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  1. We didn't join until after the eqaulity thing. All I know of our club and other clubs around here is that women now have to pay the same as the men whereas before it was loads cheaper!
  2. There's women only clubs so can't see a problem with it myself.
  3. Our wheelie bins are all stamped but given that they were more or less thrown out of the delivery wagons and in front of the houses the council can't have any records of which bin goes with which house. Ours were also supplied with a chip under the bin. I've pulled this off all our bins. Wouldn't trust the council not to sneak in weighing and charging more per bin weight and also people putting their rubbish in our bin!
  4. She looks beautiful Lesley Hope she has an amazing time.
  5. Don't know that I fancy any in those colours
  6. Why not get Oven Pride. It's usually around the £3 mark and comes with the bag to put the oven shelves in. Am sure it's the same as the one by Lakeland but cheaper it's a gel and no smell.
  7. Now, if your light is like mine was the glass cover over the bulb be will covered in all sorts of baked on dirt and will work perfectly well once this has gone
  8. It's what they recommend on the britishcurlies forum that I've posted about before. I keep meaning to try it out but haven't as yet. My hairs not really frizzzy but curls could be better.
  9. I swear by tea tree oil at the first sign of a sore throat. Around six drops in a glass of water. As many times in the day as possible. Swore it stopped my DD's getting tonsillitis once they started doing this. When they weren't old enough to be able to gargle they used to swish it around and see how far they could spit it Hope she's soon feeling better and it's not glandular fever.
  10. Congratulations to you both What will you be doing in Portugal?
  11. Snow here. Didn't golf yesterday afternoon due to the high winds and the course is now closed. Looks like we'll be doing housework instead It's also DD's 21st today and sounds like she's coming down with a stomach bug so she's said not to visit. GD Lauren already has it
  12. Well, if it was me I wouldn't even be offering to any staff. Utter ballcocks imo that it can only be used by someone connected to the school.
  13. I used to be the PTA secretary and no way would we tell anyone they had to donate the prize back for the next raffle if they were unable to use it. If it was me I'd lose the voucher! I also wouldn't give a stuff about how difficult she could be. Ignore her or do what I used to do which was make a point of saying hello to her just to wind her up
  14. It's been baltic here since Sunday due to the wind chill. Odd day yesterday with snow flurries as well although nothing really stuck. I've golfed this afternoon though and it was gloriously sunny. Layered up though with compression layers on plus other base layers.

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