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  1. don't worry about fireworks and chickens.. they go into a coma I think when they go to bed... our house is between 2 others who both had bangers and rockets last year and we have chuck tv installed so we watched them on tv to see if they got stressed... not a flinch all night not even when a 24 gun salute style firework went off they just snoozed.... they were a bit put out next day when a dead rocket had landed in the middle of the garden over night covering over a potential feast of grass...
  2. Now then me fellow henolleagues... if we'd haff known you were bein militant we'd haff joineded in weeks ago Our hoomans haff put up some shiny metal stuff wiv small headholes all over it across our mansion grounds... and sprinkled lots of delishous seedy fings on it, skirty hooman says its out of bownds wherever that is? trousery hooman is trying to appease us by lobbing sunflower seeds at us ova the top of the shiny metal stuff wiv small headholes all over it! It's outrayjus The trousery hooman has been into our house and put a tv in our bedroom but there is no picture on it just a stoopid red light flashing on the top... not even the sniff of a remote control to change channels! only problem is we cant turn the fing off when we go to sleep, and it is still showing the same programme the next day So, me and the girls decided to investigate it we haff found if we sit close enuff to it on the far edge off the seat they gave us we can just about fire our biggest poops at it although Henrietta is a terrible shot she pooped straight on the tv screen and the hooman trousery one came wiv a spray and a cloth... henrietta scooted she thought she was gonna be polished! We reckon if we ambush the skirty hooman next time she opens the wooden swingy fing (we cant do it ourselves) its too high up... we can get onto the new green stuff that seems to haff grown over the last 2 weeks...2 WEEKS WE HAFF BEEN DISTROUGHTED FOR ... we haff shown our disaproofal by yelling up at the bedrrom windows at stupid o clock in the morning,and our hoomans haff had to get up and frow stuff at us to shut us up.. but we dont let on that we like spinach and scrambled roundy things we give them for free!! I fawt I should tell you all about the four legged furball that trespassed in our mansion grounds yesterday whilst we were sunbathing... it climbed ova the tall wooden planks in stealth mode and dropped like a brick on to the green carpet... but we spotted it and launched a full attck at high speed and full cluck/wing flappin down the carpet towards the furball and it shrieked and coughed and spluttered and legged it back over the planks before we could reach it... that'll teach it to come into our speshul zone anyways gotta get lost off the button pressy thingy that does this as skirty hooman is comin back.. will get back to you all asap ta ta for now Myrtle Fyrtle as the hoomans call me
  3. I think a nice basket full of straw and a nice ribbon on the handle would look spledid with lots of different cours of eggs in... see mine I have in my kitchen
  4. we have a walk in run too with a corrugated roof and we have coverd half of the run roof with thise raffia type sheets that people use a decorative fencing so half the run is in the shad all day anyways.. and we have attached heavy duty wire mesh (unbendable to say the least) and screwed it to the inside of the coop door with a hinge or two and put a big bolt on so we can leave the main door open but have the wire grate closed so air gets through it definately helps!!
  5. sorry to hear about your broody girl we had a problem with that and Like you we put her somewhere similar to your underneath space but clever hubby bought a couple of wild bird feeders and filled them with pellets and water and hung them on nails attached to the wooden frame and to ensure she could keep cool undercarraige wise bought a broom/mop handle and pushed it right through the meshing so she could roost at night on it and the cool night air could get to her.... and she had her own food and drink, and laid straw in one corner for her to sit on but put the straw on a raised piece of weldmesh with a perspex top on with hloes punched into ti to let the sir through..a couple of days later she was fine... it sounds hard work but it helps ...good luck with mrs broody drawers!
  6. So sorry to hear of your loss.... it has indeed been scorching, our were getting quite warm, and we put our big patio paraso(taking the bottom half of to shorten it) and put it into its weighted base along with a cat litter tray full of water just on the outer edge of the brolly... our hens sit under the parasol when it gets hot, and yesterday were demanding sun glasses!! hope the rest of your girls are ok its difficult to know what to do and how far to go to help them keep cool, we have also taken left our coop door open and have screwed a metal frame on the inside of the door with a bolt on so they get some nice cool air through the house during the night and as it is the heavy concrete style grilling there is no chance of predators...very good luck and take care
  7. glad he found it funny...NOT there is enough animal cruelty going on in the world... we cant prevent, without someone with knowledge and ownership taking the micky of his own animals, he is sad and sick and does not deserve to keep chickens... I think his parents should be informed, sorry but joke or not this is inexcusable... not only is it in total disregard for the chickens but teaches all the other pupils that they can be used for funny tricks and not shown any respect... take heed young man someone may just lock you in a prison for fun one day and not care whether you come to any harm or not!!
  8. so sorry Tom about this aful hapening, hope Milly is ok what a shock for you! keep us updated please... hope all turns out ok
  9. oh dear so sorry you are going through that chickens are relentless brutes when they start! one of our girls is a lovely natured little sweetheart who does nothing wrong and no harm to anyone but will not peck back and our frosty r.i.p. was a brute with her dragging her around by her throat chasing her away from all the food and water...we ended up segregating the bully for a weekadmittedly she was in a crate in the run...also we bought ukadex spray...it's foul smelling and the bully soon stopped behaving so badly she still had a go every time my sweet little girl walked past... but after a week in segregation she was a lot calmer in fact i think the pecking order changed and she gets the odd peck from the others now.. the brutalised girl is most important at the moment, make sure she gets plenty of opportunity to eat and most importantly drink...we used to take our sweet girl into the utiity room and give her some porridge and leave her to eat it... at least we knew then she had eaten and drank... hope some more answers come your way very soon!!
  10. thankyou all for your kind thoughts.... it is quite hard accepting she is gone at such a young age... but we did not want to prolong her pain , we'll come to terms with it...that'll teach me for ignoring hubby and naming them!! he said it would be hard to part with them once they have been named...
  11. our hens are just over a year old now and we noticed Frosty had a red bottom...it turns out after rushing her to the vets it was a prolapse... the vet stitched it back in and we left it 3 days.. unfortunately after the stitches were removed, 3 days later it happened again... we had isolated her totally to prevent risk if injury/bullying from the other 5 girls... however when we took her back to the vets yesterday, he said "it looks like the others have been brutalising her"...we told him we had isolated her.. he said he could do the procedure again but there was no guarantee she'd not get it again, so we made the choice to send her to henny heaven, so she would not have to suffer any longer. R.I.P. my little Frosty
  12. MY Piggies are all kept indoors we have 6 2 x 2yr olds and 4 x 4mths old babies lol for a minute i imagined 62 piggies all 2 years of age!!!!! and some with 4x4 wheels....ha ha ha
  13. my husband built our coop... he drew up the plans and everything, apparently it's large enough to fit a small car in....lol we only have 6 girls, it has a pull out poo tray at the bottom and removable roosting bars and 4 nesting boxes.. it has a light a heater and it's own water supply.. but it is fixed in place (obviously), we love it and so do the girls, it was'nt cheap to build but it'll last long beyond our girls
  14. yes that's right, my hubby works in Wythenshaw, how cool !!
  15. if you are anywhere near chelford, chelford farm supplies are very good... we live in Macclesfield and we have an excellent store at the end of our road..lol also if you are near wilmslow peacocks farm in Handforth can get pretty much anything you require... like the others said depends where you are located...

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