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  1. Hi, I'm hoping someone might be able to help us. My daughter's in the process of writing her personal statement and wants to do a one-year art foundation course, then go on possibly to do a Textiles or Fashion Design degree. You can now apply for a place at only one of the five colleges that come under the Universitiy of the Arts London - Central St Martins, London College of Fashion, London College of Media (or something similar), Camberwell and Wimbledon - and to make things worse, Camberwell and Wimbledon are combining to make just one course, as of 2011. In theory there's clearing but there's so much competition for places I can't imagine there'll be many left. Ravensbourne is moving to Greenwich from Kent, but is more graphics orientated. DD has always had her heart set on Central St Martins. Obviously it's got a good reputation and there's stiff competition. She's doing well in her A Levels (Maths, Art, and Textiles), so you never know, and she really wants to give it a go. Does anyone have any experience of applying there, or to any of the other UAL colleges, and could offer any advice or comments? Thank you! Cyber Chook
  2. Iggy Pop and Jimi are my favourites too. I also like Nick Cave and the Bad Eggs Babyscrambles is obviously the best tho' Caroline x
  3. Does anyone else listen to Lauren Laverne in the mornings (on the best radio station in the world, BBC 6Music)? Anyway, she's running an Indie Egg Gallery at the moment, where people are decorating eggs in indie-band stylie. Thought you might like to have a look. Mine's on there, number 27, Pete Docherty from Babyscrambles. Am I allowed to add a link? If so, here it is: http://www.bbc.co.uk/6music/shows/lauren_laverne/galleries/5798/27/#gallery5798 Caroline
  4. Thank you Chunkin, yes, I'd like to keep them again one day. Having seen such a dramatic improvement in my remaining girls, and having tried for several months to find out what was wrong, I do believe that in our case the metal bin was the problem, but not necessarily for everyone. I wouldn't like to give out advice as such, not being an experienced chook keeper, it was more of a thought to raise really. My metal bin was also in the shade. Buying a big 20kg sack of pellets didn't help, I now think, because by the time we got down to the bottom of it they'd started going off.
  5. I only bought a small bag instead of the usual big ?20kg sack, so it didn't hang around so long, and kept it in the shed which was quite dry.
  6. Yes, ANH, I used to put the paper sack into the metal bin. I began to notice that they weren't eating as much as they used to, and when I changed the pellets for fresh ones they took a few days before they seemed to trust them, but then tucked in and as I said, quickly improved. Cx
  7. I thought I'd just come and say goodbye for the time being - I've given up chicken keeping for the time being, but one day I'll be back I thought this might be interesting and hopefully useful to pass on. Some of you might remember I had awful problems with my young chickens who all stopped laying at around a year old. I tried absolutely everything but nothing worked. Then they began to get ill. One died and I had two put to sleep. They lost weight despite worming, vitamin supplements and TLC galore. My local pet shop owner then told me something which, with hindsight, I believe was the cause of the problem. He said that keeping the chicken pellets in a metal dustbin often makes the pellets go off - the bin warms and cools, condensation forms inside the bin, and the pellets start to go mouldy. The pellets can then become toxic to the birds and cause digestive issues and even death. I chucked out all my old food and started afresh with new pellets. The two remaining birds did indeed put on weight and looked much happier quite quickly. Anyway, I hope this might help others who find they have similar problems. It might be worth a try. All the best Caroline
  8. Mr Cyber Chook and I stayed in a hotel last weekend, and found a leaflet in our room promoting this event: VALENTINE'S BALL Saturday 13th February 2010 Only £16.95 per person to include: Lover's Punch on Arrival I wonder if they had many bookings? Cyber Chook
  9. It's a fab Swiss-made hand blender. Lots of people on here raved about theirs, and I've just bought a second-hand one from ebay, but it didn't come with instructions - Angels4 sent me a link and I've got instructions now, but not too sure how and what people use their Bamix's for
  10. Okay, now I've got the instructions for my Bamix, and I have some questions! I'm wondering whether the Bamix recipe book is worth tracking down Also, how do you use your Bamix? I can now see what all the bits do, but how do you yourselves use them? If you want to chop veg, does it do carrots etc, and do you cut them up a bit first, and what container do you put them in before Bamixing them? I whipped up some milk and made some lovely cream with it - amazing! Can you make something like an iced coffee (?frappucino?) with it Caroline
  11. I'm not 100% sure, Sandy, but I think it might even have been you who raved about your Bamix De Luxe here a while back and now look what you made me do Caroline
  12. I don't 'know' you on the forum as I've been away from it for a while, Jue, but my heartfelt sympathies go out to you and your family. I'm so very sorry; I can't imagine what you are going through. I wish you strength. Caroline x
  13. Success already!! I love this forum Mark's (Angels4) link took me straight to the instructions. Now i can (hopefully) demonstrate how brilliant the Bamix is and avoid Mr Cyber Chook's traditional sigh, rolling of the eyes and the "Do we really need yet another gizmo?". Thank you everyone for your help Caroline
  14. I read ages ago on the forum here about how good Bamix hand blenders are, and I've just treated myself to one via an ebay auction. The problem is, it didn't come with any instructions. I looked online and couldn't find any. Does anyone know where I could get some? I think most models probably come with pretty much the same instructions. Thank you and hoping.... Cyber Chook
  15. No need for the testing, I can tell you now. ANH, that yes, they go bonkers for a softie! I've never found even the tiniest piece of broken proper hard eggshell though. I just asked at my vet's how much it might be to have Hattie and her wheezing checked out. With the consultation and possibly Baytril, it might be around £50 Thanks for the link.

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