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  1. Thanks ANH, I was worried but your reply has got rid of my worry, thanks again. kronkie
  2. 1 of my girls has what I can only descride as dandruff.In the nesting bgox where she roosts at night it looks like cigerette ash on the floor, has anybody got any ideas what bit could be?
  3. Probally not for about 6 months so From your reply I shall be doing that first opertunity today,thanks for the advice and a reminder to me that I need to worm them.
  4. I also found it dificult to work out how to know which girl had the right amount of Flubenvet so I now coat some sweetcorn with the recomended amount and as the girls love this its gone as soon as it lands and they all, it seems, get as much as each other, bingo, sorted.
  5. Bettie has been laying a very small egg with a watery and very pale yolk for at least a month now and before that nothing at all for a month. She is 2 years and eats well and looks fine to me. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi, One of my girls is laying soft shell eggs and I am trying to get some oyster shell into them. Since I have had them ( about 18 months) I have fed them layer pellets but putting the shell in with that is no good as it settles to the bottom of the feeder and they dont eat it so I have come to the conclusion that mixing the shell with the mash is going to do the trick.My problem is does the mash have to be mixed with anything? The shop I got the mash from said that it does not need anything (ie, milk,water, etc)to be mixedwith it but the name itself,"mash", leads me to believe that it does. Any suggestions will be of help. Regards kronkie.
  7. Thanks for the info, I shall now be restricting thier intake to a more resonable level, the problem is how can I tell them its reasonable
  8. Hi all, Just a quick qestion, my girls will do anything for sweet corn. I give them a very small handful when let out every morning and the same to get them back in the run before beaks under wing time. Now fresh corn is freely available and cheap I am giving them a cob during the day.A friend tells me that its not good for them but they dont show any ill effects, still laying every day, eating their pellets, etc. Any advice would be greatly accepted. Kronkie
  9. Yes Barbara it has a cover but I was concerned if the rain got into it what would happen, as I said I am new and I think if 1 of the girls looked at me funny I will be panicing for the next few weeks. Just thinking about letting them free range gives me goose bumps!
  10. Yes I do have an Eglu and thanks for the advice about them getting mouldy. Being as new as I am to keeping chickens I shall have more concerns in the future but that has got the first problem sorted. Thanks
  11. Hi My girls arrived on wednesday and its started raining on them which they dont seem worried about but I dont know what to do about their layer pellets which must be getting damp. Will the pellets be ok or will I have to replace them whenever it gets wet outside? Kronkie
  12. Hi everybody I have ordered my eglu a couple of days ago and for the first time in 5 years seen a fox in my back garden last night, I could not believe it, please tell me that the girls will be safe in the eglu. Another thing that interests me is are the girls homing?I do intend to let them free range during the times I am about but do they have a homing instinct? as I am sure there are holes in my fence that I do not know about with the dreaded fox showing his face last night. cheers kronkie

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