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  1. I have a walk in run and 2 fox watches,I do get foxes in the garden but up till now no death by fox......all that changed this afternoon when my beautiful Heather was attacked by next doors new dog and had to be put to sleep, I lost Barbara to their previous dog 9 months ago which leaves me with elderly, heartbroken Betty
  2. Heather my beautiful black hen was put to sleep tonight after being attacked by my neighbours dog, rest in peace little one, x
  3. I lost one of my girls a couple of months back,i found her dead half hidden at the top of the garden,I was never quite sure if it was the fox only taking one of 4 or my neighbours dog, I couldn,t stand the thought of her being put in the dustbin so I left her where she was, she was gone in the morning, some how I felt that it was a more natural way to dispose of her.
  4. The things we do for our girls, I must say I am usually to be found about 7.00ish in my pink extra large bath towel and spotty wellies, checking on them before work, all weathers,all seasons, because I didn't go to work today I was being rather laid back in my duties and had got well past the towel stage when I spotted the enemy, the oven gloves were a pressie from my dear daughter, they came from the Highgrove shop ( HOME OF PRINCE CHARLES) and have an embroidered chicken on them,shame I couldn't send Chas and Milly a photo of myself this morning !
  5. forgot to mention the ugg boots !
  6. seeing as I my attempts at scaring them failed today do I try without the underwear tomorrow or shall i not bother with the oven gloves
  7. Well I was waiting to get my clothes out of the tumble dryer when I spotted them and in my rush to scare them away grabbed my new oven gloves to flap at them, needless to say it didn't work, I dont think my dear neighbour will ever recover though, I am not a small lady, lol, saw him sitting with his head in his hands just now,
  8. I have 2 foxwatches, I think I will go and move them to different positions and try the hosepipe, with clothes on now though
  9. As I sit here there are two huge foxes running around my garden, they were not even frightened when I ran up the garden in my undies flapping my new oven gloves at them, not a pretty sight
  10. I use a mix of compost, sand and wood chip on my run floor and wood shavings in the eglu,i get my food from Annie Halls poultry farm in Siston near Warmley,It is always top quality,especially the mixed corn,my girls usually sleep all year round with the bedroom door open but because I am not sure if it was a fox that killed Barbara last week while they were free ranging I have shut them in the eglu at night, I dont find that the draught effects them.
  11. The foxwatches are battery operated, I have used them for the last 2 years, I dont think they stop all foxes, just make it uncomfortable for them to hang around too long, long enough once or twice to leave a present on the eglu during the night though
  12. The more I think about it, lack of feathers, neatly placed under leaves, neighbours new dog !!!!!!!!!! guilty owner,
  13. Thank you all for your kind words, I keep wondering why the fox only took and hid Barbara, I wonder if the others were more in range of the foxwatch.
  14. My Barbara was foxed this afternoon, they were out freeranging,I have 2 foxwatches and my neighbour was working in her garden, when I went up at 3.30 to put my girls away Barbara was missing,I put the other 4 away and on looking around found her body ( head missing ) buried under leaves under my oak tree, they have freeranged in the afternoon for 2 years, I guess my luck just ran out, I thought I was giving them a treat because the wir has got so muddy with all the rain.

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