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  1. I remember the last snows of spring, it was about a young boy wirh leukaemia,very sad . it also had the song 'feelings' in it I think. Films were very chirpy back then were'nt they?
  2. I was so glad when Chris Evans to the slot from 7 am, she used to drive me mad until 7.30! Now I wake up to Moira reading the news and then Chris being a whole lot more uplifting than Sarah.
  3. He always does bat out of hell, paradise by the dashboard light ,and two out of three aint bad. This man knows what people want! You can find the set lists online
  4. He is playing Wembley arena, cardiff, manchester , birmingham , Newcastle and a few others I think. Ticketmaster should have details.
  5. Any Meatloaf fans out there.? I know he is considered to be a bit un cool but I cant wait to see him for the 4th time in December, he puts on a great show
  6. My daughter had the exact same thing in egypt a couple of years ago, I felt so guilty, it was about a week after we got back it went all red and blistery, I had no idea this could happen or I never would have done it obviously. It took a few weeks to completely dissappear, and I was terrified that she would have a butterfly scar on her arm for life, but she is fine now, no effects at all since it went. I really felt stupid when I got back home and everyone else had heard of the potential problems of these things! So many kids had them whilst we were out there that it didnt cross my mind that it would be a problem. I think we trusted the place as well because it was in our 5 star hotel complex and didnt expect Thomsons to have any thing dodgy in a place that they sell or at least a warning would have been appreciated! Never again though!
  7. This is an interesting thread. We have reared chickens from chicks which were hatched i my daughters school. When we took them on I promised my long suffering OH thet we would eat the boys (which turned out yo be 5 of them!). They are about 20 weeks old now and have all got really big. I reckon it is time I have done a despatch and dress course which was very useful, however I had no desire at all to eat a chicken which I had recently gutted, I just could not get the process out of my head. I like the idea of skinning rather that plucking and gutting. Does anybody know if you should hang the birds for a day or is it not so important when using the skinning method?
  8. Thanks Griffin, they are now all together and seem fine with it
  9. Three weeks ago I put some fertile eggs under a relentless broody. This was fine until about a week ago,when another broody decided to squash in next to her. Yesterday two chicks hatched under broody one, so we moved her and her chicks and an unhatched egg to a safe area separate from the others, where she successfully hatched chick number three. However now the second broody has hatched a chick ( as I couldnt bring myself to take all of the eggs from her). Obviously I now need to separate her from the flock but wondered if I could put her and baby in with broody one and chicks? They seemed very content nesting together whilst broody they seemed to take it in turns to sit on the eggs All advice would be appreciated.
  10. I have a bursitis on my hip , well underneath my hip (ishcleal i think) I had a lot of osteopathy but actually found that ultrasound was really effective. Now it comes and goes but is never as bad as it was back then, it never bothers me at night now but occasionally when I am on my feet more than usual, If it gets bad I go to the osteo for stretching and ultrasound and it helps a lot! Hope yours gets better soon x
  11. I had 5 eggs out of 13 hens today! 3broodies though not impressed
  12. Ooh my Grandparents lived in Hanslope!! (slightly off thread there!!)
  13. Whittlebury hall is good if you are after a spa day, I feel the need to stand up for Central Milton Keynes though It has every shop imaginable, a great theatre district now. There is a summer festival going on in campbell park, you can wakeboard or walk at willen lake, you can go ski ing on real snow in xscape and they have indooor sky diving and rock wall climbing there too, and if that wasnt enough they now sell chickens at frosts garden centre in wavendon on the outskirts of MK! Woburn is a lovely quaint antiquey village in spite of the safari park etc. Hope you enjoy whatever you choose to do!
  14. We had an extremely aggressive cockerel who made visiting our chickens impossible, I had so many holes in my arms and legs we just had to get rid of him, he also was really horible to our hens. We now have a batch of chicks with five boys, which is why I felt I had to go on a despatch and dress course which I did last weekend. It was very informative and I now know how to do things if I have to, however I do hope these guys are more docile

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