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  1. I've loved some of the ballroom dresses, I have to say I'm not so keen on the ladies wearing trousers for ballroom, I think you have to be very good with your technique as it shows all the mistakes up.
  2. Absolutely loved Sophie's foxtrot - she really acted and looked as if she came from that era. Also enjoyed Abby's tango and Mark's cha cha cha was an absolute hoot! I just had a smile on my face all the way through it. Not sure what happened to poor Deborah, she just didn't look comfortable from the start, I'm not sure that the footwear would have helped or the fact that she had the tighter skirt on underneath. Such a shame. Hopefully she will be back on form next week. I really didn't like Fiona's rhumba, for an actress she didn't seem to act the fact that its supposed to be a love dance. It seemed too fast for me too. I also thought that Susannah was a little bit too frantic. I didn't like her makeup or costume (or Rachel's either - it was hideous).
  3. Well done ANH - makes it all worthwhile! We've fallen off the wagon over the last week and half as we've both been ill with tummy bugs and colds. Will get back to it though as it was working. Good news about the tummy bug though - lost a couple of pounds.
  4. I'm on another forum - strictly (no pun intended) for SCD and there are lots of moans and groans about Natalie's prior experience - even mentioning her 'pro facial expressions'. I think that it must be hard for actors/actresses who have come through stage school not to have any dance experience at all. One of my favourites is Deborah, you can really tell how much she is enjoying the experience - her smile ever leaves her face.
  5. Loved the show last night. Its strange because I know that Natalie's rhumba was danced better but I much preferred Ben's rhumba. I think it is very hard for a male celeb to dance but he really did well and it was quite touching.
  6. Didn't think that last night's dances were as good as Fridays but I really enjoyed Patrick and Abby. Julian is just sooooo annoying. Is he on something do you think? Can you imagine if he was like that all the time. I don't think I could stand to be around him. I hope Vanessa is not like some of the past dancers who thought they were better than they actually were. She seemed most put out to receive some negative comments but her dancing was pretty wooden. I thought poor Deborah seemed like Robin was dragging her around the dance floor which is a shame as on the last bit of the training clip she looked pretty good.
  7. Me too! He was totally in character.
  8. So many fantastic first dances last night - I think we're going to be in for a great Strictly season Roll on tonight!
  9. My YS was friends at primary with a boy with Aspergers and they rubbed along quite well. We got used to him always questioning us if we said things like 'see you later' - he would need to know when later. This boy appears to be coping fairly well now at senior school, has joined a band as a drummer and has quite a few friends now as well as my son. His mum has said that her place of work have already said he can have a job with them when he leaves school. My nephew also has Aspergers, he did have a fair bit of trouble at school unfortunately doing things he shouldn't have, he was a bit of a teenage tearaway and exasperated everyone a fair bit. He had problems realizing what was socially acceptable behaviour a lot of the time. How much of this is to do with Aspergers, his character or a combination and not realizing who not to become friends with, we don't know. I have to say though that he left school and got a job almost straight away. He's still in his job, has already saved and been on holiday and is now learning to drive. He's turned into a really nice young man.
  10. Well done ANH to you and your boys, I don't think I could even run for a bus
  11. Oh how sad for everyone, always horrible when a child dies. Sending (((hugs)))
  12. Well done Chickvic - very impressive! I'm still going, not finding it too hard although I really must start exercising. I'm walking a lot more but I really need to do some work on my wobbly bits
  13. Well my 2 days went well this week. I found that not eating until about 1.30 ish was better than eating breakfast and then nothing until dinner time. I had a slim-a-soup which was very nice and a boiled egg which filled me up until dinner. The trouble is today I went and visited a friend and she almost force fed me a scone and clotted cream I had lost just over a 1lb this week so hopefully I can be a bit sensible this weekend (we're away at a tournament BUT it is mine and OH's wedding anniversary so I'm not going to be too sensible).
  14. Driving to Gatwick on Sunday, a stupid driver had taken the exit off the M25 to go to Gatwick but obviously changed their mind and pulled across the exit and tried to rejoin the M25. The trouble was he sort of had to reverse a bit and then was across the lines so was side on to the on-coming cars (hopefully that sort of makes sense)! I wish I'd had my phone out as I would have got his registration. What an idiot, why not just carry on and go to the next exit and back up the other way? Do these people not realise how dangerous it is?
  15. Congratulations to your son on doing the Three Peaks Challenge
  16. YS got his results today - A in physics, to go with his A* in Chemistry and A in Biology so an A in Core Science overall. B in Maths. I'm a happy mama - especially as he was only in Year 10 He's requested Chinese takeaway as a present for doing well so a win all round - no cooking for me
  17. He has a very mellow voice and twinkly eyes
  18. That's true Liz, I do know one from the list! Just seen their photos on-line and its Ash from Casualty
  19. I only recognise one name from the last list (sadly I do watch a fair amount of tv)!
  20. Good luck to your son, a new start and better luck I hope.
  21. Well done, sounds exhausting. I think things like this are good to note - a bit like when we had a shiny white kitchen put in. Terrible idea with children and pets! I'm not the best at cleaning either so I should have known better.
  22. Ok Fast Diet first day take 2! I really hope that it works this time and I don't end up with any stomach problems. So far so good, I thought I'd try not eating any breakfast, then have low cal soup for lunch and vegetarian chilli for dinner. Hubby and I used to enjoy that last time and found it quite filling. I've got to add in my 2 cups of tea with milk though. I just can't drink black tea or fruit tea. I don't feel too hungry although I do have the rumblings (not my tummy ) of a headache brewing. Need to sift through this thread and the 5:2 website for more food ideas.
  23. I used to record ITT and fast forward through his dress bits - he drives me bonkers!
  24. Well done surfer_chicken and to your brother too.
  25. Thanks ANH, I was under a lot of stress at the time and had lots going on and it was 'just' stress affecting my stomach. Hopefully I'll be able to keep on the diet this time. Doing a charity walk in a couple of weeks time too for a local hospice. I definitely need to up my exercising.

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