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  1. I suppose though, in some ways, having assistance in school also makes children realise that they're struggling. If you choose to look at it, children who have help in school are in some ways having extra assistance that the general class population doesn't have. Children of all abilities can benefit from extra help but very few schools have resources availiable for children at the more able end of the spectrum. Wouldn't it be great if the teacher class ratio was smaller and each child received the help and encouragement needed!
  2. My googlemail and Yahoo accounts are fine. Hope yours gets sorted soon.
  3. I think there's nothing wrong with tutoring children. Many children respond very positively to individaul education and it can really boost their classroom based learning. It all depends on the child's approach to learning. I can think of some children who would benefit from extra tutoring and others who would not benefit since much comes down to the child's learning style. Also, some schools excel across the curriculum, some on most of the curriculum and sadly some don't really reach the mark in all areas. As a teacher, I wasn't offended if a parent asked for extra work or enquired about the suitability of a tutor. As educators we're all working towards the same goal and would like the best outcome for each child.
  4. I still like the Harcombe diet and my husband has also had great success with it. Apart from the weight loss, both he and I have felt much better, sleep better and find it easier to get up in the morning! I've been a bit naughty over Christmas but will be straight back on it soon! Becka
  5. Three of my four children still believe. They write a letter and which we burn generally asking for a small gift along the lines of a DVD or book that they would like. We are then responsible for the other presents that they receive. The gifts from Santa are laid out on the hearth on Christmas morning. We fill a stocking for each child and then we start out treasure hunt. We have a quiz and for each round of correct answers the children are rewarded with a riddle that will lead them to a place where a present is hidden for each of them. We have around 20 riddles prepared and the presents to match. Some of the presents are big and some are small like the toothbrushes that are wrapped and hidden in the Bathroom vanity unit. The children love this part of the day and we find it really takes it away from the present ripping frenzy that it used to be - this may just be my children, I'm sure other peoples are far more restrained!
  6. I'm still going and now my husband's started too! Company at last. I loose about a pound a week which is just fine by me. It's great to hear about your success Eglutyne and it does give me hope that this is something I can do long term. I have found that the longer I'm on the diet, the easier it becomes. Does anyone have any suggestions for sugar free breakfast cereal? I've been eating Shredded Wheat (is that allowed?) but my husband can't stand it and is looking for an alternative. Becka
  7. Thank you for your reply! I haven't made myself very clear, I have the chalkboard paint but I'd like a paint, preferably in pen form, to make a decoration on the chalkboard and to write some lettering - hence the preference for the pen! Thank for the link, there's some really good hints and tips on there anyway. Becka
  8. Hi, I'm making a chalkboard for my children and my niece to use as a countdown to Christmas. Can anyone recommend a paint to use on the chalkboard that won't be damaged by them rubbing out the chalk? I would prefer something that can be applied in pen form because I'm writing on the board and I find a paint pen easier to use than a brush and paint. Thanks, Becka
  9. Good advice, I'll give the porridge a go. Do you still eat a lot of NLY? I really struggle with the NLY because I really don't like the taste. To be honest, I don't think I've eaten any since I started Phase Two but maybe I should reintroduce this somehow. Becka
  10. Well I managed to loose six pounds in the last fortnight. I'm going to keep going with the diet but I have started having a small bar of dark chocolate each day, have managed to squeeze in three danish pastries and a bottle of wine. I'll be interested to see if I loose any weight this week! I have struggled with eating bacon and eggs each morning so I made sugar free wholemeal bread and have been having three slices each morning. If I don't loose weight I'll go back to bacon and eggs. I do find that if I eat enough at each meal then I can behave very well but I had a couple of days when I skipped breakfast and a danish slipped in mid-morning! I find the forum quite useful and I've just bought the recipe book to widen my horizons. Any hints and tips would be greatly appreciated. Becka
  11. I have to agree with you Olly, I have doubts about the weight loss potential. I lost three pounds on Phase One but seem to have managed to loose a further two pounds since I started Phase Two on Wednesday. I have had to introduce a small amount of chocolate and decaff coffee which I'm having with cream. I'm not sure this is allowed but it has made it easier staying with the diet! I think I'll keep going and see how the weight loss goes. It's amazing to see just how much you can crave bread and sugary sweets but not really bother much about them once you break the cycle. I have found substituting cauliflower for mashed potatoes really helpful and I actually think I might prefer it to the to the real thing because it feels so much lighter somehow. I also add parsnip to the cauliflower mash and a bit of nutmeg and did I mention the cream? I can't see how I'm managing to loose weight! Becka
  12. I'm on my last day and I can honestly say I haven't been hungry although I did eat tonight's curry for lunch! I have eaten bacon and eggs each morning around about 6.30am and that has tended to last me until lunch. I have made a great spinach and bacon salad for one meal and eaten the previous nights leftovers on the other days - the exception being today! Dinner has been relatively easy. Home made curry, turkey with roasted vegetables, Jamie Oliver's green chilli which we eat quite regularly anyway. I've just avoided the bread and potatoes usually included within the days meals. I do know that I really am not keen on natural yogurt so I've been eating that with curry and chilli. I don't really recognise many of the food intolerences (apart from wheat) or the candidia but I do know that I crave sugar and to a lesser extent wheat. Olly, have you started to feel better? I feel much more clear headed and quite a bit more energetic although I won't be changing my name to Tigger any time soon! I was interested to see if I'd lost any weight and I appear to have lost 3lb as of yesterday, which was after three days. My midrift does a fantastic pregnancy impression and I think that it is slowly deflating - I'm presuming that's been the removal of wheat. I also haven't been sleeping particularly well but I'm definitely not as exhausted as I would be normally. I'm going to think carefully about how to progress onto Phase Two because I did read that if you suspect wheat causes problems, that it's best to leave that out for another fortnight. I do believe that cutting out sugar and processed foods is a healthy approach, I'm just slightly concerned about the levels of fat. Anyway, I'm keen to see if I've maintained the initial weight loss which would definitely encourage me to continue! Becka
  13. I'm on day three and I'm beginning to feel a bit better. I'm shocked at just how unconscious I am in the kitchen. I keep reaching for biscuits, fruit and sweets the children are eating without thinking. I've managed not to cheat purely because I can't drink coffee without milk. I definitely feel less puffy and my eyes weren't swollen and puffy when I got up this morning. Gorgeous I know! My head feels clearer and I'm hoping to go off scale on the energy front! That flake is still calling me but I'm ignoring it and a few others for now at least! I finish the day before you Olly and I can tell you I can't wait for a bit of fruit to snack on in the middle of the afternoon - must be the fructose! Becka
  14. Well, famous last words! I feel absolutely awful. The muscles in my shoulders and neck are agony, my head is splitting and my charming husband says I look really ill. I haven't cheated but I'm feeling very aware of my cravings. We'll just have to see what tomorrow brings. A flake would be nice...
  15. I've started Phase One this morning after rereading the relevant chapter. So far it's not too bad! I am quite dubious about the levels of animal fats etc that are freely allowed but I'll see how I go and take it from there.

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