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  1. She's gorgeous.Hadn't heard of a Peterbald before.
  2. I did wonder about an injury, he hasn't long had his vaccinations, so I thought he may be feeling a bit under the weather. But he'll grumble and hiss at us even when we aren't touching him . Seems he's tolerating the kitten but taking his temper out on us I want my old Roly back.
  3. Wow, there's more trees in that bungalow than in a forest.
  4. I'm guilty of similar. If I'm in the supermarket and I hear someone mention chickens I automatically think 'ooh, another chook keeper' - then I realise I'm stood near the chill section and they are talking about their sunday dinner
  5. What height is the run? would you have room to raise the feeder/drinker up on a platform so the chooks can use the space underneath? or maybe leave the feeder/drinker on the floor and add a couple of perches, that would give the chooks more room.
  6. Ridiculous behaviour from Chrissy and Willie- it's a game for goodness sake. I don't like Anthony but I felt quite sorry for him last night seeing how upset he got over it all. Bet the audience will be halved now Emily is out ( I'm thinkinhg she was the only reason the male viewers were watching )
  7. As some of you will know, following the death of one of my siamese I brought 2 more kittens into our house - a 5 month old oriental who lives in the bedroom and a younger siamese who goes everywhere. My two original cats are a 7 yr old siamese, who is OK with the new additions- just carries on as normal, and a 3 year old Birman who I'm worried is jealous. Rolo, the Birman is the biggest softie going ( as long as you aren't a rodent ) , he doesn't fight and sits on all our laps, loves nothing better than gnawing on and drooling over my fingers. He is fine with Yoda ( the siamese kitten) tolerating the constant ambushing and pestering to play, but has only met bedroom cat twice - both times he just stared at and swore at him until he terrified the poor animal into peeing himself. Since the new kittens have arrived we've noticed Rolo has turned into something of a grump - he'll still sit on us, but will turn for no apparent reason - we can be stroking him then he'll hiss or try to bite us without warning. I feel a bit guilty as I've obviously caused this change in his personality by bringing the kittens into the house. Has anyone else experienced this? Do you think he'll go back to his old self given time? Any ideas how to deal with it?
  8. My remaining Siamese ( brother of the one who died) is quite shy, much better than he was though, it's only the last couple of years he's come round enough to stay in the same room as the boys - my 13yr old son stroked him for the first time about 6 months ago - we've had Gremmie 7 years He won't stay in the house if we have vistors - he heads out the cat flap if someone knocks on the door, which is kind of weird as he has to go past the person he is trying to avoid - he'd be safer if he just went upstairs, but no, he shoots out the cat flap like a streak of greased lightening scaring the living daylights out of the visitor on the doorstep The bedroom door is now closed again. Rolo ( my Birman) paid CBTB another visit and though all he does is stare and swear it was enough to make poor CBTB wee and mess himself - fun trying to clear that up witout traumatising him even more. I've now resorted to bribery I bought a tub of Temptations - or 'cat crack' as we call it ( love to know what they put in them) I had to throw the first to him, then the 2nd one I put on the floor right by me, he came over and ate that, the 3rd one I offered in my hand - he sniffed my fingers but wouldn't take it until I put it on the floor-still, that's some progress I also managed to stroke him very gently with the back of my hand while he ate his tinned food (he has a little tinned food twice a day which he loves, I sit on the floor by his dish and he will come eat beside me) He didn't run - just ate faster , I've probably given him indigestion now Yoda is doing fine, driving Roly mad with his constant taunting and teasing, but Rolo is quite tolerant and gentle with him. Yoda is even working on Gremlin now - that cat is such a grump, but Yoda is nothing if not persistent and won't take no for an answer even when he gets his bottom smacked by Grem, it's all fun and games here
  9. No, the floor's fine, I've had other dog beds/ blankets etc there and they've been dry, it's just this foam. I'm thinking the zipped up cover is not helping, maybe it can't breath. But if I remove the cover I know my terrier is going to turn it into foam chippings in minutes.
