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  1. You're right, Shelia, I have been really remiss, and not around for simply ages!....Nice to see nothing's changed, though! The introductions continue, and there is a fair amount of what OH has christened 'flappage' as we all get to know each other, but there's been no blood spilt, so I'm just letting it run it's course..... Managed to add purple cube and new names to signature, so I'm back in business..... Names, by the way, are in honour of my housemate's and my favourite Nurse Tutors from back when we were baby students in the '80's.... I'm sure they'd be delighted if they knew
  2. Hi, I've been doing introductions of two new Gingernuts to my existing pair over the weekend - There has been a fair bit of squawking and chasing round, but it always seems to settle by evening, and there's been no blood spilt, just a feather or two..... One thing I have done is put my old feeder and drinker at the top of the Cube ladder (no mean feat - had to actually get inside the run), so if the newbies are forced to seek sanctuary in the Cube then they can poke their heads out to eat and drink if I'm not around to supervise..... Andy.
  3. Well, took delivery of the new Eglu cube, plus the Ginger Twins today.........Poor Omlet chap had to erect the new Cube in a torrential thunderstorm, but we got there in the end. So, then we had to introduce the Current Incumbents to the New Arrivals...... I had read topics on this, and was rather dreading it, but it wasn't too bad - a bit of pecking and some feathers flew, and then the Newbies beat a retreat into the Cube for a bit of solace....... Ended up chucking them out of the Cube and making them socialise - In the end, they seem to have reached a pecking order of sorts, and the Current Incumbents only seem to go and peck the Newbies when they remember to..........As I type, they're all snuggled up together... Tomorrow is another day, and I haven't dismantled the old Eglu yet, in case anyone has to go into Chicken Borstal for a while...... Oh, and I need to change my signature....... .....which, on checking, I seem to have done! Ah, the wonders of technology!
  4. I've also thought about this, as I can't get daily disposable contacts either......I've got a bad astigmatism (eye shaped like a rugby ball instead of a football).. However, what stops me is the fact that in a few years I am going to see the start of age - related changes to my eyesight (comes to us all after 40......), and will end up needing glasses for reading anyway.... I will then constantly mislay said reading glasses, if my parents' performances are anything to go by (spectacles usually found lurking on top of head) Am just going to sit it out and wait for the inevitable bifocals instead
  5. Now, I've heard a rumour from several sources that whichever star struck little popsie wins this contest, she is still only going to get to do a couple of shows a week (prob. a Weds evening, and a matinee somewhere...), and can be dropped at any time.... And where do they get off making the loser participate in a rousing chorus of 'So Long, Farewell' with all the other ones who have gone through to the next round????.....Pure Schadenfreude TV!! Frankly, I think this is all a ploy for his Lordship to find the next Sarah Brightman (ie: Mrs. Lloyd Webber number er...3 is it??)...or maybe I'm just getting cynical in my dotage....
  6. I managed to get a cheaper quote by going online as a 'new customer', and getting a quote that beat the renewal one that my insurers had sent me......Then phoned them up and told them about my little scam - they were a bit nonplussed, but had to go with the cheaper online quote.... As for Norwich Union - well, they refused point blank to insure my home contents because I have a joint mortgage with another person of the same gender to whom I am not married - apparently that makes me a 'higher risk' than they are happy with... Does this mean they think I have loads of disposable income, and therfore a house full of valuable antiques, or that I am constantly having wild parties and spilling claret over the Axminster?.......Not entirely sure, but didn't hang around to ask........
  7. Can I echo Kate A's comments..... I work at the sharp end of the NHS, as the Senior Nurse on duty for a large teaching hospital at night. Yes, things go wrong.......Most hospitals are like large machines, and it is impossible to get it right every time...... Yes, there are some instances of bad practice. Yes, the 4 hour breach target is unattainable, and causes things to get neglected and missed because there are people watching the target and hassling the clinical staff. But on the other hand, after nursing for 18 years, I am still heartened by the good work I see being done on the wards and in the departments, by staff who have a real motivation for what they do, and try their hardest against all odds......There's no money, we're all being asked to do more with less resources, but on the whole, we try! I have seen standards of care that are inexcusable, but on the other hand, I also see a lot of good work going on by staff who still maintain a passion for what they are trying to achieve, against all odds!! My advice to anybody unhappy with their lot vis a vis inpatient care is to escalate the issue (ie: ask to speak to someone more senior) - eventually you will get to speak to someone sensible, and fairly experienced - Don't take no for an answer - there are people like me in most hospitals these days, and I tend to find that most problems can be sorted out provided they are dealt with by someone with the experience and authority to get things done! (this is probably my first post made without tongue firmly in cheek.....)
  8. That'll be me then........ Ok........
  9. Agreed, but do I have to wave a flag, paint my face red, white and blue and sing Jerusalem? I'm quite happy to live here and have no complaints about the old place, but I just lack the patriotism gene .......
  10. Aww, Martin, just ignore them - the same used to happen to me at school, made worse by the fact I hated football as well!
  11. I'm not naturally given to violence, but I have an almost irresistible urge to go and snap the flags off cars I see parked round here........
  12. what makes me laugh is so many of these cars festooned with flags and other symbols of National Patriotism are made by Citroen, Peugeot, Volkswagen and so on...... Rule Britannia??
  13. Eurovision?.....why of course!!......I have a box of wine and a straw, and will be seeing if I can match Terry Wogan drink for drink........ Am going to party with overexcited friends who will have downloaded scorecards etc...........
  14. One of the hospitals I work at performs Gender Reassignment Surgery.... I once dealt with an irate telephone complainant who spent a good 10 minutes berating me about the state of the hospital, the NHS in general etc etc - a real rant, and all delivered in a rich, fruity baritone..... I tried to placate said caller, but just made things worse as I kept saying 'sir' as I was speaking.... Which prompted a second complaint, in writing this time (and mainly about incompetent senior nurses...), as the patient had indeed been gender reassigned some months previously........
  15. There was a mention in today's Guardian about a website called Subservient Chicken.... I googled it, and for those who have never seen it (apparently it's two years old - passed me by completely!!), here it is: www.subservientchicken.com There is also a long list of what it will and won't do at: http://dev.magicosm.net/cgi-bin/public/corvidaewiki/bin/view/Game/SubservientChickenRequestList (Child Warning - this second link is a tad risque in places) I leave you to draw your own conclusions...........

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