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  1. Hmm: the person who comes up when I search on snowberry lives in Cardiff and seems to be hugging a camel.... and when I search for people called gothygirl I don't get anyone I did find goth girl, who seems to be looking at a glowing grape. Ah: found you by just typing over the address bar - how come its so hard? You're called snowberry above your image but the web address of your page is gothygirl! The search facility is obviously cr*p! Nice boards though: especially the flowers one! And you do seem to have images from photobucket, flickr, and 'uploaded by user' so guess that might answer some of the previous queries?
  2. who are you on Pinterest snowberry? I'll take a look at your boards!
  3. Aw - thats great! I'm sure saying goodbye will be hard but we'll just have to cope - OH won't agree to a dog for life (yet) so a one year dog is the only option! It'll be really good to have such good training right through the year too: will set us up well in case we do have a pet dog later. Some of the Canine Partners dogs go to Help for Heroes injured service people. I think which charity you puppy parent for is pretty dependent on your location. It's only Canine Partners that have a Somerset satellite. They all seem to have different approaches with training. One puppy parent in our satellite has done guide dog puppies too. She says that a main difference is that guide dogs are mainly on duty outside the home, and Canine Partners assistance dogs are mainly on duty inside the home. Whereas guide dogs have to resist many natural doggy activities like sniffing, CPs work with dogs natural instincts like fetching, carrying, and tugging to harness them for assistance purposes. Interesting (to me!)
  4. Hmm - that'll be a challenge! Thought I'd just upload an image of the last (gorgeous) foster pup, but can't remember how! I'm sure I'll find instructions somewhere...
  5. A quick update: I've now been through my puppy parent training and am waiting to take on an assistance puppy for Canine Partners. There's a litter due any day now, so the day is getting closer! In the meantime I've a foster puppy arriving for a holiday in a week's time, so it's all very exciting! Thanks for all your support and helpful suggestions! By the way, what's with Omlet stocking dog products: is this part of a grand plan do you think?
  6. Yes I really like it. It helps me keep less s"Ooops, word censored!"s of paper round the house: I'd love to be much more paper free! It's also great for finding new things. You follow people and then see what they pin, and can click through to the source. So I've found some lovely recipes on blogs I'd never heard of, for example. Then it's much easier to skim through and find your virtual notes than some great bulging box file.
  7. Oh. That's not very exciting. Is that instead of a public vote?
  8. That would be a good twist: much better than swapping categories. Surely they wouldn't do the wild card twist twice running? Girls are definitely the strongest. Love Misha and Janet. Thought the Scottish girl who got chucked out had a really good voice too. Do hope the groups do a bit better this year: can't tell them apart yet but I think some had promise! Oh I can remember 1 group: the 2 Essex girls, who I thought were good fun. Like all the new judges. Just wish we heard more singing and less crying!
  9. all older hens Actually thats rather sad. Does make me think it might be a different dietary need we're neglecting. Poor old grotty botties
  10. Hmm - thanks. How long before some marketing bod decides to produce a food for older hens: they're around for older dogs and cats, aren't they? Past-laying hens must have completely different nutritional needs. I guess the problem is that often they're in with newbies, or else get put in the pot
  11. Thanks for all this, everyone. Yes my thought is that its the 'remove rather than repair' brigade I want to avoid. But I guess the thing about 'do they do private as well as NHS' is a good thing to look out for. And maybe why do they do NHS: is it because they're new or is it for ethical reasons? Personal recommendation is obviously important. The other thing is the price of private treatment, if I decided to go that way. I haven't looked into dental plans, but assume it's like any other insurance policy, and therefore a gamble as to whether you end up paying more or not. Presumably some schemes are better than others? Luckily we both have pretty good teeth, but I'd like to keep it that way: health and teeth are pretty high up my list of things worth keeping good!
  12. We've recently moved to a small country town whose only dentist is private (he does see some children under the NHS). He is apparently very good. I understand there is an NHS dentist in the next town, however I've recently discovered that several (not rich) people I know have opted to go private for their dental care because they've found NHS dentists won't do much for significantly damaged teeth other than pull them out. I don't know if the current NHS dental contracts preclude them from doing this or if it's just odd occurrences. We're not poor, and I would like to go local, but it does seem a bit odd to pay for something I could get on the NHS (which I do believe in and want to support). I've always gone NHS before, but then I've never needed much dental work. Does anyone have knowledge about the limitations of NHS dental care right now, or experience of getting better / worse care privately?
  13. Our 2 hens are 4 and a half now, and have stopped laying. I've noticed they both have rather daggy bums, and am wondering if they have sloppy poos because the layers pellets are now too high in protein for them. Should I be feeding them something different now they've stopped laying?
  14. I love my 3GS: its fantastic. However when I dropped it last night the screen broke, and the insurance that came in with my business account from Orange doesn't seem to cover breakages (although I'm sure I was told it did when I signed up). Two pieces of advice to a new iPhone user: do fit a plastic screen cover. It means I can still use my phone (temporarily) even though the screens broken. Very important as I have lots of stuff stored on there and even though I sync regularly that doesn't back up the content of some apps: now I have a last chance to do it. Secondly do read the small print if you get the insurance: I was conned. And if you've got a contract and fancy an upgrade, then I gather that (with Orange) you can get a free upgrade 3 months before the end of your contract Hence I need my broken screen to keep going for 2 more weeks and then I get a FREE iPhone 4! PS they wouldn't have told me this - I only found out because I asked!
