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  1. Monty the greyhound would have a LOT to say if we got a cat - that may fix the wood pigeon problem but upset the dog!
  2. I have 7 wonderful hens who live in a Cube with an Aviary attached - BUT I also have two very very annoying wild wood pigeons who have learned how to get inside the aviary no matter how small I leave the door open to allow the hens to come and go from the garden during the long lockdown days when I am at home. They are driving me absolutely crazy - and eating so much of the Omlet food - what should I do? I have tried closing the aviary and leaving the back of the Cube open for the to get the food inside, I have tried wedging the aviary open just enough for the hens to get in, I have tried the foot peddle feeders but nothing seems to work! Any ideas? The wood pigeon at the moment is brighter than the girls in getting the food...... I've kept hens for twelve years, but even that amount of experience hasn't solved this problem!
  3. I have 10 wonderful girls who are wormed every 3 months or so to make sure they are kept as healthy as I can....... BUT I have one very very greedy girl who is forever eating snails/worms/slugs etc and generally digging about for insects and these quarterly treatments aren't enough for her. How do I worm a single chicken more frequently? Think I read a while ago that a tiny tiny bit of Flubenvent sprinkled on a grape and fed to that specific chicken for the normal 7 days would work? I don't want the other 9 to be over-medicated if I can possibly help it..... thanks
  4. I have a wonderful group of 11 girls with an age range of 2-5 years - of which 4 no longer lay. Most of the time these old girls are fine but we do have bouts of (presumably) perotonitis where they look all fluffed up and miserable for a few days and have the classic "John Wayne Walk". I am getting more and more horrible lashes as well - first question roughly once they come off lay, how long can I expect to keep them? When they are looking really miserable and their poo is really green I do give them a few doses of Baytril to help and that perks them up again. Second question - I have a mixture of Gingernuts/Leghorns/Sussex/Maran and would like to introduce 2 x Silkies which are much smaller - I would keep them seperately for the first couple of weeks and take it very very slowly, but are Silkies going to be able to hold their own against the bigger girls?
  5. Would appreciate advice on this, I know of a couple who I understand haven't kept chickens before, but want to start with chicks. I've always started with POL and whilst I personally don't think its a good idea, want to be able to advise them practically. I understand they are enough in the countryside to be able to keep a rooster, but even so if they hatch 3-4 roosters in a batch of eggs, then what? they are indicating that they would like their young children to see the whole egg hatching/chick etc, which I fully appreciate but to start with that to me seems a bit too adventurous! They are also talking about starting with purebreeds as well rather than the delightful little ISA Warrens/Browns
  6. Thanks for this - was wondering today how on earth I was going to clean out the girls Eglu and Cube. Logged onto our water company and they will put a note on the account that I am exempt under livestock clause and able to use the pressure of the hose to clean out the cage. Many thanks for reporting this!
  7. Sadly lost Margo about a week or so ago - she was about two and a half and a lovely girl. Like all of us, I did everything I could to keep her comfortable and part of the "flock" despite her finding it difficult to move about much as she had very wobbly legs the last month or so. But her last afternoon she was happily sitting in the garden with the others around her and she just didnt wake up the next morning.
  8. Margot is due for her second Calcum injection today - her comb is a tiny bit redder but she still looks blimin miserable. she is eating (I can feel a bit in her crop) but don't actually see her eat/drink. Very very slow in the morning.... she hasn't laid any more lashes since Sunday morning (day after her calcium injection and just a tiny lash) but the vet did say her internal "bits" were in a bad way with lots of fatty deposits. Will report back after tonights appointment. she isn't sitting about with her tail down all day - but does look so so sad.....
