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  1. I would just like to thank ANH for starting this topic! She posted the originally on the 6th of April and 10 days later I started it. Now nearly 9 months later I have lost an amazing 102.6lb/46.54kg/7 stone 4.6lb! I hadn't heard of this before it was posted here so I cannot thank you enough! smiley-love004.gif

  2. Y9 seems quite old for tag,

    I thought that too. At school they play tag up to the end of primary Y6 but at the rugby clubs they start contact earlier.





    I wonder if it's something to do with the risk and suing the school if something happens :roll: Tried to persuade son to try out for local rugby club but he's not interested, my brother has played since he was 8 (nearly 30 years) and has had several broken bones, his nose will never be straight again and he's loved every minute! Son is not remotely sporty though.

  3. We ordered the ladybird larvae and hopefully they will help but of course we also found ladybirds on the tree last night - never mind there are enough aphids to go around! :roll:

  4. This is a bit of an odd request - does anyone know where we can purchase live ladybirds? :? We have a dwarf cherry tree that is seriously overrun with aphids! I don't want to use pesticides (right next to chicken run) and looking it up seems the best natural thing is ladybirds. We had loads a few years ago but none this year. Any help gratefully received! :D

  5. Another weigh in and I've lost 1 and a half stone in total :shock: (in nearly 6 weeks) Some of that is from the 'time of the month' as I can fluctuate by up to 4lb but I'm so pleased! Still a way to go but so long as it's in the right direction I don't care how long it takes :D

  6. Cinnamon, I have a lot of weight to lose and have tried so many diets over the years :roll: and never stuck at them! This I find really easy, if I want some chocolate I can and if it's a fast day I'll have it the day after. I also use something called My Fitness Pal on the computer (and phone) it's free and helps me track the calories on my non fast days as well. Lot's of people manage without it but I'm an over eater and it helps keep me on track! :oops::wink:

  7. Morning all :D I agree with the flexibility of this, it's why I really like it and I don't feel deprived at all. Another fast day here, weighed this morning and lost another lb so that's 15lb in 4 weeks :dance: still a long way to go but as the weight creeps on over the years I know it's going to take some time to come back off.

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