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    The Fox is back 😕

    I think it made perfect sense, although I can't respond to the fox in an urban garden question. We have a resident vixen . . . somewhere not far off, that had cubs last year, so as I know she's been doing whoopsies in the garden (and we have her on wildlife cam) I'm greatly relieved that the chooks are in their cubes inside a supposedly fox-proof run with electric fencing around the outside! They were allowed out into the field today as it was lovely and I was working out there. Probably pushing my luck, but it was lovely to see them in the scrubby parts digging away. Goldie had a face-off session with a pheasant hen and Trigger was busy shaking his feathery mane at another pheasant hen. Just think of surfer dude with long blonde hair showing off. LOL! I know foxes can breach an electric fence - it's down to the strength of the battery and that nothing is interfering with the flow - we spotted a short where the fence had dropped and was touching the metal part of the pole, otherwise we have damp proof membrane around to stop the grass growing up in the wire. Or sheer ingenuity of the fox, so I will have to keep an eye out. So far 2 have been spotted in a field away, but then it is mating season. Perhaps your fox is leaving scent for a potential mate?
  2. Valkyrie

    The Fox is back 😕

    Crikey what an ordeal for your daughter. Can't see why you wouldn't be able to have an electric fence inside your boundaries - and for good reason.
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    Sandyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Gosh been quite a while! Glad to see you alive and kicking! I was Koojie all those years ago!
  4. Valkyrie

    Another ebay rant

    I've paid by my credit card as a guest, so I'm guessing the credit card would step in if there was a dispute. But I've only had one person courier it - and I was having kittens - only one bump and the iron could be broken. But they packaged it so well - and crated it all. Snug as a bug in a rug - but I wouldn't do that again - the nerves!!!!!
  5. Valkyrie

    Went on my favourite walk today.

    Love the spotty goat! Reminds me of Moony from the Moon character from a children's comic yonks ago! I see it was called Playhour! Never went to the farm - feel I missed a bit of London that I would have liked!
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    Do I own up?

    My husband never heard anything at night - even my daughter said she remembered me going downstairs armed with something (loft ladder stick) to whack any burglars. Sometimes I never found anything. Scariest thing was waking up to a thud in the bathroom (when my children were young I slept with one ear open, I think) looked in there to see 2 eyes glowing from the dark. Well that's enough to wake anyone up properly! It was a neighbour's cat jumping in through the window. Oh Freddie!!!! So he meowed and marched downstairs with me in tow. Got to the back door and meeeeoooowww want out! Yes I still want my own cat! And since my daughter mentioned the stick incident over Christmas, my husband owned up and said he did hear but hoped I went instead. He also heard the children when they had bad dreams or whatever, but didn't want to get up on numerous occasions until I shoved him and told him it was his turn! As for Yvette's husband, he'd have probably chucked a stone in the general direction and flipped one back behind him, hitting hubby on the head. It's soooo fake, that programme! Not watched it for years since hubby's cousin came over on a Halloween night and we laughed ourselves silly!
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    Another ebay rant

    One person I bought from wanted cash on collection but it had already been paid via ebay after I'd won the bid. I did try to stop it, but then it's to protect the seller I guess. Cash probably also means ebay doesn't get as much out of it. Unless it has the zero cash on collection thing at the end of the session? Thingy wotsit dunno! But that was an old lady running a bit of a curiosity shop - like stepping back in time! Another was an antique shop. Sadly the sewing machine had the lock destroyed probably with a crowbar to see what was inside. A beautiful walnut casing with super inlaid pattern, the machine itself was quite old with mother of pearl roses - beautiful. If they knew anthing about machines they'd only need a screwdriver to unlock them! But mostly mine have either been as a result of a charity sale or the sad event of someone's elderly relative passing on. It's nice to know the previous owner because the sewing machines are named after them and they come with interesting histories. One I took my mum for a joy ride as it wasn't far from her - turned out to be a huge manor house that usually opens it's garden to the public. It was just out of season, but we were invited to wander around the grounds - a private viewing!
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    Christmas swap 2018

