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  1. How about making the bars from wooden dowel pushed down hosepipe cut to length. Hose pipe is fairly soft, but not soft enough for the hens feet to cut, it's plastic so it should clean easily, and the bars would have a core of wood so they should be strong enough. Just a thought, but like the majority I think I prefer the wooden bars
  2. I actually made myself a couple of spare rooster bar sets out of wood and am quite happy with them, but when I read about people wanting plastic ones I thought if would be quite quick and easy to make them with plastic roosting bars and wooden side bars but it seems mixing plastic with wood is a bit of a no no, never mind it seemed like a good idea at the time.
  3. Would plastic roosting bars with wooden side bars be any good?
  4. Wicks have a cheap pressure washer here http://www.wickes.co.uk/invt/186896 We have 2 washers the 'big' one and a little one like the one in Wicks, we find the little one much easier to use as it doesn't weigh too much.
  5. Thanks. If the timid one is in no real imediate danger then, I'll try the water thing ( squrity bottle will have to do ) sort of revenge by proxy G
  6. One of my ex-bats is being bullied by the others ( one in particular is being very vindictive ) it's only been going on for the last couple of days but it's got to the point where the bullied hen stays in the Eglu. Do I need to interfere or do you think they will sort it out in time?
  7. Another one today !!! I getting really excited now yesterday I was at £300 + per egg today thats down to around £150. At the hens are looking better and better.
  8. Would you believe it we had our first egg this afternoon !!! So maybe I didn't buy broken chickens after all
  9. Shall I keep feeding them the same stuff and keep up the treats or should I change something ? I should have mentioned they also have a small feeder filled with grit and oyster shell if they want it.
  10. Mainly Layers Pellets with a handfull of mixed corn scttered abount in the run to amuse them, and the odd bit of green uncooked veg from the kitchen. I've not let them out and about yet ( I'm not the shape to go rugby tackling hens ). they are feeding out of my hand now, when we first got them they were a little timid
  11. I am new to all this, I have an Eglu with 4 Ex-Bats they seem happy enough, making contented noises, they eat huge amounts of food, about 150 grammes per day each, and they are looking a lot less tatty than they were. If they don't lay it's not the end of the world a they are quite funny to watch, and you do get a warm feeling that you've saved them from a much worse fate, but it would be nice to see the odd egg now and again and I was wondering how long it should be before I can expect to see any egg action
  12. I think you'll find they were car sickers they are available on Ebay as an example see http://search.ebay.co.uk/_W0QQsassZmywifesanogre
  13. The hens were collected from the battery only 3 weeks ago. they still have pale combs and quite a lot of feathers missing or damaged although there are signs of new feathers comming through. Stewart, from Barling Paoultry, is obviously "chicken mad" in the nicest possible way he is a complete gent and was only too keen to be helpful, it was a pleasure to meet him. We bought four of his hens, he checked them over for us and showed us what to look for and where to look to make sure your hens are in good health ( and as I'm a raw beginer this was just the help I needed ). Stewart went on to give us a wealth of tips and advice finally offering help in the future should we get stuck or be worried about anything. All in all I would recommend Barling Poultry. So we are all setup Four hens and an Eglu, can't wait for the first egg !
  14. Just out of interest I'm picking up an Eglu from Billericay on saturday morning.
  15. I am wondering how old the hens are, I have no idea how you tell

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