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  1. Started a fish tank!

    Hahaha - took me ages to work it out too! That's not a rude word at all - it's part of a nun's head dress. My dad told me not to use words I didn't know the meaning of - it was a word I got mixed up between t w i t and p r a t - so not intentional but I liked it and kept using it. So when confronted and being told off yet again I supplied this terrific piece of information having dived into a dictionary. It didn't help matters and I still got told off for being a smart bottom (not his exact word - pffffft - he could use naughty words) but at least I did look it up to see if there was a word. I never did know until some ten years later when my younger brother told me the alternative! It would have helped at the time to know what it was that was so wrong and made my dad so disgusted with me! My brother is 8 years my junior - and he was 13 when I found out! But it would be lovely to see rare rescue fishies. Super!
  2. The Weather Thread #9

    Ditto! I'm so much more comfy - but when the sun was out from the clouds it soon got very hot again!
  3. So how is the season so far?

    Just a sprinkling around (soon builds up each time) because if you do it too thick, it gets rather hot! Feel the heat from grass clippings in the compost bin - could cook an egg on it! Hahahaha!
  4. Tomato Growing Info Required Please - Problem!

    I get rashes from courgettes - leaves and sometimes the stems. Conifers are also the big itch for me. Spurge - that sappy little lime green weed (I think it's related to euphorbia, but I can't remember) is a nasty little thing - definitely stings and unless you wash and scrub hands and nails really well, if you rub your eye then meh, it stings so much! Euphorbia is nasty - more sap! And rue. There used to be both in the garden here but I removed them. But ouch - on the face! Poor Catty.
  5. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    LOL! Yes indeed. Hope to see the Blenheim and the tri-planes. Love the sound of the old planes and the gracefulness of the even older aircraft. As for washing - line packed away and nothing to string up! You wait - the moment I can get a lovely long line up it'll rain.
  6. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Yesterday I said the airshow's kicked off then. OH said oh I wondered why it sounded like we lived at Heathrow. He has never experienced the Farnborough Airshow for the weekdays - he's always been at work. He said I wasn't at work last year I was ill! That's because it's every 2 years! Anyhoooo - this evening I think we had an F-16 over the top - to say it was deafening was an understatement - it actually hurt my ears!!!
  7. So how is the season so far?

    I was amazed that he only watered the plug plants/seedlings a little bit - I had mine in drip trays, although I used to water at the bottom and not at the top. Amazing it didn't make the bench wet at all! I used drip trays so that the water didn't rot the wooden bench - and his is wood! Hahaha - I like the bit about the miracle! But I think you have to resolve yourself to having some years good, some years not so good. What one plant loves may not be ideal for others - then the following year it is the opposite! It is what it is and as long as you enjoy doing it then that's the main thing. Our spuds didn't get much watering, although the grass cuttings from the lawn went on as a mulch - OH said the ground was damp underneath although the top half inch was dry, so it was working well - that was something my grandparents did. Nan used to put it under and around the runner beans too and I'd forgotten all about that until recently! While we were away they had no water at all, but one variety was really good - and we had a better harvest than last year!
  8. So how is the season so far?

    Ooh what a lovely catch up Daphne. Lemons - fantastic. We did have some lemons in pots before we had the big greenhouse but they had bad scaly insect and I just couldn't get rid of them. The scent was super! I might be tempted to try again in a polytunnel though. Next house doesn't have a borehole so we would need to save as much water as possible, so looking into huge tanks to collect rainwater in otherwise with another year like this and it will cost a fortune from the mains. I didn't realise grey water is only fine if you use it within 24 hours though. We ran out of rain water ages ago and OH has cleaned the containers ready to go. We are leaving 2 here for the new people. This time next year I'm hoping we'll be harvesting nice crops. Fingers crossed.
  9. Tomato Growing Info Required Please - Problem!

    Nope, it is the toms. They do that. To your skin, nails, and anything else. Thankfully it does wash out!
  10. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Hah! That's great! Probably the safest I ever felt was in a bi-plane, on top is something else!!! Well done fearless young lady!
  11. Tomato Growing Info Required Please - Problem!

    Well done Luvvie! Mully if they are from an old F1 hybrid you may have something completely different to what you grew last year. But worth a try - it might be great! In hotter places like central USA they never pinch out - I think it's because we need to harvest ours quick and get larger fruit as a result, whereas the hotter summer climates don't bother because they tend to get big fruits from a perfect growing season. This year we've had the perfect summer for the toms! Well done everyone.
  12. So how is the season so far?

    sp a r se? We do have to think of those pesky rude words cropping (hah) up too! I have had an update with regard to Charles Dowding - our new guru - watering his plants. I was quite surprised really - and yet very impressed! DD has been growing basil but I think she saturated her plants too much - the seed trays had no holes in them! Thankfully she has one basil left that is looking super on her windowsill now. I told her she can pinch out or even use a larger snippet to root in water so she can double her plants! As usual Youtube has annoying ads - but hey ho pay for no ads - um, I think I'll do something else while I wait. I've noticed that you can delete an ad when it says it can be done - only to have another immediately follow that you can't delete. Bah blinking humbug! So this is what I've been watching this morning. Ugh it's come out big!!!! Sorrrrrryyyyyyyyy - I only did the link and this comes up!!!
  13. So how is the season so far?

    Sounds like a splendiferous year for you, Mully! Granny T - can't wait for a polytunnel to grow things in to extend the season. How are the soy beans coming along Catty?
  14. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    That dreadful word - the one that seems so far in the distance yet sneaks up too fast. I agree seeing all the school stuff in the shops the other day - a sad reminder that summer holidays are over before they have begun. Always frustrating with my son - he'd keep growing during the year and I was forever buying shoes and trousers - they always fitted from the previous term but before the next half term back to the shoe shop we had to go. Trousers were easier - just bought a larger size at the same time. Shoes though - we were into mens size (yay lucky me VAT to pay on clothing with a child who was only 12) - his last 2 years were mens trousers too. That really irritated me. DD was slightly different. But trousers were always a problem. The uniform that we had to get was poorly made, so I had to scour the shops for something that looked like uniform but fitted. In the final term of her penultimate school year we found some black trousers in Zara. Nicely made, fitted, length just right (not short - she hated the ankle swingers) and looked exactly like school uniform. After the following Easter holidays and last term at school forever - yes they held together and still fitted, no repair jobs necessary!) we were summoned by the year head who told us that jeans were inappropriate wear for school. They were not jeans but a cotton blend and looked exactly the same - even the pockets - and didn't require me constantly repairing the seams! I informed her that they were 3 seasons old, had been washed numerous times but now a little faded and why mention it now since she'd been wearing them at school for the past 3 terms and with no complaints in that time!!!!! She continued to wear them until school was done and dusted. I am so glad I didn't have another younger child at that place - I think I'd have blown a fuse if I did! I hasten to add we had more than one pair to rotate! Actually I was very impressed with the quality - you don't seem to get that nowadays!
  15. Unfriending on Facebook

    I think FB is a tool for people to hurt others a lot intentionally. It is too easy to type nasty things instead of talking or arguing face to face. Some make partial comments for attention seeking. Some comments are completely misunderstood and tempers flare as a result. Most are genuinely nice people though - happily I know a lot of those! However I don't go on there as regularly as I used to because I felt the need to get away from it and do something more constructive instead. But it is nice to pop in occasionally and say hi to old friends or catch up with those who do like to post a lot. Nice to know our young Omleteers are doing/have done well at uni - which is great. So I would say - if you don't have anything nice to say then say nothing and everyone is happy!