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  1. We are looking at replacing our car and need a 'part-time' seven seater. My dad had a stroke a few years ago and hasn't driven since so we want to be able to go out with my parents again (there are 4 of us). We had been looking at Zafiras but have recently come across the Citroens, any good/bad points we should consider. Thanks
  2. Thought of bamboo? We have that and we did up the stairs in it as well, not as noisy as people think
  3. Brilliant you must be very proud
  4. I think that you will always get good and bad whatever profession we talk about I had a great HV with my daughter - really supportive not at all patronising. I took her to be weighed regularly and she always asked if there was anything else and if I said no then she left me to it, when I had my son and had him weighed she actually told the other HV, "It's her second, she knows what she's doing!" which was lovely. My SIL had one who said they would have to keep an eye on her daughter because she was 'too long'. What on earth were they going to do? Lop her feet off? and that was her third child!
  5. My iron has finally given up the ghost, it is years old and has been dropped more than once I just don't know where to start - irons have a changed a lot since I last bought one Not sure we want a huge steam generating iron as I don't iron that much stuff although I won't dismiss it either if it is the best choice Any help/advice/recommendations gratefully received!
  6. Teenagers are a breed apart aren't they? My DD (14) has been really good over the weekend. Their dad was at work and I've been ill so she has helped out loads and even cooked a proper Sunday roast yesterday with some supervision. Son (12 and very hormonal!) made me a cup of tea to start the day and when I asked him for another, he looked straight at me and said "I've already made you one!" He's only just 12 as well DD is usually miserable/moping/grunts in my direction cos I'm either the evillest mother ever or I'm great cos she can do what she wants...I don't remember being like this!
  7. We got rid of our bath about 6 years ago and don't regret it one bit we have a double sized shower cubicle instead. We never used the bath either, the last bath I had was nearly 15 years ago when I was pregnant with DD and it was at a little hotel where they had a deep bath. I've never enjoyed a bath - being 5'10" makes it difficult to find one where I can fit comfortably, there's always too much sticking out! If you've never used it then I would get rid - what is the point of buying a new one if it's never used?
  8. I sense a theme here...but I'm another Bravissimo fan went in a 44DD came out a 38HH - amazing how good it feels to have a bra that fits properly! I haven't bought bras from anywhere else for years, although when I go I spend £100 + on them but I don't go that often
  9. I misread that as you can have a chicken
  10. That is will see if my work can do something similar!
  11. I am a FB addict I only joined as my daughter wanted to and I wanted to see what it was like. I play games on there as well and have friends, work colleagues and people who just play games as 'friends'. I have friends in France and Netherlands, family in Austria - I love it.

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