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  1. Sounds wonderful, make sure you take lots of pics so we can pester you for photos when you get back
  2. My 1 cat likes cotton buds - not bothered if they've been used scatters them all round the house and leaps at them from every angle
  3. Don't feel guilty! If it's out of stock that's fine, but to have it in stock for £33 very naughty!
  4. I have sent an email asking why it was out of stock at £5.99 but in stock at £33 - will wait with baited breath for my reply!
  5. I noticed that, am tempted to order one and then offer to pay £5.99 for it!
  6. I've just ordered my daughter one as she managed to lose her last one
  7. What about 'there', 'their' or 'they're'? I can feel my blood pressure rising at the thought of it! 'Your' and 'you're' is another one. Facebook drives me nuts when people abbreviate things - how is 'ov' any quicker to 'of'?
  8. I was diagnosed with acid reflux and IBS. The Dr's blood test came back negative but I was so run down all the time. In the end I paid for an intolerance test and it was the best thing I ever did! I am intolerant to cows milk and yeast and mildly intolerant to peas/lentil/haricot (no more than 1-2 times a week) I was fairly sceptical but desperate as well, I would take anti biotics more than I wouldn't over winter with chest infections etc. I have asthma as well. I had this done in Sep 2010 ant I have never felt so well, I think I've had to have anti biotics 3 times in 15 months. I have more energy and look better - not so pale. My IBS symptoms have disappeared, they only come back if I've over indulged with bread or dairy. Easy enough to avoid, I have goats milk and eat a lot of wraps
  9. Well done Cathy! I had my weigh in today Will let you know how I do next week!
  10. I have done wii dance for the last 3 days and am using the wii active as well. My legs are certainly feeling the effect of all those lunges!

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