  9. Haven't posted for ages - although I'm regularly log on. Have a problem with my Speckledy Margot - which I can't find any other posts on. she is 3 - stopped laying about 6 months ago and have often found a "lash" in the nesting box. Took her to the vet in October as I thought she may have had an obstruction and the vet suggested a Calcium injection to help. Since then she has been relatively fine. Last weekend though and during the course of the week she has got slower and slower and her comb more and more pale and floppy with nasty green poo and lots of smelly white discharge. I thought at first it may have been worms as she had been digging in the garden and eating every slug so started her on a course of Flubenvent on grapes. After about 3 days - Thursday afternoon - she wasn't any better so put her on a course of Baytril (1.1ml twice a day) which is what I was prescribed the previous October. YEsterday at the vet I took a sample of her nasty droppings - he took one look and said "KIDNEY PROBLEMS" and told me to continue with the Baytril for the usual 7 day course and gave her a Calcium injection as he said a floppy pale comb was a strong indication of Calcium. He suggested mixing extra grit in her food (I use 4mm oyster shell so maybe I should get a finer grit?) She is going back on Tuesday and probably next Saturday for a 2nd and 3rd calcium injection. I presume that the long term future isn't brilliant but not giving up on her yet. My question is - what on earth is the connection Calcium definciency and Kidney problems? Today she is still looking much the same - she isn't really eating much but pecking on occasion and following the other girls around the garden with her tail up albiet very slowly. Is there also an "official" word for a lash? She laid a small one this morning which I was going to take to the vet on Tuesday. One last thing - do chickens lose their voices as they get older, both Margot and Carol (who is also 3) barely hoot/chirp but they used to be quite loud in their early days. sorry for the length of this - but really grateful for thoughts. Have ordered some Barrier "calcium and D3 supplement" for delivery next week from my usual supplier.
  10. little Talalluh didn't survive the night. Think the stress of seeing the vet probably didn't help her either, she had never had a days illness in the 2 years I had her. such a sweet little hen - but at least it was quick and she didn't suffer and I know I did the best for her.
  11. Thought I was doing so well in picking up the signs of Sour Crop and acting quickly before it became a problem - however no such luck. Talullah absolutly fine yesterday - terrible today! As I was taking her to the vet, she vomited a lot of liquid (which oddly didn't smell - maybe that is why I didn't pick it up earlier and there were things almost like small woodlice in it) Vet did diagnose Sour Crop - nothing else obvious. I took some Nystatin with me - just in case - so she got her first dose at the vets. Know I keep her off food for a day or so - but can I give her Probiotic Yoghurt in water or will it "clash" with the Nystatin? Luckily managed to get one more bottle at the chemist - seems it is still in short supply and difficult to get hold of. Chemist didn't seem too comfortable giving me his last bottle off the shelves knowing it was for a little hen rather than a person! £23 it cost too! Talullah is the tiniest of my girls - only 1.6k and looks so miserable can hardly keep her eyes open - hope she will be OK
  12. Believe me I have really tried - this is two weeks on... I put a large wooden trellis barrier between Lilly and the 4 others initially, that allowed them to put their heads through but not their bodies - that was the first stage for a few days and then distributed food to both sides of the trellis at the same time. No attacks at that point this stage for a couple of days. Put one hen (the smallest one) in part of the garden fenced off - about 20ft square with open Eglu in the corner - with just Lilly and lots of distractions - area for dust bath and food. Fine for about ten minutes then Lilly attacked. Kept on with this for most of a week and it is still the ten minute rule - but now she is getting so scared she doesn't even like coming out of her Eglu if they are anywhere around. If the other hen goes into the Eglu while she is there then it doesn't even last 5 seconds before she is attacked. She seems absolutely petrified. Haven't attempted more than one hen in same area with her. She even scrambled up the Cube steps and onto a perch I have set up inside run to escape - she was so desperate - and they were about 6 feet away
  13. Thanks everybody for your responses to this post - have now raised a new one about trying to get her integrated back with the other hens. This is almost worse - as she is absolutely petrified of them and even on a one-to-one they attack her. This thread is on Chickens.
  14. In another post, I told the story of wonderful Lilly surviving a dreadful fox attack - and gradually after 5 weeks being nursed back to health in her own Eglu she is getting stronger but still with large wounds under her wings. She is a little miracle for sure - BUT the next problem is that the other 4 hens will not accept her back. Even on a one to one with the mildest of the hens she is terrorised after about 5 minutes even in a large space. She genuinely is petrified when one of the others comes near here now. what on earth do I do? Do I get a new lone hen for company for her - or leave her alone in a cage until the end of her days? She is so much better but can't run away quickly enough and just cowers in panic. Poor little girl!
  15. Hi - they are all really nervy, I actually sit outside in the garden with them reading my book. Can't risk going through that again as the back garden is quite sheltered and I may not see any "visitors" arriving. Lilly is getting there - my vet is Lucia (such a sweet lady!) and she posted me some wound ointment to put on twice a day under the wing. There is literally an area about 2 inches square with no skin whatsoever, just the muscle underneath. Must be very painful. Today I let Lilly wander (waddle) about on the soil and she sort of attempted a dust bath as best she could and you could tell she really enjoyed it. She is starting to extend her wings a lot more. Thank goodness for Ready Brek, corn on the cob and probiotic yoghut to give her extra energy!

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