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  1. What amazed me about the athlete, was the fact that he wasn't last
  2. Sorry about your mom and she was obviously well loved by many. Beautiful picture (((hugs)))
  3. All 3 newbies are now laying, Amber lays a lovely which then looks later! Quartz, despite the luminous green earlobes has laid a today and Onyx obviously not wanting to be left out laid a Very clever ladies!
  4. My daughter had hers last year, she's now in Year 9 and thankfully boys are still an alien species but I think any protection for the future is worth it. I wouldn't have hesitated to have it myself but at 37 don't think I'll be offered the vaccination
  5. I was just going to recommend Ollie's Chirpy Chickens as well Great little place, just had my 3 new girls from there. Lovely birds, very impressed with them - all of my girls are gorgeous and very cheeky

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