  10. I've told OH he's paying for Christmas this year ( for the first time ever) - I'm saving for our holiday next year. It made me laugh when I told the boys that dad would be buying their presents - when I'm buying they have their lists in by end of October - now dads buying they haven't even written them yet , think that's a loud vote of no confidence ( and being a typical man he says ' I've loads of time yet- over 4 weeks', I'm usually finished and wrapped by now I know what will happen, come the 20th with no pressies in sight I'll be doing a mad dash around town and cursing myself for making a stand.
  11. Well he seems to have got himself into a routine now. He spends the day in sons room then comes back into our room at night to eat and use his tray, how he crosses his legs that long I don't know but at least he has expanded his horizons.
  12. Last Christmas I bought a new memory foam bed for the dogs, it's rectangular, with a removable fake leather cover. It got brilliant reviews on the site I bought it from and the dogs love it. BUT, it's forever wet at the bottom. We have a tile floor in the kitchen and there's a permanent damp spot under the bed. The first time I noticed it in the summer I assumed Maya had wet her bed so I stripped the dry cover off only to find the foam soaking wet and stinky poured buckets of hot soapy water over it, left it to dry and rezipped cover. A few weeks later I noticed the bottom was damp again. I'm fairly certain the dogs aren't peeing on it - Maya did have continence problems when we first got her, but has been ok for the last year.I'm thinking the bed is sweating ? Anyone else have one of these dog beds and noticed the same ? Any ideas how to rectify the problem ? it's a brilliant bed for Maya who gets stiff in an ordinary bed, but the smell is driving me mad.
  13. The cat has left the bedroom ! - he's now in oldest sons room Don't know if he left voluntarily or whether Rolo evicted him. Now do I leave the litter tray and his food in our room, so he knows where it is ? or take the opportunity to move it somewhere more suitable ? Don't really want to encourage him back into our room, but don't want to confuse him either.
  14. Well we left the bedroom door open today. Mid afternoon huge noise from the bedroom - my Birman had paid a visit and scared poor CBTB half to death. Broken picture frame, numerous items knocked onto the floor and CBTB crouched catatonic ( pardon the pun) on the windowsill. He'd wee'd himself in fright and was too terrified to move when I cleaned him and the windowsill up. He's now in his 2nd favourite cubby hole - behind the ironing board . The door is still open but I think I may close it when we go to bed - don't fancy being woken by a replay in the middle of the night.
  15. Thanks Olly. Did you feed her in the bedroom and leave the litter tray in there while she was living there ? Just feel it would be a bit mean to move it downstairs and force him to come out before he feels ready.
  16. Thanks Griffin, that's good to know. I don't mind if he's never a lap cat, I have the others climbing over each other to sit on me I'd just prefer if he didn't flinch and run whenever I go near him. I'm not sure about putting his food and litter tray downstairs - I have a feeling he'd just mess in the room and starve rather than venture out into the big wide house - and my Birman doesn't help matters. He's normally the biggest wuss, but seems to be rather protective of Yoda - he's chased my Siamese round the house a couple of times, all because Gremlin hissed at Yoda He knows cat behind the bed is there and he isn't happy about it. If he was to get aggressive there isn't alot of space for the loser to escape. Think I'll keep leaving the bedroom door open and hope curiosity gets the better of him.
