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  1. Dear all long time members of the forum, I am sorry to have to inform you that Debs (Dan's Deb) passed away yesterday. He called me last night and said that he, Harry and Jules were with her and she had fought bravely against cancer. Most of you, I know, are on facebook, but there are a very few Omleteers from the old days who aren't and I thought you would like to know. So sad. They are a lovely family who lived their lives to the full.
  2. Half term for me too, as I'm a teacher, so the usual round of holiday appointments and chores: dentist, optician, haircut, catching up on the washing and ironing, vets for dog booster injections. Despite this, have had a glorious couple of sunshiney days watching my new girls in their fab new run! Happy chicken mummy!
  3. Have decided initially on hardwood chippings, so will give them a try and see what happens. Ordered them from Flytesofancy, they aren't cheap, but I reckon if they last around 4/5 months, it will be about the same as buying bales of Aubiose anyway. SO excited to get it all made pretty and then watch my new girls trash it within hours!
  4. Hello! Yes! We have also nailed wooden kick boards to the outside, on top of the skirts to stop the chooks from kicking too much of the bark chippings out, which we plan to line the floor with. We are still tossing up whether it should be bark chippings or Aubiose on the ground. When I last had chooks, (in a cube and run with extensions), it was on grass, (read mud), but we had lots of land and were able to just move it around. Now we only have a postage stamp of a garden, I want it to look fairly smart, so figured this is the answer. I will post pictures when we hVe reached the next stage.
  5. Hello all! Over the last two days my wonderful gardener has built a base for my walk in run and built it. He said it was pretty easy to construct, once he had worked out the layers and which bit was which and he said the clips were fiddly, but he has got big hands.... Here it is! I am SO excited. The tarpaulin sounds fantastic, so I'll be looking into that!
  6. Koojie? Is that you? Helllooooo! Love Looney's spirally thingy too......
  7. And blonde!!! She looks beautiful Claire!
  8. Claret! I knew you would still be here! Hope you and Rosie are both well. Last time I saw her, she was a little girl! Bet she is a young woman now!
  9. That is a very cool hobby! Nothing that good I'm afraid. I have a great admiration for a group of mad knitters who raise money for a Spanish dog rescue, who help a breed of dog, called a Galgo (Spanish greyhound), who are highly mistreated by their hunter owners. This group knits silly hats for dogs and people buy them, take photos of their muts wearing them, post them on a facebook page and have a laugh. I have a long suffering retired racing greyhound who is the humiliated owner of around twenty of these hats..... Bizarre hobby, I know.
  10. Wow! Looney! ANH! Olly! Cooperwife! Egluntyne! Redhotchick! Charlottechicken! Lewis! and of course.. Christian (haven't seen you or heard from you for at least erm... a week??) Lovely welcome back, thank you! I guess Facebook has taken a few of us off to pastures new, but this IS the place to talk chickens etc, so its good to be back! And great to see so many familiar names popping up! I have a TINY garden now, but got a landscaper coming tomorrow to prepare the corner for the eglu and walk-in run (also due tomorrow), so will be sure to post pictures in the right section as soon as its up and running. Does anyone else have an Omlet walk-in run on here? I also have the old eglu run and extension, which I will need to get rid of, if anyone is interested.
  11. Thanks Liz. I know the Omleteers are a fab bunch. I was a mod on here for a couple of years, and as you can see, posted quite a lot. Just was too painful to be on here for a while, missing my chickens and a huge life change. It will be interesting to see who is still around from 2005!
  12. Hello all! It seems forever since I have been on here. So much has happened in the last 4 years, but I am beside myself with excitement because.... I finally have a garden of my own again. On Monday I am taking delivery of a walk in run. The yellow eglu has been taken out of storage and jet washed. The purple cube is off to a dear friend in Dorset on loan, and in a week I will be picking up three new girls... An Oxford Brown, a White Leghorn and a Black Sussex. Can I come in and play again?
  13. Eek! She sounds horrid! Invite her to something she will hate... A classical music concert, a scrabble evening, cake baking demo....Presumably, she will feel obliged to accept!
  14. Absolutely not! Watch out, he'll wave his moderator wand at you if you cast such nasturtiums.......

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