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  1. Green Poo

    I used to use the Bokashi but the last lot I had grew mould in it so I chucked it all and gave up. (I didn't get it from Omlet mind you, perhaps I should have! )
  2. Green Poo

    We went to the vets yesterday and she was Very Good, bless her. The vet said it looked like a severe gastroenteritis or maybe salmonella (don't they get vaccinated against that when they are little? I thought they did but I wasn't 100% sure). With her not eating very much it was getting difficult to get the Flubenvet into her so he gave her a shot of wormer and a shot of antibiotic, with a course of antibiotics to follow up. He said she was quite thin so he weighed her as well and said to keep our fingers crossed. If she was ok by next week she was to go back for another worming shot. She had little bits of porridge and cat food when she got home but then she started to look perkier and I gave her some toast and she want mad for it There was even some jumping and running. This morning she came out of the eglu like a bullet and straight to her normal chicken food so it is looking very good indeed! (Although I don't fancy my chances of getting her into the travelling box to go for her second shot if she's feeling better lol!)
  3. Green Poo

    She not looking good at all today - standing under a tree mostly with her tail so far down she is spherical and occasionally making a noise a little like a high pitched purr, but very quiet. She now won't eat her normal food, yoghurty porridge, raisins or sunflower seeds, but she did eat a little plain porridge and water, a grape, and a little tuna cat food today. She is most definitely vet bound tomorrow.
  4. Green Poo

    Yes I've seen her drinking (from puddles usually, ignoring the two fresh and clean drinkers she has at her disposal!)
  5. Green Poo

    Oh, I should probably add that I'm not sure if she is eating her chicken food as I haven't seen her eating from the peanut and when I put some in front of her she isn't interested. Yesterday she has suddenly gone off her porridge and bio yoghurt but as a test I gave her a raisin and a couple of sunflower seeds and she happily ate those. I'll get some grapes and worm her with those and if she is no better I might see if I can take her to the vet. (Although I must admit I'm scared of doing that as when I took Elsie to the vet she got 10 times worse with the stress of travelling)
  6. Green Poo

    Thanks, I do have some in as she was wormed quite recently - I'll give that a try. I'm not sure if calling it poo is technically correct - there are no solid parts to it, just the white.
  7. Green Poo

    Apologies for dragging this thread up from the depths, but I have more green poo issues. (Well not ME, obviously ) Betty Chicken hasn't laid a 'proper' egg for around 3 months or more, since she had a big moult. She is over 3 so she's probably finished with all that now. She has occasionally laid yolks and crumpled shells which make her downcast for a couple of days but it's been a while since we've had even that. The problem is I haven't seen evidence of a normal poo from her for a long time. When I've seen her poo, which isn't all that frequent, it has been very watery, no dark solid bits, but some white bits. Her bottom is quite messy - I cut the worst bits off yesterday and we're going to attempt to bath her today (that will be interesting...she's not all that keen on being touched as it is!) Yesterday when I looked in the eglu for signs of Poo-ing there was bright green stuff on the white. I thought this was perhaps some mould or something growing on it - I clean it out regularly but it has been warm. I cleaned and disinfected the whole thing but when I have looked again today there is more white stuff and the bright green is on it again so I wouldn't have thought mould would have had time to grow so maybe it is coming out of her like this? I can take a photo if needed. Before Christmas last year my 6.5 yr old budgie had a similar thing - very watery droppings, sometimes with bright green on. I took him to the vet at the time and she said he looked healthy, and he is very chirpy and like himself, but she gave him antibiotics and said if that didn't fix it, to just use the avol mixture from the pet shop to firm up the droppings as it wouldn't do him any harm. Betty is happy enough in herself, still trotting around and chatting with me. I've cut out all treats bar porridge and bio-yoghurt to see if that helps. Has anyone seen anything like this before?
  8. Peanuts

    I bought a pine cone treat for Betty and the peanuts were clearly her favourite part. I thought if I got some monkey nuts she might enjoy bashing it open to get the nuts inside....would one a day be ok do you think?
  9. Lol! I'm afraid it has been taken away with the bin men this morning so you'll have to make something up Perhaps it was a valentine's day gift.
  10. Thank you so much - I can relax about it now! I don't know about cutting it open though, it was about all I could stomach to take the photo
  11. I hope so, although perhaps her egg laying days are over. I'm sure I found something relevant even when I was searching the internet about her problems at New Year but I can't remember what search terms I used. I've tried laid, lump, fleshy, odd, weird and egg problems to no avail.
  12. Hallo again Happy to report that Elsie is looking feathery and healthy again: However...she hasn't laid an egg since her trouble at New Year and the other week I found a mini egg (literally the size of a cadbury mini egg) in the droppings tray and took it to be her gearing up to lay again because her feathers were nearly finished growing. There has been nothing since, but I just opened the back door to give them some treats and they both came running over, but Elsie was hopping along hunkered down like she wanted to poo. I told her she wasn't allowed in the conservatory if there was imminent poo-ing and gave them the treats in the back yard. She ate them, then squatted, ejected something and Betty promptly ran off with it! I got it back from Betty and had a look and it was a sort of lump of rubbery stuff - almost like chewing gum, around 2inches in length. Not very pleasant. I took a photo of it, but I've put it under a link because as I say, it's not pretty! Front Back I remember someone posting on here a year or two back with something similar but I've searched and I can't seem to find the post. Does anyone know what it is and if it can be safely ignored? They have Davinova C in their water daily, plus grit. Elsie seems happy enough in herself.
  13. I did wonder a bit about feather plucking but they've always been fine with each other. I watched them together while they were inside for the photos and Betty didn't seem to really be noticing it - whereas if it's raining and they come in they do tend to notice the other one is a bit damp and then they peck the rain off each other's feathers. I'll keep an eye out though just in case Betty makes things any worse. I'm relieved to hear that one of yours looked this bad too! I had a close look while she was in and near the tail there are some quills I think but further up it just looks goosebumpy.
  14. Me again For the last few days poor little Elsie has been leaving a trail of feathers everywhere she goes. I opened the egg port yesterday in windy weather and ended up - quite literally - spitting feathers. Is this an extreme moult brought on by the trauma of her New Year troubles? They both must have had moults before but you couldn't ever really tell apart from a few feathers sticking out here and there and some feathers in the run etc but today she's starting to look oven ready! Is this what a moult looks like? I'm off to get some cat food as I read elsewhere on this forum that it's good for moulting chickens. Personality wise she seems fine and happy, although she can't be too warm - she's chosen a really cold snap to go for the Britney look! I hope she isn't going to need a little chicken jumper
  15. Thanks for the tip! Rather relieved to hear it's orally tbh We always have olive oil in the house so it's good to know that can be used. I still have a little syringe from when the budgie was on antibiotics just before Christmas so I'll be able to give that a good old clean and keep it just in case. That sounds like the easiest way to make sure she gets it into her.