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  1. I'd heard that about closing off the nesting box but in their current coop my 3 ex-batts all sleep in there... they don't seem to know what roosting bars are for Do you think it would be cruel to stop them doing this when they move to the cube? It is a very messy habit!
  2. Thanks everyone I think I'll just get 2 so the total group is 5... They only free range evenings & weekends so are in the run when we're not around I'm planning to get a columbine (really miss our old blue egg layer!) & another hybrid this weekend. We are going to Sunnyside poultry in Burton on Trent to see what they've got Very excited about becoming a cube owner
  3. Hi, Not posted in ages, but I'm looking for some advice please Our old walk-in run needs replacing & we have just bought a cube, including the standard run (2m) and 2 x 1m extensions... think the total run space will be about 4.8 sqm? We have 3, quite elderly ex batts & would like to add some new hens to the group... would another 3 be too many in that size space? Or would just 2 be better? They will be average sized hybrids. Not too worried about introductions (touch wood!) as our current run has an introductions section built in, then they will all go into new cube together Just unsure about flock size Any advice appreciated
  4. we are thinking of going to a place called chickens-for-sale (.com) they have 12 types of hybrid there. not heard any reports so far, so think we will go and have a look quite fancy another blue egg layer and maybe what they call a coucou which is the speckly maran based hybrid.. decisions, decisions
  5. haven't posted for ages, but we have had our hens 3 years now. we are going to add to our little flock, so we decided on new accomodation for the girls we laid a patio base at the bottom of the garden and my clever husband constucted a new run the second door on the far right is a small seperate area, initially for introducing the new hens.. then the rabbits will be moving in
  6. thanks for the replies so far.. we have a garage, shed and a greenhouse so some 'indoor' accomodation is a possibility.. will have a look at costs for heat lamps, is there anything you advise me to avoid? will also enquire at breeder near us about slightly older birds, thanks again!
  7. have been thinking about adding to our little flock.. ideally would like two more hens but..... just looked on merrydale's website and saw they have merrydale ranger chicks available they are SO cute, and now i am thinking how lovely it would be to see some new girlies grow up from chicks.. obviously i realise we would need to keep them seperate until they are fully grown (i will need to talk other half into building some temporary accomodation) and that we won't be getting eggs from them for a while! what are your thoughts? is there anything i really need to know that i haven't considered? they were born march 3rd according to website info.. thanks in advance for any advice/opions
  8. i bought one of those 'bunny warmers' that you heat for 6 minutes in the microwave, then it gives of 10 hours of slow release heat.. bunnies would not have a bar of it and took to avoiding the sleeping compartment of the hutch.. they are SO ungrateful! now their hutch is in the greenhouse, and they have free run of the greenhouse in the day but are in the hutch overnight.. it's still cold enough in there for their water to freeze overnight but they seem perfectly happy.
  9. we have three big girls in with two bantams and they are the best of friends.. the two bantams do 'pair off' a little bit - like at the moment, they are both broody AGAIN so they are sat side by side in the nest box whilst the others scratch about together no fighting though, if anything the bantams seem to be higher up the pecking order. we had them first, and slowly introduced the other three. i have friends who have had problems with a big/little mixture.. but having said that i know people who have problems with a flock of all the same size so maybe it is just down to luck? hope it goes well whatever you decide, choosing chickens is SO exciting
  10. so handsome!! i have two partridge pekin girls who i am sure would think hes quite a catch
  11. glad they are quieting down, fingers crossed you have cracked it we have 3 hybrids and two pekins.. one of our pekins has recently developed a very shouty attitude, and to be honest when i was home all day the other week it did drive me mad so i definately wouldn't guarantee them a a 'quieter' breed! our neighbours love the chickens though, and some of them are quite noisy themselves so i am hoping we don't get any complaints
  12. awww, i WANT one (or maybe more ) bet you can't stop looking at them, they're SO cute
  13. just because i know (if you're anything like me!!) you enjoy chickeny pics.. all 5 girls 'weeding' the vegetable patch ready for spring planting daisy is SUCH a poser.. and a selection of lovely eggs.. have even had a few FIVE egg days we have had the girls just over a year now, and we have been the cause of several friends becoming addicted due to 'hen envy'
  14. we have a broody pekin at the minute, in the past no amount of 'tricks' have snapped her out of it so at the moment we are letting her get on with it! i did throw her out today for a free range with the others whilst we cleaned the run out, but she was less than impressed i am quite keen on the idea of sticking some eggs under one of the pekins next time they go broodie, but hubby & daughter (both die hard veggies!) would probably leave home at the thought of me dispatching any boys we hatched for a sunday dinner

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