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  1. Valkyrie

    Christmas swap 2018

    A mini pass the parcel! Are we nearly all set? Anyone missing in action?
  2. Valkyrie

    Forum upgrade?

    That was hilarious. I have a feeling young Lewis did something similar! So funny.
  3. Valkyrie

    Log fire question

    Fruit bushes like raspberries and blackcurrants etc love potash. I remember the people who had the allotment next to us always stored theirs up and saved the bonfire ashes for the same thing.
  4. Valkyrie

    The Weather Thread #9

    Luckily I haven't had the dreaded white fingers . . . yet. I keep my driving gloves indoors so that they aren't cold when I put them on and I get a little protection from the steering wheel and gear stick. Hope your gloves work - double-wise! A tad nippy and a lot frosty! Thankfully the wind has dropped. It wasn't pleasant yesterday, although it was dry. Even spotted some terrific meteors last night! Beautiful this morning but now clouded over. Summing up the energy to go outside to feed the birds.
  5. Valkyrie

    Log fire question

    Save the ashes for the birds - but as OH found out - don't walk outdoors with it in an open pan as it flies all over the place! I collect it in a bucket and add to their dirt baths.
  6. Valkyrie

    The Weather Thread #9

    Very chilly - felt the difference yesterday, wind was coming from the north east and then swung round to south east - still cold! At least it wasn't raining! We seem to have one day sunny and the next five wet and windy! Started the log fire much earlier yesterday evening. I've changed the weather report to celsius which has now altered the readings for the wind to mph - I had been getting very alarmed at high wind speeds - didn't notice they were kmh! Doh! Although it still seems in excess of whatever the equivalent was anyway - little breeze? Not when it knocks me over and branches fall down! 9 days and then summer is coming!
  7. Valkyrie

    The Weather Thread #9

    Spoke too soon. Storm here now. Only need snow and we've had it all!
  8. Valkyrie

    The Weather Thread #9

    Oh goody - just add hail to that delightful mix - and it's coming down the chimney! Put the lightning maps on - dang missed giving my mum the heads up as they've had some stormy weather there.
  9. Valkyrie

    The Weather Thread #9

    We had a bit of a lull for some time - had a trip to Wiveliscombe - enjoyed muchly! It showered occasionally and was windy but reasonable. After lunch we still had sunshine and the run was dry - amazing! But the wind picked up around 2pm and the rain came over - pretty well set in too. By the time I went out to give the girls and boy their tea the wind was bad and OH was adding sandbags with ballast around the bottom of the run. When I went to lock up for the night I opened the door but closed it again - it was vile outside, but thought it might not blow over, so wrapped up and by the time I reached the run and closed their doors, it was very scary. The wind was, well, awful and the rain . . . locked up shop, put the electric fence back on and pretty much ran back to the house until I got away from the trees. I don't think I've been that scared since being caught out in the open in a thunderstorm in Derbyshire many moons ago!
  10. Valkyrie

    The Weather Thread #9

    Night before it rained pretty much all night - every time I woke in the night I could hear it on the windows. When it stopped you just get the thud thud of big drips on the window ledge! Was quite blustery so I guess horizontal rain too. Daytime was better with a fair amount of sun - in Exeter, have no idea how wet it was at home. Odd showery moments, but quite windy. Last night the wind really picked up - quite unpleasant (scary mode) and loud as you say DM. It's only just semi-light here but not raining now. Still blowing but not as bad as the night. As far as I could see - the electric fence was working but too dark to see if the shelter was still up! They've increased the weather warning to cover Saturday night. I am not amused! I guess we will have more horizontal rain soon, so better let the rabble out earlier before it starts!
  11. Valkyrie

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Wonderful! Congratulations to you and the family. Whoohoo!
  12. Valkyrie

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    The last one reminds me of Beryl Cook! Fun piccies!
  13. Valkyrie

    The Weather Thread #9

    Yesterday was frosty but sunny until it clouded over - very mild and not a breeze to be had till late and even then not bad. Today = vile! Wet Wet Wet. Annnnnd let's have a singalong! Followed by Mud! At least the wind has eased off.
  14. Valkyrie

    Forum upgrade?

    Ah yes - all the laughs - quite bonkers at times. I guess things come and go - I've been and come back. It's still handy for chicken needs to knows like vent gleet - oh joy. A new one to test me. I wouldn't mind but I'm missing out on my yoghurt!
  15. Valkyrie

    Forum upgrade?

    I agree. Lots of things mingled into the Nestbox and I think a lot of people dropped out as a result. The self sufficiency section had Sjp with a mine of information and not been on since it all changed. Very sad as I've gone into the archives and found some tomatoes that were recommended by Sjp! Quite sad really that a few people on there have gone. A lot of youngsters have grown up and doing their own things now - Lewis still pops in though. I gather it was condensed so that it would be easier to monitor - but the only thing that did make sense to mingle was the US forum - best of both worlds and then we can all be jealous of the things they are allowed to do regarding chickens and we can't! Plus all the scrolling down to find a current post! The pages are soooooo long!