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  1. Yes - the guinlu and rablu are the same as an eglu, just with a different base inside.
  2. She is lovely - so cute. I'm sure she will find a new home soon - good luck Wilma!!
  3. oooh, I can't think of a better home, well done Emma. Just a quick note to say thank you to everyone on this thread, especially Emma and her sister. I agree with Sheila - I can't think of a better home for Ruby! I dropped Ruby off this evening and was so relieved she was going to such a good home - I'm sure Ruby will have a fantastic life with all the other hens Thanks Emma
  4. Thank you for your kind offer - Emma I have PM you but I am not sure if it has been rec'd? I am in Congleton and I am more than happy to drive to Bridgemere - which ever is more convinient. Thank you!
  5. A while ago, Rosie died leaving Ruby on her own. After much thought, I have decided not to replace Rosie as I want to stop keeping chickens. Whilst I would love to keep Ruby, I have to accept it's not fair to keep her on her own and I owe it to her to get her rehomed with other chickens. I have tried local contacts and local farm parks etc, but with no success. If someone would like Ruby, please let me know. She is a beautiful ginger nut ranger, 13 months old and currently lays at about 3 eggs a week. She is a lovely hen and I only want her to go to a good home where she will be loved. (she will love you as soon as you feed her a worm!) I am located in south Cheshire and happy to drive a reasonable distance to rehome her in a good home. Please let me know if you can help, Thank you BooBoo (and Ruby)
  6. Hi Susie I think your g-pigs will be fine in the eglu in the summer. You can buy an adapted base for an eglu - but I'm not sure how this differs from the droppings tray. I'm sure the eglu is just as secure without the roosting bars - they are just resting on the tray. The only problem with eglus and g-pigs is during the winter - search this forum and you will read the arguments each way. I personally don't think they are warm enough in the winter for g-pigs. Hens are much more hardy and that is what the eglu was designed for. However, if you bring them inside/ in a shed over winter they will be fine. Hope this helps.
  7. Sorry to hear about your guinea pig Guinea pigs live about 4- 7 years, so 4 isn't usually young to die. I wouldn't worry about the mice - they will just be after the food. I think any guinea pigs, rabbits or chickens in the garden live alongside mice and (apart from having to share their food!) they are usually fine. I have seen mice run into my chicken eglu and g-pig run with no problems.
  8. At the weekend Rosie died leaving just Ruby on her own. Following Rosie's death (including a rather grusome attack by Ruby ) I am not sure whether I want any more chickens, so I am reluctant to buy her a new friend. Is it unfair on Ruby to keep her on her own? Should I try and rehome her - I would rather not, but they are flock animals? Your thoughts are appreciated.....
  9. That's wonderful news for your daughter - and great news for you! They surely still need hay to eat though?
  10. Hello Welcome to the forum...I suggest you read this asap!! http://www.diddly-di.fsnet.co.uk/breeding.htm if you haven't already, remove the boar from the sow - they obviously can't live together until the boar is neutered. Hope the link helps
  11. I think you are right. Whilst the children will be company of sorts for a guinea pig, people are not a substitute for other giunea pigs. They are naturally very sociable animals and anyone who had seen happy g-pigs squeaking to each other would never deliberately keep one on its own. BTW At the weekend who is going to shut the eglu door in the evening and open in the morning? This is essential for their safety and to keep him/ her warm enough in winter!! There are some people on this forum who aren't convinced about keeping g-pigs outside in winter regardless of an eglu or not....never mind with the door open
  12. I have always kept my chickens on the patio at the end of my garden. The run is full of wood chips and covered with a shower curtain. I clean the run out every 3 or 4 weeks. Its pretty easy - just move the whole eglu and run, shovel up the dirty wood chips and clean the patio - it takes less than an hour. I would certainly try moving them to the patio before you get rid of them.
  13. They will be absoultely fine with the weather at the moment. I wouldn't even consider shutting the door until it gets much colder at night. If you don't want them getting wet cover the run with an old shower curtain - this will also reduce drafts. And as Moomin said, I would worry more about the cleaners leaving them shut it too long
  14. Yes - SAB is right. If you put enough tunnels they will be happy where ever you put your guinlu!! Mine are addicted to tunnels - as soon as you put a new tunnel in their cage they HAVE to go scuttle through it - its like they can't help themsleves! V cute

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