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  1. Ever asked them to cook instead? Not being rude (honest!) but sometimes when they are really fussy/faddy it might be the best idea. My kids are 14 and 11 and they both went through a phase of "I'm not eating that..." so every week we write a menu for Mon-Fri and we all have a say in what is cooked. It also saves money as we know exactly what we're buying
  2. Wow - they look good enough to eat sorry!
  3. That's what we did, waited for the right time to expand our flock. They are such lovely characters as well
  4. Daughter made a gorgeous batch of brownies yesterday and DH has made lots of cookies - scrumptious! This is why I can never post in the Healthy Eating Chat!
  5. Thank goodness for that - we have 3 cats! Never thought that would be a problem as such. The cats will be kept out of the room the rats are in, don't want any unnecessary stress!
  6. Great game today, really enjoyed it. Looking forward to the final.
  7. I'm not allowed to choose any names, daughter is having 2 rats and son is having 1 (all living together obviously!) Think they are waiting to see what they look like before picking names
  8. Congrats! I get 4 or 5 a day and I only have 5 chickens anyway!
  9. I'd just leave it outside, if it had chooks in it would be outside anyway!
  10. We all signed up on the NHS register a fair few years ago, I registered my children at the same time. They can have anything they like when I'm gone cos I won't be needing it!
  11. Thanks for that LCL, where would you recommend buying them from?
  12. This is rat palace daughter is beside herself as it's all ready but no residents! She wants them now, don't know where she gets her impatience from
  13. Not sure where from yet, my cousin (who had the rat palace) got hers from a local garden centre and she recommended them, she said they also give them the once over after a week to make sure they're still healthy which sounds good to me. We're going to look tonight after school!
  14. Well we have a rat palace! I have a feeling we will def have rats at the weekend
  15. Not me unfortunately, we decided against it cos they didn't have it in blue at the time One word of advice though - we bought proper Slankets and they are great but my in-laws bought a cheap version and they aren't anywhere near as good. Full of static and not very big at all
  16. DD is after some rats, trying to look on the internet and there is some conflicting advice as to whether male or females make the best pets. I'm sure there must be an Omleteer with some experience and advice I can trust! We are looking at a cage on Thursday so she is feeling rather impatient! Any help/info would be gratefully received
  17. We all love ours can't beat the slanket pile up when all 4 of us are using them on the sofa
  18. I have no other suggestions Claire but am sending you (((hugs))) hope you get some answers/help soon!
  19. 14yo daughter, 11yo son! Can I join?
  20. Wales last of the home nations in! Hope they beat the French

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