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  1. chicken (now we know which came first... sorry )
  2. We'll be watching, it's the only 'reality TV' I will watch, love the trials!
  3. Kirby - oldest in the class, quite a refined cat. Excellent mouser and very cleverly leaves them outside for me to admire. Has a broken purr and is much happier now the children are older. No running, jumping, scratching or biting from this gentleman. Samus - middle student with mild learning difficulties. You are not allowed in my bed, you are not allowed on the washing when I am trying to iron it, you are not allowed to stay in over night. You never catch anything and I wouldn't be surprised to see moss growing on your fur as you have no physical inclination whatsoever. Link - baby of the class, affectionately known as Stinky and occasionally not so affectionately! Tends to pick fights with Samus and likes to lie in wait for him to chase him out of the garden, admittedly this is probably the only physical exercise that Samus gets. Can be affectionate one minute and Link the Ripper the next. Best handled with gauntlets and please stop trying to bring dead things in the house. I have to admit when you killed the magpie that was bigger than you it was kind of impressive - right up until you bought it into the house! Overall a lovely class, but some challenging students depending on their mood wouldn't be without any of them
  4. It's the word association game that's to blame!
  5. No, pretty sure she's not moulting I think it's a habit as well, so I'll try the petroleum jelly idea but if not it'll be a saddle!
  6. Quartz our lovely Skyline, is pulling her own feathers out at the base of her tail and up her back. She had (before we got her) managed to get in with a flock of chickens that pulled a few feathers out so she was a bit fluffy round the base of her tail. She had let the feathers grow back to about an inch and then pulled them all again The other girls do occasionally have a peck but they don't pull the feathers out and blood has not been drawn. We've tried purple spray (she looks like she's got purple lipstick on ) and anti-peck spray. We re-did the anti-peck yesterday and this morning she is preening as much as ever! We're looking at poultry saddle to cover the area and stop her doing this but do they come down far enough? Does anyone have a pic of their chicken/s wearing a saddle so I can see how far down it goes? Thanks in advance
  7. Thought I'd update! We're picking 4 girls up on the 20th November, breeder was seeing what she'd got over the weekend, so we're having 2 Russian blue agoutis, 1 black variegated and 1 Russian blue variegated. We have to wait until the 2 youngest are 6 weeks old. Daughter is climbing the walls with frustration!
  8. We should collect our new furries (rats!) on 20th November
  9. Hemmy and Crystal will be shut up tight, but Amber, Onyx and Quartz like to roost in the WIR. Think we will wait until they're asleep then put them in the eglu for the night/s the fireworks are going off!
  10. Fantastic - very tense, had moist eyes at the end!
  11. Thank goodness every one was ok, hope you or the cats aren't too traumatised and you can enjoy your new home.
  12. Aww - cute! I'm no expert but it doesn't look like she'll be too much bother
  13. I have to be honest - I said we didn't mind as long as we can tell them apart Will post some pics as soon as poss!
  14. One of my original girls (Pearl) always laid what were affectionately called torpedo eggs!
  15. Breeder has emailed us back - we can have some rats over the weekend

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