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  1. The Weather Thread #9

    I had to find my jumper today. Not impressed with the chilly weather!
  2. Hellooooo.Don'tsupposeanyofyourememberme .. but

    YesIdorememberyouverywellandImissedtryingtoreadallthosesentences! Such a shame about the chickens. We are doing much the same - upping and moving to the Midlands - somewhere, not sure yet, but soon-ish. Mrs Mostin is looking after my remaining old'uns (and they seem to be looking really happy there!) so hoping they are still alive by the time we do find a place. Soooo our old cube and the eglu will be coming with us. Somehow! Thank goodness removal firms have big lorries! And I hope your new move will be smooth. Nice to hear you are still about.
  3. Herefordshire here we come!

    Oh I'm jealous - I never saw that one! Love it! We have a few with different comments and definitely the same peeps. Or sheeps! Bought them while we were in Mull. Update - we had 2 offers for the same amount and today someone else came (for second time) and also wants, while not made offer yet, they may do. Meanwhile first person has offered the asking price which we will likely accept when our agent has done his searches to confirm their status. EEEEEK!!! Oh and Granny T - I have a right old mix. Curly wurly, straight and then just wavy. Very frustrating! I did wonder if a dog training clicker might work on it to tame it, but I think it's just wild.
  4. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    I find writing out a rant is so good for getting it out of your system - and then binning it before writing a more um, carefully worded response. However I wonder if the person is young-ish and there are plenty out there that need to be spoon fed. I know a few - thankfully mine seem to be finally getting a grip now. Good job we also know a fair few young'uns that are not! On the other hand it could be a dappy old woman like me. It wasn't me by the way!
  5. I progressed from our childrens gardening rake (prongs upwards if nice and gooey - prongs down if dry) to a scoop and rake from a farm shop for equestrian use. I chose a longer handle. Very handy for reaching the eggs laid where they shouldn't be too!
  6. Herefordshire here we come!

    Definitely old lady hair - the wild and wiry greys along with the thick and wiry browns, the darker browns and the whispy blondes - that I used to pull out thinking they were grey!
  7. The Weather Thread #9

    It's very addictive! Last night I was watching it hanging about over the Channel and whoosh - it hit land and went racing northwards! Lol cheers!
  8. The Weather Thread #9

    Lightning tracker here: https://www.lightningmaps.org/?lang=en#y=49.9121;x=-8.2628;z=6;t=3;m=sat;r=0;s=200;o=0;b=0.00;n=0;d=2;dl=2;dc=0; Some in Cambridge at the moment but a load in the Netherlands! Another hot day but cloudy and hazy now. As far as I know GrannyTrish they usually belt indoors because of the rain. They don't seem to yell or anything with a storm overhead. Luckily here it mostly goes around and rarely a direct hit so to speak! But there are the odd occasions when it does and I'm usually indoors long before it gets nearer than me counting to 12! If you click for the sound on the lightning map then you hear lots of clicks per strike. Zoom in and you get the waves like rippling on a pond. Very impressive spirograph last night! Sounded more like a geiger counter!
  9. Herefordshire here we come!

    I'm thinking Night at the Museum! Now a T-Rex chasing a bone would be fun to have around. Some people are completely off their trolley. Wherever you go there are birds and insects - do they not count as wildlife too? Dartmoor with the Hound! Dreamt about my daughter having 2 sheep in the back of her car - squeezed in on top of a pile of rugs and we had to pull them out - they were alive I hasten to add and quite happy bouncing around. They looked like pompoms with black faces and funny ears, almost like Wallace and Gromit. But it then went on to beautiful huge white horses in a stable (percheron type or unicorns without horns?) chasing a jack russell and she rescued it. Now that was weird. Horses I'd love but I've never really looked after any so they are not on my menagerie list! Am also thinking maybe just keep the chickens and not much else as when I go off gallivanting around quilting then OH will have to look after them - he can manage chickens! I found my pompom sheep when I was moving stuff around - I yelled at OH to come quick - I'd found my funny sheep! It's a coaster at the side of my bed with "bad hair day" written across it. My name is Kerry and I have a problem (hair could also be included there)!
  10. Herefordshire here we come!

    Thank you. Sounds a good day for the showing - but we won't know till Monday evening if there were any offers. He told the people not to make impulsive offers because the other people were also viewing, but to go home and really think about it. So with the first proper people coming for a second session on Monday I guess we'll just have to switch off and relax. The first people today stayed over an hour (all had half hour slots) but they sat in the garden for half an hour! LOL! It was nice earlier. I wish we had a chance to chill out in the garden!
  11. The Weather Thread #9

    Just had a storm here. There was a fantastic light show earlier with no sound but this time we had the rumbles. Luckily not directly but following Chicknboo's lightning tracker I could see just how far it was away from here - and it was miles away but wow! That was some spectacular flashing going on! Second wave not as impressive. Torrential rain now.
  12. New Layout & Forum Software

    So funny!!!!!
  13. Herefordshire here we come!

    All new to us here too. Last house our neighbours friends bought the house without the estate agents involved at all! Our agent is quite on the ball and is old school where he knows the house inside and out - we were interviewing each other! The other estate agent we knew didn't show viewers round - they had a part timer/weekend staff to show someone around the house opposite. Our fella said he shows people round personally and is on call at any time - doesn't shut the phone off at weekends either so he can be approached by both sides if anyone needed to find anything out. The agents we have been in contact with at the other end don't exactly fill us with any confidence at all! But so saying that we are off to view a couple of properties next week.
  14. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Ooh I seem to have missed that post DM! Poor R and glad she's better. Super Om meet up! Did you get a terrific DM hug ladies? She's really good at them.