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  1. Unfortunately,chooks die for no good reason and very sudden too.Very little can be done about it.
  2. After spending obscene amounts of money on Frontline etc over the years i stopped pre-treating my dogs and instead will solve the problem if it comes up. To date,my Boxer got fleas couple years back (curiously the Mastiff didnt though) and i solved this my bathing them (i did both anyway) with standard medicated Vosene shampoo from Tesco.If you dont believe me with how effective this is try sniffing it and compare it to Bob Martins dog shampoo-both are the same.
  3. A very dark little fact. Ever wondered where the pop group Spandau Ballet got their name from? There was a prison called Spandau in Berlin and after WW2 when Nazi prisoners were hanged,the twitching of their legs was called 'the spandau ballet'.
  4. Its inflation im afraid.Materials like the plastic to make it would have gone up,annual payrises for staff plus electricity and council tax rises all force companies to put up their prices. Yes the price hike might sound a lot,but £130 in 10 years isnt so bad when you think you're getting something really quite funky and unique in looks.
  5. When i was a silly 16 year old,i cut my thumb on a corned beef tin....quite severely.However,because i've always had a dislike for doctors etc i decided in my infinite wisdom to repair it myself using a bandage and electrical tape.To say it looked like a crude puppet from a 1970's tv show is an understatement,but it kinda held the blood in for a while. My parents came home from shopping to a bloodbath in their newly fitted kitchen and eventually managed to track me down at a friends house to where i was then whisked to A&E and stitched up.That was 27 years ago and i still chuckle with how dumb i was when i look at the scar!
  6. The Speckledy are a great bird-albeit quite heavy,but are a good layer and not nervous. Bluebelles,although pretty dont tame easily if at all.
  7. Although i've never resorted to pee'ing in the garden-i have two large male dogs who do and foxes dont seem fazed.I just dont believe the pee theory.
  8. You're obviously hurting very badly inside so my advice is simply ask your brother what his problem is,but make sure its to his face and not via FB or other social network sites so you can judge his reaction.Its not fair that you're being excluded from your fathers life even if your brother dont want you in his,but do take heart that the problem is his and not yours. If he is jealous of your family then he really should grow up and atleast achknowledge the failings in his own life before he alienates the whole family.
  9. Thats a sentence i wouldnt ever have thought i'd hear! I agree about the intresting jobs people have.
  10. I do outdoor advertising.I put up the big posters in bus shelters,shopping centres etc and also do the (huge) billboards too.
  11. Yeah,went back to work today.Got up at 5.00am,left home at 6.00am,had enough by 11.30am so came home! I promise to do a bit more tommorrow.
  12. I've used Citricidal with great success on chooks with snotty noses.A few drops in their glug daily has cured my crew of colds.
  13. Is she by chance a White Leghorn? If so they're a nervy breed so is normal behaviour! Im not kidding by the way-i have two.
  14. Sad fact of life is that sometimes chickens die for no good reason.They seem to go downhill everso quickly so unless you're with them 24/7 it will go un-noticed.Best thing is to keep an eye on your remaining hens for any sign of illness.

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