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  1. I have 3 chicks( with mother hen ) who will be 5 weeks old when we go away for a fortnight. My lovely neighbour will be looking after the chooks as usual, but I always make it as easy as possible for her- I have 2 30 litre tripod drinkers that each last 2+ weeks when full, so all my neighbour has to do is top up the food, chuck in some treats and collect eggs. At the moment Muppet and chicks are using a plastic fountain drinker and it gets on my nerves. Though it holds plenty of water, the 'moat' is getting clogged with debris and needs cleaning on a daily basis, not something I'd expect my neighbour to do- and it's a fiddle to refill as well, I wouldn't relax if she had to refill it while we were away. I was thinking if I were to provide them with a step ( their bantam 'mum' needs one anyway) do you think 5 week old chicks would be ok with one of the tripod drinkers? Would you be worried about them taking an impromptu dip? I thought I could put a cylinder of wire mesh either vertically around the central/deepest part or lay it just under the water surface so they couldn't fall in? What do you think? This is the drinker I have. http://www.regencypoultry.com/drinkers/PlasticDrinkers/plastic_leg_drinker.htm
  2. Honestly it's one of the friendliest places on the web I'm on there every day even when I haven't got a holiday planned- I'm addicted ( I'm ali-s on there, say 'hi' if you see me )
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    Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and expect nothing. No idea where it comes from or who said it, but I must repeat it on a weekly basis
  4. Great, now you can start the fun of planning . We are off to Orlando in August- not looking forward to the humidity but at least we'll have guaranteed heat Have you joined thedibb.co.uk yet? have a look on there before you buy your park tickets - and do shop around, there can be quite a price difference between suppliers.
  5. I haven't been on here much lately and it was a shock to read this. Thoughts and condolences to her friends and family.
  6. Didn't bother posting before, as the last lot of eggs Muppet sat on ended up DIS , so I literally wasn't going to count my chickens before they hatched this time . I gave her two GoldtopX silkie, 2 Cream Legbar x Silkie and one Silkie egg to sit on, the 2 legbars xs and the silkie have hatched- the legbar Xs look like proper legbar chicks,I wasn't expecting that with having a Silkie as the dad , can't wait to see what they grow into ( hopefully hens ) The Goldtop Xs are doing nothing - got a feeling they are going to be DIS again but will give it a bit longer. So now I've got to sort out a sectioned off part of the run for them - not at all prepared as I wasn't expecting them to hatch
  7. I used to live in Leominster, and my parents are still there. It is a busy, interesting little town but like many places, we tend not to appreciate what is on our doorstep. I do love Herefordshire though, I feel very lucky to live here.
  8. OH has just come in from playing football complaining of a 'pulled hamstring'- he's not even limping but is apparently going to be out of action for a good while
  9. Aw, she's gorgeous. Love the 'hair do', DS had similar when he was a baby, we used to call him Fuzzypeg
  10. I have one. Apparently I'm hard because I don't dole out the sympathy 24/7 , he's been dying of so many things over the years it's unbelievable- when I point out that he's still alive after predicting his demise 4 years ago I get the 'hard' quip, we are frequently told he' won't be around for much longer' - to which I reply ' you're right there, I'm going to finish you off myself if you keep on' He doesn't look on the internet though, too scared of finding out what he's got ( hypochondria ! ) and I have to nag him to see a doctor when he does need to go , he prefers to ask my advice and then ignore it, but if a friend gives him the same remedy for some minor complaint then he carries on as though they are the worlds greatest healer . Caught him rummaging in the first aid tin yesterday because he had 'cut his hand open' - translation, the cat had scratched him When I asked why he wanted a plaster he said ' to stop the bleeding', there followed the umpteenth explanation from me that plasters do not stop bleeding, they keep the wound clean and to go hold it under the tap then press on it- he was absolutely amazed that the bleeding stopped without needing to bind it in a metre of bandage - it's only taken me 22 yrs to get the message across
  11. I've been twice in October/November , great time of year to go weather wise and apart from half term week the parks are less busy. Hurricane season runs from June- November ( I think) but hurricanes rarely affect Orlando- it's inland so the parks would be closed maybe for a day and then all back to normal. Have you had a look at the dibb yet? Introduce yourself and say you've come from Omlet so abwsco and I can recognise you
  12. abwsco bet me to it- I'm a dibb addict, essential for planning a Florida holiday, the dibb is to Florida what omlet is to chickens
  13. Dollars travellers cheques can be spent like cash and are probably the safest way to take money. We take a mixture of cash and pre paid card - Fairfx or Caxton are good, you can use them to pay for goods like a debit card or just withdraw cash from an ATM. I don't like using credit cards, too easy to overspend and I always feel a bit anxious as they don't use chip and pin in the states, just sign like we used to years ago. Just to add, I've recently ordered currency for our next trip from Travelfx- excellent service and good rate, Fairfx usually give a good rate as well.