  15. I think the hard drives are pretty tough. We have one awaiting it's fate. I've been advised by a computer doctor that the thing to do is to heat it: that destroys the magnets in it and then it's useless. I'd have been worried about any fumes, but I guess if you can do it outside... Apparently its pretty impossible to open them up. If you do smash it, let me know how hard it is to do. Ours is just sitting here, accusingly.
  16. Wow - lots of food for thought - many thanks! I loved those puppy walking threads: read them both right through and I'd really love to do it! And thanks laurmurf: 'sheer exhaustion and broken hearts' sounds tough. In fact it sounds as if you've had a tough time altogether. Seems a shame that your fallen angel had to go to a different home rather than staying with you, though I can see that in retrospect this may have been a good thing. I'm sure socialising an assistance puppy is a lot of work, but at the moment I really need a new challenge, and to be frank, living in an entirely new community at the moment, I need to be needed! I feel rather superfluous. Also I don't think I'd want my forever dog to be any less well behaved than an assistance dog. I don't need the special training that'd come later, but good behaviour would be essential. OH hates dogs that jump up, lick etc, having been bitten by a badly behaved dog as a child. So I know that getting any dog we have will have to be well trained and that will be a lot of work. And I think OH will be more forgiving with a puppy than a mature dog, so that's the other reason for not rescuing. Gosh - really getting to firm up my thoughts here! Thanks folks!
  17. Hmm: yes, reading about dogs up for rehoming, they often seem to have problems, and i've enough of a job already convincing OH that a dog would be a good thing. Those links look fantastic - many thanks - I'll have a good read tomorrow. Have mentioned the puppy walking idea to OH this evening and it just might be a go-er!
  18. Ooops! Actually I already have! Tempting isn't it? Some of them sound like quite a challenge though. And lots need another dog in the home to learn from. I don't think it'd be right to take on a dog that's known to have big challenges when we're novices. They're refreshingly open and honest about it though.
  19. Could be just the thing! Going through an assessment sounds a bit nerve wracking though! Was it tough when your friends did it? Maybe they'd had dogs before, which we haven't. I guess we're pretty unprepared really...
  20. Hmm. I'd quite like to have the dog from puppy stage really! Though I have looked at lots of rescue dog sites. I hadn't thought about the Dogs for the Disabled thing though Dogmother. We're not close enough to be a boarder, but maybe we could be puppy socialisers and have a puppy for a year pre-training! I could fancy that. It'd even tick an extra box in terms of 'giving something back', rather than being just for me. Yes I like that idea. Will other OH though? Won't deal with his issues, except that if he doesn't end up loving it, it's a one year commitment rather than for life!
  21. Thanks Freddie! What breed(s) is she? I imagine some are less likely to go for things like hens? The weeing timetable is interesting. I've never noticed any red bins around here: just threatening dog poo notices! I'm thinking I could put a gate across the steps to our sunken terrace to make a secure area. Would a pup be able to jump about 3 feet high? The dogs I've seen recently at agility competitions don't look as if they would! Great idea to get a 1:1 with a trainer. I was thinking I'd look for a class. Good point about the time consumption. I was planning to wait till the New Year, when my work is quieter and I can be at home. Chewing furniture is not such good news...
  22. Now we've moved to the country I'd really love a dog, but I'm still working out the practicalities of it. We have a tiny terraced cottage with a completely open plan downstairs, a long (not huge) garden with a field at the end, and free ranging hens. OH thinks our home isn't suitable. I'm determined to find a way around: having a dog has been a dream of mine since childhood (and frankly I could do with some company). My questions: are some breeds of dog more likely to get on with hens (and visiting cats)? There's a five foot drop down to the field, which contains 2 cows, lots of ducks, and a small river: would I have to fence this off? I've read about giving dogs cages so you can contain them at night: is this less cruel than it sounds? When you scoop up poos, what do you do with them? You can't flush them if they're in plastic bags and our rubbish is only collected fortnightly! Oh and how do you stop the whole house smelling of dog? That'll do for starters!
  23. Yes thanks - she perked up a day or two later! Still not had any human edible eggs for months though BTW it was Lily the silver nick, not Lottie the bluebell this happened to. When Lottie does an egg it does tend to be soft shelled though. But she's currently on her second partial moult of this year I wonder if it's those super-soft and lovely bluebell feathers that just wear out too quickly. Does that happen to your bluebell too mothercarey?
  24. You mean put my finger in her?! A hen has two channels in the same hole doesn't she? I might get the wrong one!
  25. Poor Lily seems to have had an egg break inside her. I found most of it in the eglu - the shell that is - the insides had been eaten. She had a very messy bum so I took her in and gave her a wash and blow dry. After that, when she was standing on a newspaper, she passed more egg white and a bit of yolk - it was then I realised the breakage must have happened inside her. This was all around midday, and she's still looking very miserable now, 8 hours later. I assume this means there's more going on inside her that shouldn't be. Not sure what I can do. Any suggestions?

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