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  1. It's crazy - 4 outdoors but 30 inside! Then again the rules here are just as crazy - as if covid only happens after 10pm. There's a lot of ranting I'd like to do but I got on my soapbox too many times and it collapsed!
  2. I am of the opinion that those who don't believe do not get visits from the specialist mystical departments. Besides who wants to be responsible for Tinkerbell's demise!!! I was in negotiation with the tooth fairy the other week when my cap broke off with the remaining tooth inside it. I'm shortly to commence implant treatment. Tooth fairy says it's the tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth - and caps don't count.
  3. Ocado usually give us 3 slots available but this week they'd reduced it to 2 - OH said I wonder if they know something we don't. I guess now we know! Surely the amount of loo rolls that disappeared off the shelves last time haven't all been used up yet?! Otherwise they are storing for selling at an inflated price at Christmas after everyone is under Military rule and curfews abound.
  4. Wholefoods online have oats a plenty.
  5. That's disgraceful Soapy! What are they thinking! Poor children.
  6. Sounds like the sort of school days that I remember. My mum used to make me stay in bed for a week then another week off after that when I'd be allowed to get up and "recuperate" and I was so bored by the end of the first week. I'd get up and get told off. I did have asthma at the time but I do think she was being a bit OTT. I did miss a lot of school - I had few friends because who wants to be alone when that other friend is off sick all the time. I was already reading books before I went to school, so that wasn't the issue - it was maths!
  7. That's good Granshazza! Should give them more confidence in the outside world. My mum had to phone for an appointment at her surgery, she tried several times but eventually got through. They asked her if she was able bodied to get to the surgery, she said YES! She wanted to have a walk! But that probably means that those who can't will get someone to call and administer the vaccine. We normally get a letter that gets people in over a few days in alphabetical order and it is done in the village hall. It has 6 curtained off areas and while one section is vacated, the next person is done while the next in line goes into that booth. It is smooth and very efficient. Not sure how they'd do it now as it would need to be cleaned down after each person. Will be interesting to find out.
  8. Took our son to the Valley of the Rocks a couple of weeks ago. A bit worrying when we left and drove through Lynmouth and saw it was heaving with people - we had been there earlier and it was fine to keep our distance. The week before we went to Hartland Quay and walked to Hartland Point and back again (happy to say that I will never, ever, ever, ever do that walk again - although Glencoe was worse and I uttered potty mouth expletives all the way up) and while the walk wasn't without people, they were kind enough to wait for the old girl either struggling up the hill or waited patiently for me to plod down the steps. When we got to Hartland Point I got caught up in the middle of a large family (or rather 2 large families) that milled around me almost shoulder to shoulder! I did jokingly say "oh dear I seem to have been adopted by you!" but inside panic and OH grabbed me by the shoulders and marched through! Although there was nowhere I could really go otherwise - huge cliff bank to the left and fence with a drop to the right! Thankfully they went to the lighthouse (not open) and we went back on the coastal path. We've not gone anywhere since apart from me taking number one son home.
  9. Oh lardy lardy lardy! I love lardy cake, but the best I've ever had was when I stayed with my grandparents. There was a bakery in Ringwood that made their own cakes and buns (never tasted a cream bun as good since either!) and then they closed down. Such a pity because it was all so very good.
  10. Years ago I wanted some plants so typed in Pinks. I did get frozen baby mice for reptiles etc, but also something totally unexpected and I did not click to pursue that option. I had to type in Dianthus! No problem then!
  11. Another funny thing is OH and DS are watching James Bond - and she's the lead actress!
  12. I did ages ago. It is hard to tell when they are ready - the red ones are easy, as are yellow. Then purple ones! Last year we had chocolate coloured ones in a mixed packet. They were tiny so not growing them this year. Otherwise I'd suggest cutting one and tasting it. If it is still a bit like green ones, leave the others on the plant a bit longer. I like red ones mostly, but Golden California Wonder was really sweet. Am growing that again. Here the aubergines are just forming, the peppers are looking great - lots of fruit and lots of flowers. Still green at the moment. I have 4 melons! We have harvested a lot of gherkins and pickled them. The carrots are doing well in the greenhouse and I seem to have a family of 7 spot ladybirds in there. They are very welcome. I haven't seen one Harlequin at all. Also in the greenhouse we have been harvesting the smaller Sungolds - they seem more acidic this year, but the Black Russians are delicious. Not too fussed with the lemon pear drop called Ildi, but it is prolific! Tigerellas are also doing well. Berkeley Tie Dye seems to be hit and miss seeds, like last year - at least I know what the pink tomato was last year. So contaminated seed I guess - it should be stripey. One plant is though. I won't be growing those seeds next year. Lots of lettuce and also growing more carrots - I also have dill in there. I seem to be treating the greenhouse more like a polytunnel! Which we hope to get next year. In the plot 2 days ago, harvested a little cauliflower as it had slugs on it and I didn't want them to eat it before me! Yesterday wandered around and saw 2 more cauliflowers and wondered how I missed them. Today I picked 8 cauliflowers of varying sizes! They must have really put a spurt on overnight! Crazy! HRH par boiled them, dunked in ice and froze them - also several heads of calabrese. The Purple Teepee beans are covered in purple flowers and I reckon I will be picking those by the weekend. Pretty poor germination in the greenhouse with different compost, so I now believe it was a rubbish year for bean seed. I have one runner bean and one Greek Gigantes bean. Neither are doing well. Never mind, we are inundated with other things. Casablanca potatoes did very well, and larger than expected. Charlotte 2nd earlies are giant spuds! I've never seen them that big! I harvested the last of those 2 days ago and HRH put them into storage yesterday before the rain. Also harvesting courgettes but keeping on top of those so far. Patty pans doing OK and some of the squashes are going crazy! In particular the spaghetti squash! We are using the winter onions as we need them and they have grown enormous too! I have several soya bean plants and 2 bean pods so far! Parsnips are better this year and the sugar snaps have just gone over. The celeriac is looking good and the beetroots are swelling up nicely. The apple trees are laden and the wing blows and they shed some more apples. without making a dent in the crop! We have been eating strawberries and blueberries. Sweetcorn looks really strong - I have my fingers crossed for them, but will definitely order more next year. So in spite of the contrary weather, it isn't too bad after all! HRH keeps testing the blackberries in the hedge - if he keeps on there won't be any left to harvest anyway!
