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  1. So sorry, I don't think prolapses are that common, maybe more likely in hybrids such as warrens who are bred as egg laying machines. Three hens are always better than two, just so if you were unfortunate enough to lose another, you wouldn't have one lonely hen.There is a section on the forum on how to introduce another hen, have a read of that then maybe get another addition to your flock.
  2. You're not planting the comfrey and greens inside the run are you ? It won't last two minutes I have several perches + 2 wooden chairs, a pallet on legs and 2 wooden platforms in my WIR. The highest perch is about 5', but it is above the pallet, so they have a 'step up' so to speak. The highest free standing perch is about 4'. They love their high perches, but they all have their favourites, some prefer to perch on the rungs under the chairs- 6 inches off the ground
  3. I have both an Araucana and a Cream Legbar. The eggs are almost identical in colour - pale to mid blue, but the legbars are bigger. Personality wise, they are both scatty, but I at least can catch the legbar - the Araucana has a heart attack if I try to pick her up
  4. And now Muppet's gone broody oh well, at least I had a full skelter for 2 days .
  5. I have a full egg skelter Delilah has finally come into lay - 2 eggs so far , quite big for first eggs(65g), and I have Mabel,Lola, Lottie, Muppet and Ozzy laying as well.I can finally stop rationing eggs.
  6. I had a Bluebelle. She was friendly enough, but stopped laying at little over a year old - died last summer. My Welsummer is the most timid of my chooks, though her eggs are a lovely colour, why not just wait and see what takes your fancy ? As for two coops, that is exactly what I did. My original coop can house 8 , no problem, but the attached WIR is only big enough for 6, so when I wanted more chooks I had dad make a 2nd coop ( also bigger than needed- didn't learn my lesson )and a 2nd, bigger WIR that shares 2 sides with the original WIR. I put the new chooks in the new run and after a couple of weeks removed the mesh seperating the 2 runs.Now the new chooks pile in with the original chooks ( I only have 2 of them left) and the 2nd house is used by Muppet and the 'chicks' she hatched last year, but they all have use of the connected runs. If you get a 2nd coop get an extra big run and try to butt it up against your present one, then you can do the same . It needs to be extra big though , cos these won't be the last new additions to your flock
  7. Mine like their carrots boiled for a few minutes. Not keen on sprouts either, they leave those until last. You know chooks have taken over your life when you are stood in the supermarket checking through all the cauliflowers for the one with the most leaves - cos the chooks love cauli leaves
  8. I had rats in the compost bin last year, they tunneled into the WIR and were a right pain. I used poison ( Tomcat bricks) in the compost bin - luckily with the lid on it meant nothing else could get to it, and I placed old fashioned rat traps baited with peanut butter in the WIR when the chooks were locked up for the night. I caught 4 rats in the traps - it will take a few nights for the rats to be brave enough to investigate the traps, but you should catch a few that way. I didn't get rid of the problem completely until I moved the compost bin - there were two nests in there touch wood haven't seen any sign of a rat since. Do you know where the rats are nesting ? as chances are they are just feeding in the run, if you can get rid of the nest the battle will be won.
  9. I thought I had everything I wanted ( how silly is that ?) but on my list I now have buff and speckled Sussex, I love the colour of the New hampshire Red ,maybe a something laced Wyandotte , possibly a naked neck and a large fowl Silkie would be nice. I only have room for 3 more hens and I plan to hatch some homegrown bitzas under Muppet this year, so think my wish list will have to stay a wish.
  10. Think I may well make a sign saying this and hang it outside the WIR . I've just spent a lovely(?) hour and half cleaning out the coops ,I then soaked Muppets feet in warm water to remove the mud balls- 10 chooks in a covered WIR and she's the ONLY one who finds enough mud to get mud balls on her claws, she sat there soaking her tootsies looking most content while I dibbled around in muddy water I then did a nail trimming session for the 5 toed chooks- the 5th claw always grows too long, and to finish off they all had a dusting with mite powder. You'd think I'd learnt my lesson by now not to do it on a windy day - I'm well and truelly covered and smell gorgeous - if you like mite powder
  11. Check with your vets if they know of anyone who'll take in chickens - there are two adverts at our vets for people who look after rabbits,guinea pigs and chickens while you're on holiday. I also noticed the cattery I use takes chickens as well as other small animals. Ask your vets first and if no luck try all the catteries and boarding kennels in the phone book. Good luck.
  12. I'd guess the white star, simply because my bluebelles eggs were slightly darker with a pinky tinge to them.
  13. I've used my christmas money to order a set of 3 'vintage style tins' with a cockerel on the side. They haven't arrived yet, but should be just the right size for the chooks corn and the peanuts and seed for the wild birds. I keep the corn by the back door and my greedy LabX scoffs it every chance she gets, so I was pleased to find a perfect sized' chickeny' tin to put it in. Oh, and almost forgt, I have my 'beautiful chickens' calendar hanging in the kitchen
  14. My speckledy and cream legbar came back into lay a few weeks ago, but then stopped my silkie is producing one egg a week, and my araucana laid for the first time today.
  15. It snowed heavy here early this morning, but turned to slush immediately. Roads were still treacherous though - neighbours car ended up in a ditch and two main hilly roads were impassable for a short while. Ridiculous!
  16. My 14 yr old has just found a river in British Columbia that is running green ( have a look on Google)
  17. I didn't find it light-hearted, and actually found this quite disturbing(!), but would still recommend it. I've just finished reading The Host by Stephanie Meyers (of Twilight fame). It was very different to Twilight, but I really enjoyed it. OK, light hearted in that it wasn't scary - well I didn't find it scary , even rather amusing in places. I'd like to be haunted by a ghost like her
  18. I've found the opposite. Dandelion, my Silkie cockerel is only interested in the two that are laying - but did chase my Welsummer around the run today so fingers crossed she's coming back into lay. He does make me laugh though, he does his little dance and coos sweet nothings ( anyone else think they sound like pigeons ? ) but the girls are unimpressed to say the least -Lottie is last out of the coop in the morning - after sticking her beak out to check the coast is clear and when Mabel sees him coming she gets up onto the highest perch , knowing he'll struggle to follow her
  19. Our tree and decorations came down this afternoon as well. It was a Frasier Fir and like the OP I was impressed by how well the tree looked, lost hardly any needles and seems a shame to throw it away. I like the idea of hanging bird food from it.
  20. After a couple of months break my Cream Legbar and Speckledy came back into lay about 3 weeks ago. I've had about half a dozen eggs off each and a couple of eggs off my Silkie who is having a non broody phase- even when they were living in twilight because of the snow on the run roof, but I haven't had a single egg for a week now Anyone else got stop start layers ?
  21. I haven't long finished Room by Emma Donaghue, very good and a bit different - written as though by a 5 year old. Am now reading Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger ( author of Time Travellers Wife) again, a bit different, a sort of light hearted ghost story.
  22. Since becoming a mother 14 years ago I've done part time cleaning, mainly early mornings to fit around the boys. I'd love to have a job that I love, but have never wanted to do anything badly enough to train - I've always been able to see the 'cons' of a job just as clearly as the 'pros' - some of your jobs sound like my idea of hell . Apart from getting up at 4.30am ( which you soon get used to ) my job is OK as I have finished my work when most people are just starting . I can't imagine going back to full time work - when would I get to go on my forums ?
  23. Sending best wishes and positive thoughts for a full and speedy recovery

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