly but i am much better at guessing peoples faces than names lol
  13. Kindle for a few reasons... 1.my house was overun with books 2.more room in my suitcase as i would taake 3-4 books on a weeks holiday 3.i like to always have a book to read as and when i want to read so have 24 unread books at the moment 4.a kindle is much lighter to take out with me, i take it lots of places 5. got to be more enviromentally friendly
  14. How did you get on with your quote and do you have a kitchen. we had a howdens lady round but was a bit shocked by the quote ! asked the builder to get back to them . Got a Wren man coming today for measurements.

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