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  1. We don't own a microwave, most people including our children think we're weird!
  2. What a clever lot you are and where do you find the time?! I'm doing my Level 3 in Supporting Teaching and Learning - the new name for a Teaching Assistant's qualification.
  3. They are called rules and procedures for a reason........you were right to report if you had concerns, too many people keep quiet and that is how the issues become bigger or unresolved. I think you should definitely follow up on the forwarding on of the email, definitely not the correct procedure. Hope everything was ok for you thid morning.
  4. I agree, however my point is it doesn't have to be no boundaries or the use of smacking. Boundaries can be set very firmly and effectively without the use of it and whilst the scenarios you set out can be true, it can be dangerous, especially how young people are portrayed in the media, to believe that all young people behave like this, and as the mother of a very soon to be 18 and 20 yr old sons and the experience of their groups of friends, know there are lots of responsible young people out there.......and we achieved all this without smacking, so more impetus needs to be on effective parenting generally, not necessarily smacking.
  5. We use the marriages pellets with flubenvet and find it much more convenient - have found delivery from SPR very efficient.
  6. Having well behaved children and smacking isnt mutually exclusive which seems to be the opinion of many.
  7. I do this quite often, especially with chicken and gammon - the meat is lovely a moist and so easy to do; just put it in (I season the chicken with salt and pepper), switch on and leave for 6 hours.
  8. I'm going to have to Sky+ it because DD(10) loves to watch it, but it's a bit late for a school night - there's not many programmes we get to watch together, so will be fun!
  9. Thanks for all your suggestions and I have looked at them all; we decided to go for an apartment as they are much larger than a hotel room and are better value. I looked at the link Lesley gave; however they were booked for our dates.
  10. Thanks for all the tips - but especially for the apartment idea, I much prefer that idea and have been looking on Owners Direct and some of them are a much better deal than a hotel, though we are slightly restricted as some want a minimum stay of 3 nights, but seem far better suited for our requirements.
  11. Thanks for the suggestions, will take a look. DH took ES for passing his GCSEs to watch Barcelona play football - but I haven't been before, so we decided to have a little trip with DD there.
  12. We, (DH, me & DD, 10) are going to Barcelona for 2 nights in April and I'm looking for any recommendations for hotels. I do like a modern and clean hotel and hopefully near Ramblas, so any ideas would be fab.
  13. We spend the evening with whoever is in of the older 2 and our youngest (DD 10), if the weather is ok we will be in the Hot tub at midnight and watch the fireworks. Regarding resolutions, not so much a resolution, but after having lost some weight this year, I would like to now get into doing more exercise, so am going to try (and it will be a huge effort) to do some running - so will be starting the Couch to 5k programme tomorrow.
  14. After OH gave them their intended presents of peckablocks a few weeks ago we hung up corn on the cobs and sprout stalks and they loved them.
  15. No blues here either, have had a fab Christmas and having come back from a couple of days at in Laws and seeing DH's nephew and neice behaviour (not good!) can really appreciate how all the hard work bringing up our children to have manners and respect was completely worth it - I was so proud of mine!
  16. Didn't watch it Christmas Day, but have caught up now and thoroughly enjoyed it.
  17. Good luck with the complaint - I think some people forget that your age bracket probably have a lot more diposable income than others and that you are their potential future regular customers.....very short sighted of them!
  18. I tried this last night - the grouting is sparkling white this morning . Ya Ya!
  19. I saw some in Sainsburys during the week.
  20. I was working in Reception class at school this afternoon, after having long hair extensions put in yesterday - I got 4 pictures drawn of me looking like Rapunzel......made me smile
  21. We've taken 2 before, we just explained that after getting their strength back they were to be integrated with our other girls and our BHWT co ordinator was fine.

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