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  1. Well I have made it 4 years and then today we have found red mites in our cubes!!!!! Yikes they are horrid. I have spent all day scrubbing and spraying with poultry shield. My hands are now sore and swollen, but the girls and boy have just gone to bed in a clean cube. I've red mite powdered, d-earthed, and johnson'ed most of the chooks. Should I clear out the wood chip from under the cubes? What do I do in their nest box, I was using wood shavings merrily for years and never had red mite???? Anything else I should do??? I scrubbed the cube a month ago and I had no signs of red mite, but today was horrid. Any suggestions would be welcome, it was a huge shock today, I have 2 girls under the weather too, and am now totally paranoid. How quickly do I need to re scrub and spray with poultry shield??? Sorry , so many questions but it's been a horrid day...
  2. oh i do wish this hadn't been bumped up again..... thats it i have to go make one NOW!!! I hear pampered chef brownies calling too.... just the easiest and so yummy!!! My son has already ordered one for his birthday cake..... in DECEMBER!!!
  3. Oh one of mine has gone broody for the first time in 18 months of having orps... im sure its going to be contagious!!
  4. I know someone who has lavender's at the moment available if you are after a girl.... I just picked up 4 locally to you... and she still had a lavender and i couldnt take her too. Pm me if you want her details. Ljx
  5. So sorry to hear your news. Gapeworm seems very common at the moment. Can someone please post the dose rates for flubenvet cos I can't find it ... Is it double the quantity or for double the time??? Thanks and so sorry
  6. I've just put the girls to bed and tori was looking very lethargic. I picked her up ... Which is never an option with her, she usually runs a mile! She just sat in one hand and let me check her over. The only thing I can feel is her bottom seems a bit puffy???? Could this be peritonitis? She is 3.5 years old and similar to a pepper pot. She has always been very skinny and egg production has always been good and laid at the weekend.... She was worked 3 weeks ago, and doesnt appear to have crawlies. Our cockerel died 2 weeks ago, so Im starting to get paranoid! I put her to bed, and she drank, but am worried? Any suggestions please?
  7. Oh it wont be long before you acquire more.... Chickenitis is a very speedy disease!!! we started with two!!!
  8. glad to hear they arrived safely and they are already being spoilt!!! Have fun, they are the biggest time wasters but very rewarding. Enjoy!!!
  9. Has the van arrived yet.... two days off work wont be long enough!!!! good luck!
  10. Ah I've avoided the forum for a couple of weeks hoping to avoid the impending highly contagious Omlet epidemic of springtime Chickenitis.... but i had to look this morning and it sent me all Orpington Broody and I've just spend the last hour hunting for Orps!"!! that's it I'm now fully contagious and must immediately go and do some housework to try and break this!!!!!! I thought i'd escaped, but clearly i just delayed the inevitable I think as a courtesty to all Omleteers, photos on the forum of little fluffy chicks and new chickens should be banned for the whole of spring!!!! What do you think Mods???? Surely its not just me!!!!
  11. We love orps!!! we just lost our gold laced cockerell, but have a GL girl, a reversed GL girl (gold with chocolate tips) and two cuckoo's and they are just gorgeous!!!! You can't beat a fluffy bottom for a cuddle.... infact lightening wont go to bed with out a cuddle, or thats how i explain why bedtime for chickens often takes as long as it does for the children .... especially if the sun is shining!!! they just have the best temprement and are great with the kids but do take up more room, they are much taller and wider than an average hen, so watch your space in cubes etc. Our cockerell was massive but very gentle.
  12. oh i miss my cockrell!!!! i even went to the garden centre yesterday .... and what could i hear, yep cockerell.... i went to investigate and they're only selling them in copnor tropicals!!! trio's and pairs and they look sad.... I miss him lots, sure the neighbours dont, but do you think they'd notice if one accidently appeared again!!!!????
  13. So it was all a huge shock, DH and I took our lunch outside and we we're just about to tuck in when our gorgeous gold laced Orpington cockerell Mocha had what appeared to be a massive fit and was gone within seconds. It was shocking! He was just 2 years old and full of the joys of spring. He will be missed greatly, we have no explanation, and if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I would not believe it could happen so suddenly. We're all devastated, the kids have been in tears, the girls seem so lost without him, and tomorrow morning will seem eerily quiet without him! RIP gorgeous boy!
  14. Strange! You should have popped in... Pm me next time your having a makro moment Sha x

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