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  1. Happily watching my girls out in the garden this afternoon when a buzzard swooped over my head and took out one of my welsummers. She only managed to escape as the angle it was flying at took it straight into the electric fence and it got tangled up for a while. Took me all afternoon to find the 12 chickens and I now have one very shaken chicken. The dilemma I have is that I only ride a motorbike and the nearest vets is 20 miles away. I have checked her over and she obviously has some talon wounds but none seem really deep. I've covered everything I can see with antiseptic wound powder and after an hours nurse have put her in the cat box in the study as she is very bald and shook up. Do you think that the wounds are likely to heal ok as I really dont think ill be able to get her to the vets and the last time I called them out it coste me £100.
  2. I could do with some extra neighbours as well. I'm on the "omleteers addicted to farmville page" if anyones interested.
  3. I work for a pharmeceutical company making snake anti-venom.
  4. Had mine a fortnight ago and I didn't even get a sore arm this year. I'd rather have the jab than have flu. I work for a pharmeceutical company and although we don't make the flu vaccine we make others. There isn't the need for them to go through full clinical trials (which take years) as it is not a new product with unknown results. Viruses constantly mutate so the vaccines need to be tweeked abit, if there was any risk there is no way the MHRA would allow it to be released.
  5. It may have been a Cuckoo. We still have a young one around our garden which is very late (hasn't reached its full grey plumage yet). They are quite distinct, though they do look a bit like a sparrowhawk if you can't see their beak clearly.
  6. I got some strong stuff on order straight away but had to make do with what I had lying around till it arrived. Only seen an odd one or two since I cleand them out though. Just waiting for the rain to stop so I can get to work with the permethrin. Fat chance of that though as its rained everyday since the last week in June. I'm seriously starting to regret moving to Wales
  7. Where do Red mites come from and how do you end up with them? I've had my chickens for two and a half years now and have not had even a sight of them. I poo pick daily and have a good look around and dust my girls frequently. I give everything a good clean and wash down fortnightly covering everything with Diatom and Red Mite powder paying special attention to all the gaps, edges of roosting bars etc. Today when I went to clean them out I noticed a small dark patch moving in the Aubiose, when I poked around in it I saw they were Red Mites. They were also under the roosting bars and under the tray on the bottom of the cube. Working my way around the garden I also found them in my two eglus and my two wooden houses, all are in seperate parts of the garden. Everythings been dismantled and the offending mites squashed and disenfected and a huge amount of diatom and red mite powder is now covering everything, the girls will be dusted later tonight, but I know they will be back. How can all my housing get hit in such a short space of time when there was no sign a fortnight ago? I'm so annoyed.
  8. We use these when we go away. http://housesittersltd.co.uk/ Unfortunately most house sitters are quite pricey but its piece of mind for us. We tend to use the same couple Clive and Suzy, they are really nice and the cats liked them instantly which surprised us as they normally disappear when a stranger is in the house. It's nice not having to worry about anything when you're away and the house is spotless when we come home. They are around all the time as they are only allowed to leave for a 3 hour period during the day and not at night time. Most tend to bring crafty things to do to keep themselves occupied. They weren't put off by my long list of chicken instructions either
  9. We use these kylies for my gran, they are really good and you just chuck them in the washing machine. http://www.kyliekanga.co.uk/bedding_menu.html
  10. I don't know why they do it. I have a gold Sebright that is out on the perch doing it every morning and several times throughout the day. I just ignore her and she eventually stops.
  11. I'm sure they will get the hang of it soon enough, unless you have chickens as stupid as mine. They never managed to grasp it so in the end I just bodged it, which you can always do as well if they start to struggle (see below). Don't forget to post some pictures.
  12. So sorry to hear of your loss, I had a buzzard try to take my dorking last year and she is 10lb fortunately it didn't get a good grip of her and she managed to wriggle free. I now put fruit netting over the top of my electric fence. It doesn't look very nice but it seems to have worked so far (fingers crossed).
  13. No it is not my Silver Dorking it is an Ixworth. It is very strange they are outside in the garden all day and they also have greens in their WIR.
  14. We had laced wyandotte bantams hatched yesterday, they are very pretty birds.
  15. All my chickens eat exactly the same things and the colour of their yolks is very similar with the exception of one and her yolk is always very pale, hardly any yellow colour at all, worse than anything you would ever by in a supermarket. Does it mean anything, could she have an underlying illness I'm not aware of or does this happen sometimes?

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