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  1. That's fantastic! My girls arrived on Wednesday (about 8.30am) and I haven't done anything since! I just love watching them!
  2. I've visited Notcutts today and they still have no supplies for chickens. They are still selling the chickens and have them in the same runs altho' I did get talking to one lady and recommended Omlet to her!! I also went to Melbicks and they were just building a run for their chickens! It looked similar in size to the one at Notcutts. I saw 2 fluffy white chickens in with a cockerel. At Melbicks they were selling chicken pellets and grit and oyster shell. Both places had books about chickens. We did search at Notcutts to find anyhting else to do with chickens, feed, grit etc. but there was nothing!
  3. I was wondering does anyone have their chickens insured? I have three cats which are insured and wondered if it was worth getting the girls insured?
  4. Just out of interest, will it do them any harm to eat longer pieces? My girls have been cropping the grass and are eating long bits and lots of it! I would hate for them to be ill.
  5. I'm sure that I've read somewhere on this forum about dust baths, I've bought a cat litter tray, (in blue - it HAS to match the eglu! ) and when I asked at the pet shop I was told to use chinchilla sand. (I have ordered some diatomaceous earth from omlet and will add this to the sand.) I have put this in the run but haven't seen the girls use it yet. Is this ok? I feel like such an idiot asking loads of questions all the time! Thanks!!
  6. I thought the bell was a great idea until my husband pointed out that the cats have bells on their collars! I don't think they'd appreciate being mobbed by the chickens!! They have just gone to bed having finally figured out what the eglu is for hopefully they'll remember tomorrow! Thanks for all the replies and yes I have spent the day chicken watching!!
  7. When I had my eglu and lovely chooks this morning, the guy suggested putting wood shavings in the droppings tray so it cleans out easier. I'm all for the easy life me! I fetched some compressed shavings but they seem to be quite interested in eating it. Is this ok or should I remove the shavings quick?
  8. I laughed so much my hubby was wondering what on earth was going on!
  9. My daughter is now 10 but when I was pregnant with her all I craved was mince pies with a chunk of cucumber on top! They had to be eaten together. Her birthday is in October so it was a real hassle trying to find mince pies in the summer months. She likes cucumber but won't touch mince pies!!
  10. My lovely girls turned up bright and early this morning and have already scared one cat! Pearl was crouching when I went back into the garden! I know they can't have treats until the afternoon but can I give them some today? I bought a bag of mixed corn from a pet shop is this ok? I'm sure I will think of something else later!! Lots of things later!
  11. My chickens turn up tomorrow and all they've got to look forward to is rain! It's been lovely for the last 3 days!
  12. I actually phoned our council and said that I was having chickens and what should I do about the risk of bird flu? I mentioned that we were having three chickens and to be perfectly honest they weren't bothered. The only thing they mentioned was the noise if the neighbours complained!
  13. Starting off with three, just don't have the room for more .Have only seen gingernut rangers and I thought they were big, I'm having one Miss Pepperpot and two Gingernut Rangers! Everybody I know wants the eggs!
  14. Just out of interest does any body give their chickens toys? I work during the day and they will only be allowed in the run until I get home. I intend to let them free range when I'm there but I don't want them to be bored! Any suggestions?

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