  14. Sorry, should have said i leave my silkie in the coop, but shut the pop hole so the others can't get in - or she would snaffle as many eggs as she could I'm lucky to have 2 coops , so when Muppet is using one as a 'maternity ward' the others will (grudgingly) lay and roost in the 2nd coop. I've used a dog crate as a coop before now, I found a cardboard box big enough to cover it ( to make it cosy and draft free) and had 3 growers happily sleeping in there until they were big enough to intergrate with the rest of the flock. Depending on how many eggs hatch this time, I may use a cat carrier as sleeping quarters for Muppet and chicks when I move them into the sectioned off part of the run.They'd progress onto the dog crate as they got bigger.
  15. While sitting she'll only need the space she takes up while sitting, she won't be fidgeting or getting up for a mooch around. She'll need access to an area to stretch her legs and do the legendary broody poo, but she'll only use it for a few minutes each day. When the chicks arrive she'll obviously make more use of the outside space. My broody silkie is left in the coop until the eggs hatch .I shut the pop hole to keep the other hens out and physically turf her out for a few minutes each day as she won't go out on her own, even if the door is open. When the chicks hatch I'll leave them shut in the coop for a day or two ( it's 2.5'x4' so plenty big enough for a day or so), then they'll all be moved to a sectioned off part of the WIR.
  16. Brilliant , would you be brave enough to push it if it was in your town square?
  17. Typical isn't it. I WANT my silkie to go broody and she won't oblige. She'll happily sit on her invisible eggs when it's -9 in the middle of winter, but suggest she might like to hatch me a few chicks on a lovely springlike day ? NO Way ! We go on holiday in August and I want any chicks to be old enough to intergrate before we go, so she has at most another week to get her fluffy bum into gear ( or should that be out of gear? )
  18. I've just finished 'The Winter House' by Nicci Gerrard, think I had a lump in my throat the whole way through and a few tears towards the end.
  19. Yep, I've got 5 pure breds laying and a full egg skelter. Wasn't expecting this rate of production until March
  20. Think my silkie cockerel has lost the plot! For the last two months since the mornings have been dark, I've left the pop hole on his coop open so he can get up when he wants - usually around 8am and that is when he starts crowing.When I go out at 8.15am half the hens are still in bed - it's so dark . On New Years Eve he crowed at 7.15am, I thought something must have woken/alarmed him. Yesterday I was awake when he first crowed- I didn't hear anything to disturb him - I looked at the clock - 6.45am !! he rarely crows that early , even in the summer . Last night I decided to close the pop hole to muffle his crows should he start early again - good thing I did, 6.15am he started this morning! It's pitch black outside, it's quiet and his hens are all in bed for goodness sake ! As I said, in the summer I keep the coop closed until 8am, but he rarely crows before 7am, what's got into him ? All I can think of is that two of my hens have come back into lay in the last few days - does he think this means it's spring ? surely they also go by amount of day light/ length of days ? Anyone else with a cockerel who's lost the plot ?
  21. CB ( short for CBTB- cat behind the bed ) came downstairs for the first time yesterday ! he had a good sniff around the hallway and rather worryingly had a good look through the cat flap- would be just my luck if after confining himself to the upstairs for 2 months he decided to leave home on his first jaunt downstairs He was downstairs again today - even ventured into the living room .He is now friends with Yoda- Yoda insisted it took a few weeks but he finally began to play and now they have a regular game of chase around the bedroomk at 3am nice to see them snuggled up together afterwards though. Rolo, my Birman is still rather put out by it all, not his usual self at all, has turned into quite a grump and spends much more time outside than he used to.
  22. Well after almost 3 months with no eggs I was beginning to wonder why I bother keeping chooks, I did try to imagine giving them up - but the thought of buying eggs all the time ( as opposed to just 4 months of the year ) and imagining how empty the garden would be without them was enough to stop that idea. Also Chickadee has started to lay so they have a reprieve
  23. Yep, I'm on my 2nd dozen of bought eggs since I started keeping chooks. Last winter my silkie put about 4 eggs a week on the egg rack, but this year she's joined the others and gone on strike - she's even forgotten about going broody And I swear they are all eating more now than they were when egg production was in full swing.

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