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  1. I am so sorry (((hugs)))
  2. Congratulation on the egg You have to put !go yellow! with no space
  3. They must have another name - a silver nick might be what the breeders called them. What do they look like now?
  4. Not here, the slankets aren't out yet either they'll come out before the heating goes on!
  5. Onyx has today taken a very keen interest in Amber's and Quartz's feet. She has persistently packed at their feet, not viciously and she hasn't drawn blood. It just seems to make them jump. They don't have anything on their feet that's different/unusual. Has anyone come across this before?
  6. Lovely girls although I may be a little biased as I have those 2 breeds as well!
  7. Yes, it was 6' by 3' so a decent space, we've bought some plastic pipe to use as perches. That's DH's job tomorrow Roof on today! The girls have moved in
  8. I want pics as well as names what did you buy?

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