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  1. Oooh I missed Janty back there - and Laurmurf! Glad the op went well!
  2. It was indeed and seems that 10 minutes walk away from where I grew up was destroyed - Chobham Common! Loved the book though.
  3. Will do, Patricia and thank you. Because of the last minute changes and my reluctance to a) go shopping for clothes in town and b) find it hard to buy nice things online, I have discovered that since losing a bit of weight, I have new things in my wardrobe that I have never worn! Dress is casual - for me it will be smart trousers and a flowery shirt to brighten it all up. There, I knew I'd get into them one day. I think I could squeeze in before but not sit down, now I have space for . . . a non-upholstery wedding breakfast!
  4. If it is foam then put melted choc on the outside and pretend it's an Aero. Or a Wispa. Might be a bit chewy. OK cut in rings, coat in batter and you have calamari.
  5. If it wasn't stopped after being incarcerated for 3 months (not in Her Majesty's Pleasure) then a few weeks with loopholes is a waste of time. It's not going away. It never will and I'm so cheesed off with the whole thing that I could eat a cushion. OH says that quite a lot of manufacturing gets shut down for 2 weeks over Christmas so they may be tagging it along with that. And by then we'll be into 2021. I can't see us being imprisoned for another year, it isn't sustainable - it isn't sustainable now! As for the unelected beaurocrats I'm sure a few will carry on doing exactly as they please because they are beyond reproach - same for the odd few elected [potty mouth words required - insert as you wish] people. And here we were last night watching War of the Worlds! I said give the Martians the blooming covid! On the plus side DD gets married tomorrow, she brought it forward because she anticipated the rules and regulations might scupper the latter part of the month, plus FIL's health is now deteriorating rapidly. The venue cancelled the later booking anyway. Good job she had plan B in place. After the rumbles in the jungle, we feared it may not go ahead, but thankfully we have been spared. DS has dropped out as a guest so that his aunt can drive the grandparents. My mother was too scared and declined the invitation. I am a right grump bucket at the moment! Ooooh cheering up - I see blue sky!
  6. It's crazy - 4 outdoors but 30 inside! Then again the rules here are just as crazy - as if covid only happens after 10pm. There's a lot of ranting I'd like to do but I got on my soapbox too many times and it collapsed!
  7. I am of the opinion that those who don't believe do not get visits from the specialist mystical departments. Besides who wants to be responsible for Tinkerbell's demise!!! I was in negotiation with the tooth fairy the other week when my cap broke off with the remaining tooth inside it. I'm shortly to commence implant treatment. Tooth fairy says it's the tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth - and caps don't count.
  8. Ocado usually give us 3 slots available but this week they'd reduced it to 2 - OH said I wonder if they know something we don't. I guess now we know! Surely the amount of loo rolls that disappeared off the shelves last time haven't all been used up yet?! Otherwise they are storing for selling at an inflated price at Christmas after everyone is under Military rule and curfews abound.
  9. Wholefoods online have oats a plenty.
  10. That's disgraceful Soapy! What are they thinking! Poor children.
  11. Sounds like the sort of school days that I remember. My mum used to make me stay in bed for a week then another week off after that when I'd be allowed to get up and "recuperate" and I was so bored by the end of the first week. I'd get up and get told off. I did have asthma at the time but I do think she was being a bit OTT. I did miss a lot of school - I had few friends because who wants to be alone when that other friend is off sick all the time. I was already reading books before I went to school, so that wasn't the issue - it was maths!
  12. That's good Granshazza! Should give them more confidence in the outside world. My mum had to phone for an appointment at her surgery, she tried several times but eventually got through. They asked her if she was able bodied to get to the surgery, she said YES! She wanted to have a walk! But that probably means that those who can't will get someone to call and administer the vaccine. We normally get a letter that gets people in over a few days in alphabetical order and it is done in the village hall. It has 6 curtained off areas and while one section is vacated, the next person is done while the next in line goes into that booth. It is smooth and very efficient. Not sure how they'd do it now as it would need to be cleaned down after each person. Will be interesting to find out.
  13. Took our son to the Valley of the Rocks a couple of weeks ago. A bit worrying when we left and drove through Lynmouth and saw it was heaving with people - we had been there earlier and it was fine to keep our distance. The week before we went to Hartland Quay and walked to Hartland Point and back again (happy to say that I will never, ever, ever, ever do that walk again - although Glencoe was worse and I uttered potty mouth expletives all the way up) and while the walk wasn't without people, they were kind enough to wait for the old girl either struggling up the hill or waited patiently for me to plod down the steps. When we got to Hartland Point I got caught up in the middle of a large family (or rather 2 large families) that milled around me almost shoulder to shoulder! I did jokingly say "oh dear I seem to have been adopted by you!" but inside panic and OH grabbed me by the shoulders and marched through! Although there was nowhere I could really go otherwise - huge cliff bank to the left and fence with a drop to the right! Thankfully they went to the lighthouse (not open) and we went back on the coastal path. We've not gone anywhere since apart from me taking number one son home.
  14. Oh lardy lardy lardy! I love lardy cake, but the best I've ever had was when I stayed with my grandparents. There was a bakery in Ringwood that made their own cakes and buns (never tasted a cream bun as good since either!) and then they closed down. Such a pity because it was all so very good.
  15. Years ago I wanted some plants so typed in Pinks. I did get frozen baby mice for reptiles etc, but also something totally unexpected and I did not click to pursue that option. I had to type in Dianthus! No problem then!

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