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  1. I'm not sure what else you can do apart from make her as comfortable as possible until you can get her to a vet. I couldn't tell that Maisy had a distended abdomen, but the vet could. I separated Maisy from my other 3 girls, so that she had her own food and water and didn't get pecked at (other hens seem to know that one is sick and start pecking).
  2. Can you get her to a vet? It sound just like what my Maisy had yesterday as she was very unstable on her feet - and that was due to fluid built up in her abdomen. Has she been eating OK? Has she got a messy bottom?
  3. Unfortunately when I took Maisy to vets last night, they confirmed that it was either peritinitis or advanced cancer. vet could feel a distended abdomen and explained that it was probably a build up of fluid that was affecting her balance. vet put Maisy on the floor to see how well she could walk, and she was just falling over. we both agreed that considering her age, and she had had nearly 3 years of freedom with me, that it was best not to let her suffer, so I agreed to let her go. I also think having to wash and dry her bottom every day would have only added to her stress. Now I'm curious though - is 4-5 years a good age for an ex-batt? Do they generally last longer?
  4. No swelling. I've just checked on her and she seems a lot perkier and has eaten some of her food. But her poo is green and waterery. She doesn't appear to have any swelling. I have an appointment with vet at 5:30 with a chicken knowledgeable vet - so hopefully will find out what is wrong with her.
  5. Oh - she is definitely poorly - and feels light compared to the other 3 hens I have. She is sitting with eyes half closed very unstable. Unfortunately i have to go to work or I would take her straight to vets now. But I will ring them as soon as I can to book an appointment. She must be about 5 years old - as I've had her nearly 3 years since her rescue.
  6. I think I'll take her to vet tonight/tomorrow morning if they can get me in. I just put her in a rabbit cage with fresh straw bedding, and her own bowl of water and food, and she was falling over, and didn't even touch her food
  7. I guess I could try fluvenvet first and see how she gets on over the next week. I have a new pot of it in the cupboard so could start it now.
  8. Hi. One of my x-batts, Maisey , appears to be poorly. She seems to huddle up in a corner most of the time, and only half-heartedly pecks and the layers mash I put out. She showed a little more interest with the cabbage I hung up in the run, but not as much movement as usual. Also, for a few days now, she has had a very mucky bottom. I've given her bottom a good wash with baby shampoo, and rinsed well with plenty of fresh water and towel dried but it gets messy again very quickly. I'm going to get her booked into vets as soon as possible after work, but any thoughts would be appreciated. (ps. she hasn't laid an egg for about a year - so could it just be old age?)
  9. I know it has been a long time since this egg drought started, and I gave up on my hens ever laying again, but i was pleasantly shocked to find two eggs in the coop on Tuesday, and one Wednesday , and one yesterday! After nearly a year of no eggs from 4 chickens, one has started up again
  10. So sorry to hear about your poor bunny - I hope it recovers. I had a similar experience many years ago when a fox got a guinea pig through the wire mesh of a walk in run - so now I have a walk in run with two layers of weld mesh an inch apart. I don't like to keep my rabbits locked up at night - but I think it would be safer for you if they were confined to the eglu when you aren't around - or brought indoors. Unfortunately you can't even leave them in run during the day if you aren't watching as foxes are now around during the daytime too.
  11. What sex is the new baby? It is inadvisable to combine males - especially if un-neutered. It sounds from your post as if your baby is male - I would definitely keep them separate.
  12. Nearly 3 months of confinement to large walk in run, with no treats except hanging cabbage, treated with calcium supplement t, then poultry spice and flubenvet, and still only one egg every other day from Bonza I think, and the occasional extra egg from ex batt Sinead. Now I have lost Bonza, so looks like I'm down to one egg a week I really don't know what is going on with the girls!
  13. So sorry she didn't make it. I've just came back from the vet as my Bonza was showing exactly same signs -not eating or drinking and comb was very pale and a very large squishy crop. The vet said there was nothing they could do for her and put her to sleep, but I did wonder whether I should have tried to nurse her for a while. It is so sad when they go.
  14. Hope all went well. I guess you have probably had him done by now.
  15. All you can do is approach the rescue centre and ask them about fostering/adopting. If they do a home check, they will let you know what they think. Have you been to the place where you were planning to get the rabbit from? Maybe talking to the person in charge of the rabbit section may give you an idea on their views about eglus for rabbits and what their minimum requirements are.

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