    Wow that is clever - all those little beads!!!
  9. Valkyrie

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Oooh congratulations to all the family and welcome to Skylar!
  10. Valkyrie

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Good news!
  11. Valkyrie

    Japanese Space Toilets

    Well mine is/was a little holly tree now it's a big one! Makes you wonder how many other children needed a desperate little twinkle in the same spot - and why is it alone? How did it get there? Had a look on Google Street and it looks more like a lot of trunks together. Ahhhhhhh my tree has ickle friends - or perhaps it was grazed and they are offshoots? A bit further on it says Spring Bushes car park!
  12. Well trying to pick Choccy up today was an ordeal - she ran rings around me! I was exhausted! Never underestimate the speed of a pekin!
  13. Valkyrie

    The Weather Thread #9

    6 degrees today - no frost but some drizzle on and off and a teensy bit of sunshine and blue sky in between the grey clouds. I'll be happy if that's the worst it gets!
  14. Valkyrie

    Japanese Space Toilets

    Oh gosh I have a "twinkle tree" that I used to go behind on my way to my grandmother's. Long journey and I just couldn't last the final 20 minutes! It is still standing - on it's own in the middle of nowhere by a road in the New Forest! But in France I chose to dash back to our hotel rather than use the outdoor loos! Never been in a posh space loo. I'd probably get washed before I could escape! Technophobia extends there too. But I did use a Shewee when I was doing long walks - took a bit of getting used to, but then I've not needed to use it since I've had it. I have a bladder the size of a football! Does give you a bit of freedom. Otherwise we pop into a cafe for a drink and perhaps a cake or lunch and use the loo there.
  15. Valkyrie

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Oooh! Ouchie! Hope you are not too bruised today. Better the bike broken than you!
  16. Valkyrie

    Another ebay rant

    I've been really lucky with my purchases - but really I do think you should just wear thicker socks DM!😘
  17. Valkyrie

    Christmas swap 2018

    Well I still have my wreath hanging up - we were just discussing how it looked right all together. Now it's spring-like so it stays up!
  18. Valkyrie

    The Weather Thread #9

    Oooh brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I used to have one in the greenhouse - min and max with a magnet to reset, Beany. I looked at the recorded temp at Exeter which was -3 so safe to say we were colder than that. Weather report changed it's mind and said snow - saw that this evening and nope, no snow here! LOL! Quite a nice day with a bit of a chill, but not that bad considering the time of year!
  19. Valkyrie

    Seems I’m now feeding 4

    Would you like a few more in the form of very attractive free range fancy chickens - pheasants!
  20. Valkyrie

    The Weather Thread #9

    Bit of an update - we've had dry weather almost every day since the 1st. We had one day of drizzle last week. We have had cold sessions and frost this morning. When we had frost before it thawed very fast but it's lingering today. One day was bitter and cloudy - but overall we've had a few lovely days. I was in my t-shirt (in the greenhouse) yesterday and while working have had to strip off to t-shirts again while trundling the wheelbarrow up and down! I have a Weather Watcher's 3 Year Log Book so I've been filling it in as best I can. Hard to do temperature because if I look on line it gives the temperature of the village down below and we know that we are a few degrees colder up here! My phone says zero and I know that isn't true - still thick frost! I shall have to look for weather stations methinks. I'm fine with the clouds - but today I had to look up and found "altostratus undulatus"!!! With lots of blue in between!
  21. Mine move more than the brahma boy! Now he is lazy! He'll sit down to eat, even if the food is raised for him - then he stretches his neck. Stupid Trigger! The Swedes are so busy though - birds with a purpose! I have noticed that the little ones don't go outside the run much while the bigger birds stroll and graze. Probably because they are under cover so feel safe plus with the big ones outside they have freedom indoors!
  22. My pekins go to bed about 15 minutes before the big ones. The younger two run round like mad things, the slightly older one (how much older? Dunno!) shuffles around quite well but does not like to pounce or be pounced on! I guess their little legs do tire out quicker than the bigg'uns but they sure move when you need to catch them!
  23. Valkyrie

    Daftest pet name?

    Oh I love Benjamin Bin Bag!