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  1. My fast day today as well, looks like I'm in good company
  2. Weigh in this morning and have lost a stone in total! Still a long way to go...
  3. Another fast day here, hope everyone is enjoying the benefits
  4. Had my second weigh in - another 5lb off still a ridiculously long way to go but I'm really pleased and it's so easy! I'm going to try the cauliflower rice next week, will buy one tonight and experiment over the weekend.
  5. Well done ANH I'm doing another fast today (6th one!) as we're eating out on Friday, I will fast as normal on Friday but not stick to 500 cal on the night! Love the flexibility of this way of eating!
  6. Well done to all so far I lost 6 lb this morning - still a hell of a long way to go but am finding this so easy. Much easier than any other diet I've ever tried and there's been plenty! I also go all day and eat in the evening. I must admit The Hairy Dieters cookery book has been ideal for this.
  7. I have just done my third fast and have found it surprisingly easy have my weigh in on Friday and hopefully it will be good news Well done to you all!
  8. It was my first fast day today (not weighed or measured anything yet - the scales would cry and I don't think the tape measure is long enough ) I took a cup of soup to work in case I couldn't go all day but found I didn't need it. Have drunk 4 cups of tea at work (with less milk that normal) and used my calories for dinner. We had chicken breast, noodles, courgettes, peppers and mushrooms with a splash of soy sauce over the top. The plate was piled high but it was only 500 cal, I couldn't eat it all Will see how I manage on Friday (second fast day!)
  9. Hope you got on ok Seagazer, I have joined the forum and submitted a post - you'll know it's me as I'm Chickvic everywhere! Really hope this works as I need to lose some weight and every-time I lose it I put it back on, I need to change the way I eat permanently!
  10. Gorgeous Joe and a fab family pic, one to keep! Enjoy every minute, they grow so quick!
  11. I have more than 10,000 posts mine racked up playing the word association game! I don't pop on as much now but like to come back and have a read!
  12. Congratulations enjoy every minute!
  13. I had to let my nose piercing close up, got an infection will be getting it re-done some time this year
  14. Congrats, the tragus was really easy too. I had to look up helix (couldn't remember what it was ) to find I had that one done twenty years ago
  15. I have a 'family' one, useful for writing down dates/times for individuals. I need plenty of space to write things down!
  16. Tins of Roses/Quality Street etc. More fairy lights! (working our way up to Blackpool illuminations!) Chocolate coins Christmas cards (usually in January!) Excessive amounts of alcohol
  17. 1st December although sometimes the last day of November, I like them up when we start opening our advent calendars

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