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  1. They are autosexed chicks. I am having 3 x 1 week old little maran ladies and 1x 2 week old black pekin cockerel chick. I had 2 marans and a pekin cockerel before and they were a great team.
  2. Hi All I have not been on this forum for a long while as my chickens were killed by foxes a while ago. Anyway somebody i know has taken on 300 1 day old chicks. I live on a farm and have said i will take 4 chicks from her. I have a guinea pic cage and have been to the reptile store for a lamp today. However the lady only gave me a 50 watt infa red bulb i am worried this will not be warm enough but she only had 50 or 100 watt. she also gave me a lamp with no shade on it and said this should be fine. I this the case or do i need a different bulb and a shade? Any other chick advic
  3. Thanks for your replys. I have a number of somebody who may hve a broody hen so fingers crossed she and her chicks may be able to visit. Otherwise they will have to just have Geraldine my exbatt i bet the children will love her
  4. Hi All I just wondered if anybody near Stafford has any chicks. A friend runs a playgroup and i am taking my ex batt Geraldine in along with some of my eggs and some food and corn to show the children. She also wanted to show them some chicks. I am not sure how feasable this would be but wondered if anyone who has any chicks would be willing. Please be brutal if i am asking the impossible because i have no experience of chicks and just said i would ask. Thanks for looking x
  5. Hi There I bought some flubenvet the other day and found the instructions a bit confusing. Anyway in the end i worked out that you need 1.2grams per kg of feed so i weighed out 2kg of feed and put it in an empty feed bag weighed out 2.4g of flubenvet and shook the bag and bobs ur uncle. I am now feeding them the mixture for 7 days then will throw the remaining feed away. Hope this helps.
  6. Hi There After my recent similar experience i would put my money on them being boys. I think the pointy neck feathers are a sign (no expert though). They are lovely chaps though
  7. Thankyou Egluntine am very happy i dont have to waste my precious eggs
  8. Hi All Should we avoid eating the eggs whilst the girls have worms. Dont know what type of worms they are. They are white and thin about 3cm long i think. Read somewhere that if they are caecal worms that they can be in the eggs has worried me a bit.
  9. Hi All Well i noticed that the new girls have some pets of their own (sorry ), i am not sure what to give as i have used vermX for my exbatts and i know this is a prevention not a treatment. Is flubenvet ok to give as when i googled chickens with worms this came up but my vet wants to charge £30 for it and that seems alot. I only need to treat 3 chickens. Thanks for any advice in advance.
  10. Well i called onlet today, the person who knew about the reconditioned cubes was not there so i said i would call back on the day i want to order it. You can pick up the eglu/cube but they said i have to give 3 days notice.
  11. Thanks for the advice it is much appreciated. Have split him off this morning with my ex batt she seems fine with him at the moment. They are all next to each other though so they may get used to each other.
  12. Hi all Have heard someone mention a reconditioned cube. Would that be one from omlet do they sell them? If so do you get it for much less? Also can you collect a new eglu/cube from the omlet makers factory whatever ? If you can is there still a wait or can you just go down there? If anyone could give advice i would appreciate it. Thanks

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