  13. When we first got ours HRH made a spread sheet for me to record everything - well that lasted almost 2 years - I hate keeping a diary and logging stuff on a computer that I really did not enjoy and I said ENOUGH! Well a little louder than that! We did get it down to £2 per egg, so that wasn't too bad. I dread to think what it is now. And you know what? He told me I ought to start logging everything down again. I will do a log for worming, treatments and other things that must be recorded but really - recording eggs is over the top!
  14. You won't want to be here at the moment. Tornado in Northampton on Friday and very iffy weather over the weekend. Today is another tornado warning (Friday's warning was very misplaced as it was supposed to be on the south east side of the country) and this time north east of the Midlands, so possibly Herefordshire, Warwickshire and further up. There have been storms overnight and seem to be mainly going up the Bristol Channel, so Weston and Cardiff, and even further east from there. Tiverton again had storms - we had them on Friday too. The rain overnight was heavy and the wind lashes it against the windows so very loud! And it is still lashing down. Apparently the tourists arrived in hoards this weekend. They haven't had much sun, probably no sleep in a caravan and I hope the tents are well tethered or they'll be blown to Gloucestershire!
  15. Oh dear - pyjamas at least cover the body - half naked people used to go shopping in Weston and it wasn't a pretty sight! Beach only people - not the shops! 🤢 Not that it's a place I've been to much, but OH's family live near there and it's the closest town to them. It was an eye opener I tell you - things cannot be unseen. Especially the old guys wearing Speedos that are too small for their ample bodies.
  16. I wish I had known how manipulative these little beasties can be!
  17. My favourite is the shopping trolley one DM! I gather naked necks are easier to pluck.
  18. I'm not keen on lentils - but we have those most of the time now - OH's diet. He's lost so much weight since he was diagnosed pre-diabetic and he's now not diabetic but needs to keep on top of things. I said I'd join with him. Easier to just do one meal for us both. But I like potatoes. Nope - I looooove potatoes - which is one of the things he has cut back on. Neither of us eat bread now. I've also lost a fair bit of weight but not as much as him - a slow progress but I'm happy that I can get my wellies on and off easily! And trousers in the wardrobe that were OK to stand up in, I can now sit down in them. Most embarrassing the other day - they started falling down while we were out! Good job they had some cord to tie it with. I never bothered before! Had to get OH to hold my stuff so I could hoik them back up to the waist and pull those strings!
  19. I gather the bones break down to get more goodness from the marrow if it is roasted? Might try our instant pot - will see how it goes. I don't think we have any chicken to roast at the moment though.
  20. Agree, some years are better than others. This year I think it was very late here and then blink and it was all over! I planted more elder trees when we moved here so hopefully we'll have nice shrubs romping away now that they've lasted this long! And flowers within reach!
  21. They are probably looking for insects in it sounds like they are looking for food in there. I used to use shredded paper, but they ate it! Stupid birds! But we used our own hay on top of newspaper sheets - stops it falling through the hole. I put Biodry over the top and some diatomaceous earth just in case of pests harbouring. I wouldn't use straw because parasites love the stems. The girls then fashion it into a nest. Easy to roll up in the newspaper when cleaning out too.
  22. Our cordial has turned out reasonably well, but probably needed more flower heads.
  23. Later on you may discover the most aloof one is the queen, while the next in line dishes out the commands. When our queen died there seemed to be no overall control and while there were a couple of wannabes, none wanted the role. I guess you'll discover who is at the bottom of the order soon enough. Although it sounds like yours have already settled into an agreed/mutual heirarchy.
  24. Surprising how much stock can be produced from a chicken carcass! Has anyone on here roasted chicken bones and then made it into broth? When we do have meat we cook a large amount to either add to dishes or home made ready meals. Yes, lucky to have neighbours who provide the lamb and beef, with a farm behind them producing poultry and waterfowl. There is a man with a van that gets fresh fish daily - which is good - only an hour drive either side to the sea. We also order from a Cornish fish provider - superb! Buy in bulk and freeze. https://thecornishfishmonger.co.uk/

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