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  1. Thanks for the replies. I have sent the e-mail page to my husband. I think space wise the cube is probably better as its not as long (thats if I measured it correctly). Is this right? The space I have would work better with a cube. Just hope hubby agrees - he's keen on chickens too so hope it won't take too much persuading! Reading up on chickens is addictive so goodness knows what owning them will be like.... can't wait. I want to order one now......
  2. Its tricky isn't it though as I have have been reading through most people start with an eglu and then less than a year later are buying a cube - I guess chicken owning is addictive (can't find spell check on that)! I keep saying to my friends and family that I am petted out at the moment - not including the wannabe chickens - but I think we would then think to ourselves 'oh it would be nice to get some different breeds'. How often does that happen to everyone? And look at me I haven't got any, I've been on the computer all day, the oven was put on half and hour ago and I haven't put my jacket potatoes in! I'm sorry I really do go on....
  3. Hi, I'm new (have posted in welcome to). Haven't bought any chickens or eglus yet - have seen the photo of the cube above and very impressed. My question is should I start with an eglu and wait and see or start off with a cube and a few extra chickens because with an eglu they suggest just two chickens or have I read that wrong (its all I've been doing today - apart from a trip to the dentist and walking the dog). I think i'm going a bit chicken gaga!!

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