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  1. Thanks so much for all your help. I will look into both the electric fence idea and the FoxWatch. I got my dad to pee in the garden two days ago(!) and haven't seen the fox since... so for the meantime, that seems to have kept him away! But once we do get chickens again, I want the garden to be completely secure.
  2. That sounds like a really good idea. I don't want to go through this ever again! It's been quite a trauma to lose three pets in two weeks so I think we will be getting another dog and some chickens soon, the house just seems very empty. From what I've read, the FoxWatch works by noise? I might order one of those immediately even though I currently have no chickens to protect - I just can't bare to see that fox sitting in my garden!!! And I think the neighbours will start to think I am a bit barmy if I keep going out and shouting at him (which I know won't deter the fox in any way but makes me feel slightly better!!!!!)
  3. Thanks so much for all your advice! We've had chickens for nearly 5 years now and never had a problem with foxes - we had seen them walk along the wall at the end of the garden before but had always been cautious. Sadly we lost our old springer spaniel about two weeks ago - they don't say foxes are cunning for no reason, I guess, because they must have sensed the dog was gone and we've had trouble with them ever since (as a warning to anyone who owns a dog, I really would look out for this if you sadly lose it. Naturally the last thing on our mind when we lost her was how safe our chickens would be). The first attack was in the middle of the day, about one o'clock, when we were all in the house... Queeny had to be put down because her injuries were too bad. Naturally after this, we kept Vivienne very supervised; she didn't even want to venture into the main garden, we have a fenced off area right by our back door which she was in... and he broke through that fencing, again at about 12/1 o'clock and in broad daylight and killed her. Once again there was someone in the house. Ever since the fox has been skulking in the garden and as you can imagine, this makes me very angry because he looks quite fat! It makes me skin crawl and I am so disappointed because we have been so careful with our girls and we feel like we've let them down. After 5 years with no fox activity bar the odd sighting, you let your guard down to the threat I suppose, and our girls had always free ranged before. There is no way we will be getting chickens again until the garden is fox proof - surprisingly, I think the dog provided more of a protection than we could have imagined! Does anybody know how effective the men weeing in the garden is?!?! I got my dad to do that last night so I shall keep an eye out this afternoon to see if the fox reappears. I don't think electric fencing would really be an option in our garden as we have a little cat and I would be worried about her... but the FoxWatch sounds very interesting. We have a very slopey odd shaped garden so not sure how effective that would be... Sorry for such a long post!! I am all agitated over the fox!
  4. I have had a quick browse through the forum and not found any specific topics on this but I apologize if my question has been answered before! I was just wondering what was the most effective way to keep foxes out of the garden? I'm afraid I now have no chickens to protect, since he got them both last week But the sight of him sitting in my garden with his fat belly in the sunshine is not helping my temper; I just want him out! I realise he thinks he's on to a good thing after having my girls for dinner, but if there is anything I can do to keep him away, I will!
  5. Just thought I'd update as a warning to all chicken owners... Queeny had to be sadly put down. Her wounds weren't improving, and she was injured beyond any point of return... I won't get too graphic but she was in a terrible state and was put to sleep. Today, the fox came back and killed Vivienne... He broke through the fence enclosure and was ruthless. I hasten to add while we do let our chickens roam, we always keep a close eye on them and we are never careless, we have never had any problems with foxes before despite our girls being allowed to roam the garden (and as you can imagine, we had a very keen eye on Vivienne this past week and were so protective of her!). I can only presume that the loss of our dog meant the fox felt free to enter the territory, and that this time of year perhaps mean that the foxes are much more active?
  6. Thank you all for your advice.... Just as an update, we have discovered a huge wound on her back that will definitely need some vet attention... she has been such a state, we can't believe we didn't see the wound on her back but when we bathe her, we wrap a towel around her to keep her calmer so we stupidly missed it! The puncture wounds are her side are healing quickly, but the fox obviously got her back and it's just really bad! Fingers crossed... the foxes seem to be very active this time of year.
  7. Thanks very much, we will try that!! Your dog looks lovely, despite the naughty behaviour! We sadly lost our old spaniel last week, hence the fox appearing I think as they can usually smell another animal in the vicinity!
  8. Hello! Just posting because my mum has just told me that Queenie has been got by a fox (I'm away from home at the moment), and I don't know what to advice her? Queenie is injured but still alive... she has a puncture wound the size of a penny. My mum has just left her alone because she is so paniced and stressed out. She's completely gone off food.... does anyone have any experience of a similar thing happening? Is there anything she can do?
  9. Thank you, these are all really useful points - I'm starting to write the feature up today. Been interviwing lots of people up at my local allotment too about how being frugal is fashionable!!! Got very rosey cheeks from the cold
  10. Thanks so much guys, you're helping me out loads
  11. A few hens?! I think someone's telling porkie pies..... I don't blame you, if only we had more garden space, I think we'd be up to our elbows in hens!
  12. I have a Thomas Sabo charm bracelet - I'm afraid to say I have about 16 charms on it, which were quite expensive, but it's great because people always know what to get for you for Christmas or for your birthday - just another charm!! I have to say I love it - all my jewllery is white, so the sterling silver matches everything, and because you can take charms on and off, you can alter it for the seasons - right now, I've got a pumpkin charm on it, and I have an ice skate for christmas! It's a really nice weight too, and I always get compliments for it!
  13. These are all very valid points!! And of course, the Eglu itself isn't cheap! But speaking as someone whose had hers for about 5 years now, you almost forget the cost of setting it up. And compared to the price of looking after the dog or the cat, the chickens seem much cheaper! Plus, they need a lot less care in comparison, and lay beautiful eggs. I think in general people are embracing the good life a lot more, credit crunch or not. Waiting lists for allotments have apparently gone biserk! I think it's good though, people taking pride in knowing where their foods come from! Thanks for all the votes for the poll guys, keep them rolling in!!
  14. Ahh thank you Yes I know the majority of people got their chickens when they had their eglu. I just thought it'd be interesting to see whose owned chickens previously... because, certainly for my family, we wouldn't have had chickens if it hadn't been for the eglu, because it makes keeping chickens so easy!! And it makes it very easy to grab a piece of the 'good life'!!
  15. Hello all you lovely chickeny people :] I haven't been on here for AGES again. I used to be on here all the time, but what with A levels 2 years ago and University now.... Talking of University, that's what this poll is about :] I'm currently studying Fashion Journalism at London College of Fashion and am planning to write an article on chicken keeping and being thrifty due to the whole economic situation... So the more people who answer this quick poll, the better! Just so I can get some statistics stuck into it :] Thanks so much everybody, I hope you're all well. Our girls are still getting on every well - Vivienne has finally stopped bullying Queeny and they're the best of friends. Recently, I've got a little rescue kitten. Well, I say kitten, she's 7 months now but won't be growing much more - she's absolutely tiny, and was so mistreated she will be the eternal kitten and stay small!! I took her out to meet the chickens the other day and she was terrified!! I'm sure they'll get along soon!!

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