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  1. Christmas swap 2018

    Naughty shoulder again?
  2. Christmas swap 2018

    Just catching up the previous posty bits - Plum did you get live chicks for Easter? LOL! Well that would be nice! And I still have and use my pressies (apart from edibles and surprising how fast they went) and not only that - the swap is the first present I get to squish and shake (gently)! Good idea Pimmsy Plum: 1. Cats or dogs - I like both but as I want a cat badly and currently brainwashing OH - then feel free to help my cause! 2. Favourite colour / colours Colours you really don't like - I'm not really a pink person - Barbara Cartland made me cringe as does Barbie pink! Fave is green - mint, turquoise, emerald. Then blue - aqua, pale blue. Actually I love pastel shades of everything. 3. Winter or summer - I'm a springy person - boing! 4. Seaside or mountains - yes, countryside - all of it and I love clouds - stormy ones even. 5. modern Christmas, traditional Christmas or don't celebrate - I'm a traddy person. 6. Would you prefer a Christmas craft or more general for all year round - happy with whatever I'm given and I have a couple dotted about now (apart from the sweeties). Lurve all my pressies. 7. What can I make you (is this cheating ) anything you fancy. Sooo Plum you now have 50,001 things to do.
  3. Christmas swap 2018

    Me me me meeeee! I actually forgot and Plum finally gave me a smack on the derriere on the phone! Much work being done here at the mo. On quilt retreat this weekend for a week! Family visits in a neverending stream for the next two weeks after that. Chicken run needs to be erected and just ordering a greenhouse! I think I have a plan or two for a pressie.
  4. Hello Devon - We're Home!

    It's been quite pleasant lately. But when the sun goes in - brrrr!
  5. So how is the season so far?

    So disappointing - you've grown them, looked after them and then they have the cheek to not be tasty for you! OH has made a big compost bin out of the wood we found in the garage (plus a few posts we bought the other day for stability) and we've already started using it. Did a fair bit of shredding to mix with the lawn mowings.
  6. The Weather Thread #9

    Misty first thing but what a terrific day again. Feel quite lucky - and warm! LOL!
  7. The Weather Thread #9

    Chilly first thing but at least no frost. The moon has been fabulous the past couple of nights by the way. Daytime so hot that the flies were hitting the windows upstairs to warm up! So were the harlequin ladybirds. Went for a walk but it was way too hot.
  8. So how is the season so far?

    Sounds fun. I agree - walnuts turning up in places nowhere near the tree but the squirrels have been all over the place! OH has made cider vinegar - it's still brewing in the boiler room, smells nice though. Meanwhile we've been eating apples and giving them away. OH has been cooking a fair amount and we have loads in the freezer. Still loads left. Waiting for our apple press to arrive now - it's been out of stock so October they expect them to be sent out. Harrods Horticultural (not the London place) are doing an offer at the moment for these. Meanwhile we have 235 bottles plus tops to fill with apple juice (we also have a pasturiser now) but I don't think we'll be filling all of them!
  9. The Weather Thread #9

    We put up our new washing posts on Sunday, did the washing today - and one is in softer ground and is listing more than a battle worn pirate ship! Needless to say I didn't dare put much on there - luckily the prop supported the little bits that were out there, but I watched as my skirt got closer to the ground! One side we found the bedrock quite near the surface - shale, so it has kept the post firm. But yes indeed a beautiful day. OH said no it's just a heavy dew outside when I went to sort the girls out. Nope that was definitely frost on the cube! And the washing has dried beautifully.
  10. Old Sewing Machine

    Another lady Lizzie Lenard on Youtube only uses vintage machines - she does a nice series of how to clean them. She also has a blog but she is how I found Helen Howes. Then in Pinterest I've just seen this: https://susies-scraps.com/2016/04/02/framing-pinwheels-quilt-pattern/?subscribe=success#blog_subscription-3 Scroll down - lovely treadle!
  11. Turning 'Japanese' - I really think so!

    Ah so! I miss them too, but after seeing that lot - perhaps it's just as well! And now that tune is rattling around in my head. Thanks Soapy!!!!!
  12. The Weather Thread #9

    Spoke too soon - no blue but more rain on the way unless the wind blows it over quickly - methinks it's bringing yesterdays stuff back as the wind is a different direction. I curse the weather vane on our (time out to administer iodine to OH's big gash in his leg - he's getting better at injuries, he doesn't quite run round like a headless chook but does the intake of breath through his teeth. Loudly) ahem weather vane on the shed - it tells porkies! Which is not surprising because while it is supposed to be a cat and a mouse, the cat does look like a pig with a straight tail! It was already here though.
  13. ISA/savings question

    Hahaha - we get that with number one son - but if you put a £ sign first she may respond - like he does! I think our lot are with the Newbury Building Society. Very few of those left that haven't been taken over by the banks.
  14. The Weather Thread #9

    Couldn't get warm last night - and when I did around 5.30 I went off into such a deep sleep that I woke up at 8.45 and thought yikes birdies! So rushed to the window - yes still raining pffft! And it was windier than they suggested! Pffft! Sorted the birds out - I don't know which one, but a baby makes an I want to get out noise like a kettle whistling. And now I've been snuggled on the settee with a coffee, my feet are finally warming up and the sun is finally breaking through and I can see little whisps of blue through the white and grey stratus clouds