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  1. After not doing the diet for a few months because of worries that it might be giving me gallstones (which is wasn't ) we, hubby & I, are going back on the diet. I'm now back up to my heaviest weight so really need to do this. I've got a wedding to go to at the beginning of October so if I could lose a couple of pounds at least I'll feel better for that. We went to a wedding at the beginning of August and I remember looking at the photos and thinking yikes I've piled on the pounds. We are also hoping to go on holiday over Christmas so that is my ultimate goal, to be fitter and leaner so I don't hate myself in a swimming costume.
  2. Sorry to hear about your knee Olly, I hope it mends quickly. I damaged my knee (I was on a dodgem and we crashed into a parked dodgem and my knee smacked the steering wheel ) a few years back. Mine wasn't as bad as yours from the sound of it (I didn't get crutches) but it did swell and would give way unexpectedly. I ended up seeing an osteopath after a couple of months as I couldn't do as much ie bending my knee, squatting etc. once I'd thought all the swelling had gone down. Apparently I stll had a lot of fluid around my knee, she did lots of massaging and gave me exercises to do. It may take time but do the rest, ice etc as I didn't at the time and it probably delayed everything.
  3. Such a shame about Vincent and Flavia, we will really miss seeing them perfom. I'm still looking forward to watching the series though.
  4. Fabulous news Chucky Mama Can I add in my proud mummy piece? Today my DD found out that she's passed her last exam to become a fully fledged Chartered Accountant She has now, at the age of 25 and 11 months finally finished with exams - hooray! She's off to Amsterdam on secondment for 6 months on Sunday
  5. Yes I'm glad ES has a trade, he's worked hard for it. He went to 6th form but his heart wasn't in it and he left and got his apprenticeship. He loved the idea of uni but knew it wouldn't be right for him. YS currently wants to be a teacher - it was his geography teacher who got him into canoe polo and you need to have the summer 'off' for tournaments! As always subject to change though dependent on his grades when the time comes.
  6. Very true DM - I've had both sides with my older children and was equally pleased for both of them. At a funeral recently a great uncle made a huge fuss of my DD as she's nearly a chartered accountant (fingers crossed) and he virtually ignored my ES who has been working for the past 5 years, since he was 17 as an air conditioning engineer - apparently not interesting or good enough for him! I'm just pleased they both have jobs!!
  7. This is very true - my neice had varied results but we're still just as proud. Trouble is she thinks she's stupid as its not all A* My YS has taken some exams early, he had good results in the earlier ones but elected to wait until he goes back to school to find out results of maths and physics. No amount of offers to drive him to school to pick them up would change his mind. Oh well! We will find out soon enough.
  8. wow absolutely brilliant especially due to how much pain she suffers. Very proud mum & family moment for you all.
  9. I've used Ancestry in the past, I tend to leave it for a year and then go back and do some more. It is terribly addictive. I've 'met' quite a few distant relatives online through some of the sites. One informed me that our direct ancestor was hanged for being part of the Hawkhurst gang. There are even Old Bailey records about the case. Very embarrassing really and not at all like Poldark I've still not confirmed for sure that he is mine - its an interesting story to tell but I am sort of hoping its not right. Through Ancestry my mum has also met a cousin that she never knew existed - she thought she was the only child from her Dad's side of the family. Fancy meeting a cousin when your in your 70s
  10. Well I can now say that I've seen this from the other side as I got a job recently as a doctor's receptionist - well I kept the job for 2 weeks and then resigned. It was the most miserable job I've ever had. Patients complained daily about not being able to get an appointment even though there were about 4 doctors and a nurse practioner on duty every day and they had an emergency walk in, a duty doctor that would call etc. On my second day a man threatened to burn the place down with us in it. The receptionists were fairly demoralised and grumpy with the patients, the patients were grumpy with the receptionists. I was told that I would get hardened to it but thats not me. I have to say that my doctors and receptionists are lovely and I've never had any problems with them, in fact I had what could have been a serious problem - (I knew I shouldn't have read what the doctor was writing on the referal form ) and I was seen really, realy quickly. Thankfully it wasn't anything dodgy but scared me witless for a while.
