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  1. Herefordshire here we come!

    All new to us here too. Last house our neighbours friends bought the house without the estate agents involved at all! Our agent is quite on the ball and is old school where he knows the house inside and out - we were interviewing each other! The other estate agent we knew didn't show viewers round - they had a part timer/weekend staff to show someone around the house opposite. Our fella said he shows people round personally and is on call at any time - doesn't shut the phone off at weekends either so he can be approached by both sides if anyone needed to find anything out. The agents we have been in contact with at the other end don't exactly fill us with any confidence at all! But so saying that we are off to view a couple of properties next week.
  2. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Ooh I seem to have missed that post DM! Poor R and glad she's better. Super Om meet up! Did you get a terrific DM hug ladies? She's really good at them.
  3. The Weather Thread #9

    I said I'd go back in the garden when it had cooled down a bit, so when I was outside OH calls out "I see it's cooled down a bit" and I replied just a little bit. I didn't realise he was laughing at my portly body dripping with sweat and somewhat red-faced (not sunburn I hasten to add) until much later when he was chortling about my appearance.
  4. What have you all been making...part two...

    That's what happens when I'm cleaning!
  5. Herefordshire here we come!

    Good job she didn't mention spiders then! Or woodlice - or usually known as how the heck did you get in here, and then shortly after would have to be rescued as DD had put them in her Polly Pocket Cinderella's castle! Her indoor pets (briefly - and sometimes not rescued in time as some dried out!) before the rabbit was allowed to live inside. I like watching the wood mice. Frustrating when they nibble the peas, but I could watch them for ages. And what about hedgehogs! I love the wildlife - all part and parcel of country living (yeah, even the rats - as long as they don't linger!). We are lucky to have the agent deal with the showings - it isn't easy with the owner present for either party - but then I understand that it isn't possible deeper into the country. Another frustrating thing is when you are yeah - love it and the husband says "nahhh"! Was wiping down the cooker at 1am this morning. Can't sleep! I now need copious amounts of coffee - and running out!
  6. yay Robin - naughty pecky though. pekin! At least 10 years - and according to the vet pretty good shape for an old'un with Skye - but she doesn't doodledoo just BOKARK! many times over!
  7. What have you all been making...part two...

    Ooh that would be cool - thanks Pimmsy xx
  8. The joys of being a 60 year old

    Happy Birthday Patricia! I like the primrose day bit. Perfect as they have been out for a while now. I like Titania - very Shakespearian too! But I could see the shortened version wouldn't be so nice. With us we had to exclude names beginning with B as the initial plus surname would have surely led to someone being called Domestos, or Harpic etc!
  9. Herefordshire here we come!

    Oooooooooooh CharIpttie - I do rather like that - the old gingerbread house gables! There may be some strict rules and regulations because of the National Trust though. I wonder if there are any quilty shops at the craft centre?
  10. The Weather Thread #9

    Had to come indoors again! Supposedly the hottest April in 70+ years or so! Clouds seem to be burning off very quickly!
  11. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Love the castle view. A little bit of old surrounded by an awful lot of new! LOL You had a great day for the views!
  12. What have you all been making...part two...

    I'm 3 bear paw blocks short of finishing that bit. Sashings and borders next. I'm getting quite used to Molly now and zipping along nicely. The shoulder ache that I had at the retreat doesn't seem to bother me now. I've adapted! Although I'm only doing a couple of hours a day and not the whole day plus evening!
  13. The Weather Thread #9

    OK now I'm melting. Super day - but please we need to acclimatise - not cold and wet to Floridian weather! Needless to say lots of water has been downed while tidying the garden. The greenhouse had all the windows open but even so I baked in there! It was nice to sit on the bench (in the shade of the oak tree trunk) and drink a nice elderflower fizz! OH has been really enjoying the sun. He just goes brown while I burn!
  14. The joys of being a 60 year old

    Oh not fun Olly! But thank you. Cheers Granny. Yup, cake is all gone apart from the decorations. Although I did scoff a bottle of rum. Imagine my disappointment at no rum!
  15. The joys of being a 60 year old

    Happy belated birthday to you too Ursula123. We also share wonderful events like Abraham Lincoln was shot and the Titanic hit an iceberg. I always knew I was a walking disaster! LOL! And thank you Luvvie, Lottiechook, Chrissie and Cattytails. OH's cousin has suggested using the frame as a frame with wire to transport chickens. I could fit a fair few in!