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  1. I was told I only have average amount of vit D which did surprise me as I am outside quite a bit. My ES has only recently been diagnosed with MS (after a very long, fraught year) and was told by his MS nurse to take vitamin D tablets with his evening meal as it can help a lot. She said that she has a pot on her dining table and they all have one at dinner time. I think it's worth doing as even if you try to eat healthily it may not be enough.
  2. Thanks - it was awful. He felt nothing when it happened but was in intense pain the next day. I took him to A & E and he collapsed. I thought he'd got a brain haemorrhage, I thought he was going to die as did he. Sounds over the top now but it was so scary! He keeps saying he can't believe he's in so much pain over something so silly. Anyway enough about that. I'm going to restart the diet on Monday. I've been snacking on fruit instead of cheeses d crisps. I'm also trying not to drink wine during the week. I have a goal to lose a few pounds by. I've just got to stick to it now.
  3. We've had a break (again) as OH has managed to get severe whiplash by falling up the front steps into the house - it's a struggle to get him to eat because the painkillers are making him queasy but he has to eat because of the painkillers! I really need to start exercising though too - I feel very lazy.
  4. Well done Chickvic - an amazing achievement! I agree with ANH you have worked so hard on this diet, your exercise regime makes me feel exhausted reading it! I have returned to the diet (again) and lost just under 3lb this week which is fab. I now need to get on and start some exercising on top of the dog walking.
  5. Very. very pleased that Abbey won. Absolutely loved her waltz, it was so smooth and very tender. Such a shame that Sophie didn't have a chance to do her Charlston again, it would have been great to see how they could have improved it. I finally felt that Natalie connected with Artem in their last 2 dances, what a shame it didn't happen before (for me).
  6. Yes that is how I feel about Natalie - I should have goosebumps when she dances but I don't. But I did really, really enjoy Artem and Aliona's dance during Celine's song. Beautiful, emotional and it gave me goosebumps.
  7. I can't stand that type of showdance either whereas OH enjoyed it. Surely to be a showdance there should be some dancing in it. This is more akin to a circus act in my opinion. I think Tom and Camilla's showdance has been one of the best of the whole Strictly time. Hopefully Brendan won't subject Sophie to the this type of showdance like he did with Lisa Snowden. I'm going to be really annoyed if Susanna wins - I can see it happening. Its a shame that Patrick went out but I do feel that he had slightly given up during the last couple of weeks.
  8. Isn't it funny - I didn't enjoy Sophie's paso at all. I felt as if her arms kept getting in the way of her dancing. Susanna danced better in her foxtrot but she still irritates me. She's also everywhere you look at the moment, newspapers, magazines and television! Patrick had a bit of an indifferent night but I did enjoy his waltz although that was probably due to liking the song. Natalie danced well but again there is no feeling or connection between her and Artem. I should have had goosebumps from their AT but I didn't. I really enjoyed Abbey's dancing last night but she drives me crazy with her fidgeting! I did vote for her last night. For me she has had a 'journey' and I think she has a great relationship with Alizaj (no idea how to spell his name)! She does some wonderful lines. I really missed Claudia in the tesspit last night and I really think Bruce should think about this being his last year.
  9. I'm so disappointed that Susanna was not in the dance off - her AT was just embarrassing. I couldn't even remember anything about Natalie's dance - apart from loving her dress. I love Artem but he really should choreograph the dance properly if it's supposed to be in hold for a certain amount of time. Really enjoyed Ashley, Patrick and in particular Abbey. Such a beautiful VW. Shame that Ashley went, it should have been Susanna.
  10. Really enjoyed the shows this weekend, such an improvement on last weekend. Loved Abbey's dance and I thought it was lovely to see a 'proper' Viennese waltz from Sophie. I agree with sadietoo about Natalie - there has been no 'journey' with her and even though I know she has danced well I just get no emotion from watching her dance. It was definitely time for Mark to go, I think he and Iveta had a lovely relationship.
  11. Out of all the dances tonight Sophie's was my favourite but OH didn't like it at all. I thought Brendan was going to have a melt down. I forgot to mention in my earlier post that we also felt that the music tonight just didn't suit a lot of the dances - I'm thinking particularly of Natalie and Abbey. I think the music didn't go with the dance and just didn't feel as if it connected with the dance at all. I hope next week is better, I think this has been the worst week for me. Normally we rewind and watch a couple of the dances again but this week's offering got deleted straight away.
  12. We were distinctly underwhelmed by all the dances tonight - did Blackpool suck all the life out of them? We were very worried about Brucie - I thought he was going to collapse or something. Tess looked a bit worried. Hopefully better dances next week.
  13. I thought their masterclass was brilliant, might even give it a go myself, and I loved it when they were free styling. We were in fits of laughter.

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