  17. Well sort of new- I've had them a few weeks now, but just realised I never posted on here. One of my Siamese - my seven year old beautiful Boo was run over and killed a couple of months ago which made us a two cat household - felt way too odd and by applying 'chicken maths' to cats I now have an 11 week old Siamese who we've called Yoda ( also answers to monster, mr kittington , rascal and toe rag ) AND an older longhair Oriental who has been referred to as 'cat behind the bed' as that is where he has spent most of the last few weeks. Think he'll eventually be called Spook or Asbo due to his nervous anti social behaviour. He's a bit of a worry actually as he is sooo nervous. He was 15 weeks old ( I think) when we got him and had spent all that time in a tiny cattery pen in the breeders garden - not socialised at all. I should have walked away, but didn't like the idea of him spending the rest of his life there. So now he's living in our bedroom It was supposed to be temporary, but he shows no interest in leaving.He has progressed from behind the bed to on the bed , but still won't let us touch him ( luckily he's vaccinated - don't know how we'd catch him to get him to the vets)and is even scared of little Yoda. How I'm going to introduce him to my other two cats I don't know - I let my Birman into the bedroom last week and he tried to launch an attack, don't fancy WW3 in the confines of the bedroom.Also don't fancy the litter tray taking up permanent residence but I've no where else to put the cat and doubt I could catch him anyway. Anyone else had success taming a semi feral cat ? Yoda has found a playmate in my HUGE Birman - I'm on tenterhooks when they are together
  18. I turned the thermostat up so the heating came on for the first time yesterday evening and again for a short while this morning. Can't believe we got to November before having to have it on.
  19. How noisy varies with each cockerel. My Faverolles cockerel had a very short, very noisy life- he crowed early, often and loudly.He became dinner after a few weeks. My silkie cockerel on the other hand has been crowing for 18 months, isn't too loud and rarely crows more than 6 times in a row. Trouble is there's no way of knowing what you'll get until it's too late, what would you do with the cockerel if you had complaints about the noise ?
  20. I wondered about those little hand warmers you put in your pockets, some are advertised to keep your hands warm for hours. If they were sealed in a ziplock bag and floated in the water I wonder if they'd work ? Touch wood the water in my drinkers has only frozen a couple of times and I'm always here to defrost it with hot water, but the thought of frozen drinkers is enough to put me off going away for a break in winter.
  21. I'm sitting here chuckling away with OH tutting loudly behind me - grump! patricia - I love the 'uniform darkish trunks'- were there no red heads or blondes ? being very short sighted myself I can well imagine it.
  22. Well I found my most embarrassing moment shamefully amusing. It was back in the early 90's and I was out with my workmates and our other halves for our Christmas do at a reasonably posh hotel. This hotel had a big wide staircase leading up from the foyer, the dining room was to the left of the staircase with glass doors. My friend and I had just visited the ladies , which was upstairs. I missed my footing on the very top stair and went head over heels all the way down, I actually thought to myself as I was falling ' it's ok, I'll stop at the flat bit halfway', but I didn't, I carried on tumbling and when I realised I wasn't stopping I swore very loudly . I landed in a heap at the bottom and opened my eyes to see the vicar and a group of carol singers peering worriedly at me -I should have been mortified but I just burst out laughing, the staff were running around finding me a chair and wondering whether to phone for an ambulance, my friend didn't know where to put herself and I was in stitches on the floor . Completely unhurt I picked myself up, brushed myself down and we sneaked back into the dining room pretending nothing had happened.Everyone was tucking into their main course. No one said a word so I whispered to OH 'I've just fallen down the stairs' he replied ' we know, we saw you' I didn't know whether to be insulted by his lack of concern or embarrassed that everyone had witnessed it
  23. yes, it will arrive on the 24th October and last until the 26th and it will stop all trains running due to 'wrong type of snow ' on the tracks. I know this because we are booked to go to Blackpool by train on those dates( first time using the train for over 10 years). I've been saving my Tescos clubcard vouchers to exchange for train and Pleasure beach tickets, so of course it will snow and everything will be cancelled
  24. Just been out to say good morning to the chooks and found Doris Dorking dead on the floor of the coop. She went to bed happy and healthy last night and laid yesterday, so not egg bound, looks like it may have been a heart attack. Maybe a coincidence , but a few months ago I lost my Auracana in the same way- both birds came from Wernlas, I'd had the Auracana less than a year, anyone else had Wernlas birds drop dead for no apparent reason ?

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