  11. Congratulations Liz to your son and to everyone else that has A and AS results out today.
  12. Thanks Redwing, that's interesting and gives me some hope that if Augustas leaves she'll be ok. She is a hybrid, a white sussex.
  13. Hello everyone, haven't been on the forum for a while, lots of non-chickeny things have been happening. But to get back to chickens, sadly I had to have Betty (my Bluebell) put to sleep on Tuesday as she had peritonitis. Apart from feeling really rotten that I didn't realise how ill she was, I am now left with one chicken. I know that I do not want any more chickens, I've loved having them for the last 5 odd years but my life is such now that its just not feasible to have any more (my two adult children have left home and we're away with the youngest at tournaments A LOT)! My DD's friend's mum has a field with chickens in and said she would give Augustas a trial but if she gets bullied she'll have to come back. This lady apparently has Buffs which I know are huge. Augustas is quite a big girl and is really nosey and can be in your face but I'm not sure how she'll cope. I know she misses Betty, I keep letting her out and she goes bonkers every time you go near the back door. She is keeping close to me when I am out in the garden too. I don't know whether to try to keep her as a lone chicken (I don't want her to feel lonely though) or to find somewhere else for her. The vet said it would be better to rehome her and seemed to intimate that she knew places that took them. I didn't ask at the time as I was upset about Betty. Oh what to do?? I should add that Augustas is 3 1/2 and still looks fit and healthy and is still laying, so I suppose she could go on for years. What should I do? I'm really in a quandry.
  14. I've just had my lovely Bluebell Betty put to sleep, she was suffering from peritonitis. She was always a very nervous girlie but beautiful to look at. She was 3 1/2 and such a good layer, I thought she would go on for a long time.
  15. The police were called to the park but the owner of the two dogs had left before they arrived. The paper gives a description of the owner though so hopefully the police will catch up with him eventually.
  16. That is awful, especially if it is done deliberately. On Monday at the park our canoe club is based in, a small dog was killed by two staff type dogs. I don't know if this was a deliberate attack (as in ANH's post) or just a horrible tragic 'accident'. I do know that when I've been walking Cooks in the park she has been chased by two staffs but I couldn't say for sure that its the same one. (Don't know how to do the link thing to the story in the paper). Its so horrible to think of the poor little dog and its owner. I would like to add that I have nothing against staffs either - my last dog was a staff cross.
  17. We've given up with blow up mattresses - they always develop a puncture. Next we got camping beds but I like to move around a lot when I sleep (not helped by having a 'mummy' sleeping bag and find the poles at the side uncomfortable. Hubby has a thermarest mat and says its brilliant. We're all going to get one now, the roll up really small so will be ideal for quick weekends camping whilst at tournaments. Can't help with the weather unfortunately.
  18. I'm so sorry to hear your sad news. We never expect young people to die early so its almost as doubly shocking when tragedy strikes. I lost a couple of cousins when I was a teenager and my ES has lost 3 friends (one in a truly horrific way). Just be there for your son, take time for yourself too and your friend. He may not react now, it may come out over time or you may find that as he's so young it may not have too much of an effect on him at all. Young children can be matter of fact about lots of things. Sending you all (((hugs)))
  19. Sorry to hear your sad news Cooks. Hope your mum is feeling better now.
  20. Sounds delicious. My ES and I are rather partial to scotch eggs but I've never made them myself. Might give it a go.
  21. So sorry Tiggy, sending you a (((hug)))
  22. What??? 3 years already? That has flown by. Really glad you enjoyed your time at uni. Hope you get the results you deserve.
  23. Fantastic news Just need this sort of luck for me and the hubby now
  24. Wow - so positive, well done. I hope you manage to move sooner than two years, the way you are going I'm sure you will.
  25. What an awful thought for you all Lillybettybabs. It's just terrible that it happened to anyone. Praying that nothing else happens to our military men and women.

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