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  1. If it's any help my 2 were a bit put out when I first got my Pekins. Skye used to shout at them in the morning (very early ), The old girls have calmed down now and although it will be a long time before I integrate them (my little ones are only 12 weeks), I am optimistic that it will work!!
  2. I have a Barnevelder, they are beautiful hens, worth waiting for
  3. Well done Josh that's brilliant news to get the intros over so soon
  4. Try putting a torch in the Eglu, then remove it through the eggport when they've gone in. They are attracted to the light. Failing that you may have to crawl into the run and pop them inside
  5. Well done Chelsea I'm really pleased for you they are lovely girlies
  6. I'm not a Bunting Cupcake person. But I love pretty things, the things on the websites you've all posted are lovely. And the fairy lights. I don't like Boden clothes though. They are very expensive, don't fit well (or maybe I'm just a funny shape) and they shrink when you wash 'em
  7. I would like to try the BHWT food, but having read the blurb it says that it's suitable for 'older chickens' - does this mean Older Chickens i.e. knocking on in years, maybe stopped laying etc.? So would it be OK for my 1 year old Barnevelder and Cochin? It sounds appealing 'cos having kept them on the normal pellets for a week - they are eating it with a big beaky face on - but only 'cos I'm giving them NOTHING else! It would be good to be able to give them a good quality food that they really enjoy
  8. Thanks laurmurf, I think I may have to try some (I mean the chickens, not me )
  9. Standard things are put her on just pellets and water - no treats - for a couple of days. Have you wormed them recently? maybe worth doing that to see if it helps. If it doesn't clear up if you could find a chicken friendly vet they can do a poo analysis for you to rule out the major stuff. It cost about 15 quid when we had it done. But hopefully it will clear up on it's own.
  10. They are all lovely, hope they are girls for you (apart from dear Wally that is!)
  11. Hi Alison I checked this afternoon when I got in from work. I had left them nothing but Pellets with a bit of Bokashi mixed in and they had definitely gone down. I left a small bowl of the mash for my son to give them as a treat when he got home from school. I've just locked them in for the night and feeling their crops they seemed full up... All you can do is try, I feel your pain it's hurting my heart to leave them with just pellets in the morning, and no beloved mash or pellet porridge! But it seems to be working, and will be worth it 'cos when I was down on my hands and knees for an hour on Friday trying to s"Ooops, word censored!"e the 'mash crust' off the run floor I was cursing them Or you could do as Laurmurf suggested and grind the pellets up a bit to begin with. That's what I've done for my bantam chicks to get them from crumb to growers pellets, chucked some in the food processor. This BHWT food, can ordinary hens have it or is it just for ex-batts? If it doesn't get thrown about so much it might be worth a try? Sorry that last question was directed at Laurmurf I know your's don't like it
  12. Just to let you know we got back from Devon about 4pm this aft and the pellets had definitely gone down! That's all I left them so they didn't have any choice! So the 'Cold Turkey' approach is definitely working, gave them a few mealworns this afternoon, ('cos I love 'em and the little girls were having a few so I felt guilty! ) But tomorrow it's back to pellets only and I'm going to sneak out of the back gate without looking at them so that they can't pull at my heart-strings!
  13. I nearly called one of my Pekins Flo! But somehow Pekin's are so little they need small names (urrrgh embarrassed alien smilie!!) So my babies are called Perle, Poppy and Lulu (tho Luly doesn't suit her so am maybe thinking of something else instead )

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