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  1. I am truly shocked and saddened by what has happened in Woolwich. My thoughts and prayers go out to the poor soldier's family and friends. I live only a few miles from Woolwich, my Grandfather worked at the Royal Artillery Barracks as did his father. My mum was born in Woolwich. My son has a couple of friends that are marines, do we now have to worry about their safety when they are home on leave now too. That this has happened is just too awful for words. I am upset with the photos that have been in the paper, I hear that there is video of the horrible criminals/terrorists that did this atrocious murder. I really don't think that they should show the video, why give them the 'fame' that they want. Truly sickening.
  2. I didn't cry when we left her at uni as she was so happy. I cried all the way back from Valencienne when we left her for her 3rd year of her degree. I think she needed to move out last year as she needed her independence. She did want to work either in Australia or America and I think she might have ended up settling if she went to either of those countries. She is on the look out though for a boyfriend so who knows what might happened in Amsterdam
  3. Sorry to hear that Cinnamon, sending (((hugs)))
  4. Sounds lovely to me DD moved out last year but comes home a couple of weekends a month (handy for us as she's available to pet sit) and DS1 always moans and says 'I thought she'd moved out'! He's 22 and desperate to move out, he really does want to be independent but is on a ridiculously low wage. He says when he goes that's it, he's not ever moving back in. DD is moving to Amsterdam to work for 6 months in September so will give up her rented flat and then move back in with us afterwards until she can buy somewhere. I don't mind if they move out, I think as long as they can feed themselves they'll figure everything else out. I just hope that the next time DD moves out she actually takes all her things with her. It doesn't look like she's left at all in her bedroom *ahem* I mean the spare bedroom
  5. I'm so sorry about Archie, that's so sad. Sending you (((hugs))).
  6. How horrible for you, I really hope Archie pulls through and that Molly is okay.
  7. Glad to hear that you are home, just remember to take it really easy as others have said.
  8. Ahh congratulations, lovely news. Can't wait to see some photos.
  9. That is good news, lots of positive thoughts going Cooks way A friend's husband won't discuss anything to do with 'women's stuff' - its so funny, you can actually see him squirm.
  10. Good luck for tomorrow - you'll be fine. I'll be sending lots of positive healing thoughts for you.
  11. Welcome back, of course we remember you. I hope they find out what's wrong and you can start to feel better soon.
  12. AndreaT - when I was on the diet, the worse time for me was when I'd had a feta nicoise salad (recipe from the book). It didn't make me feel full at all. Yet the veg chilli with 2 tablespoons of brown rice was really filling. Salad just never fills me up. My hubby has lost 8lbs now, he's a bit downhearted that its not more but I'm hoping he'll stick to it.
  13. Awful thing to happen. Thoughts go out to people in America.
  14. Thanks all for the sympathy. Craftyhunnypie - I read back over your gallbladder thread the other day for some tips. I've been drinking lots of cloudy apple juice! I hope your Dad recovers from his surgery quickly. We liked the chicken stir fry (all the family ate that - but I cooked noodles as well for the boys). I think there is a salmon dish in the book which we had but again I just cooked potatoes for the boys to have with it.
  15. Well the doctor thinks I have gallstones, has given me tablets to stop me feeling so sick and burpy He's arranging for a scan and blood tests. He said not to carry on with the diet Worryingly he said if I vomit and my temperature goes up then I have to go to hospital! Anyway enough about that, I hope everyone gets on ok with the diet. I will be very interested in how everyone gets on.
  16. Sending lots of positive thoughts for your health and country home from me too.
  17. I think its sad that there has been so much vitriol over Margaret Thatcher's passing. I remember when she first won the election, I was at a girls school and we all thought it was fantastic that a woman would finally be prime minister. When she took over the country had been in the midst of turmoil, strikes left right and centre, no rubbish collections, no power for many days a week etc. Should we be happy when the politicians and union leaders that were responsible for those times die? I wouldn't want to celebrate anybody dying.
  18. I'm off to docs this afternoon so will see what they say. I'm hoping that its ok to continue as I think its a very 'do-able' way of losing weight. I will admit that I do have to have at least 2 cups of tea with a smidgen of milk on my fast days. I absolutely hate herbal and fruit teas although peppermint is just about palatable. I was going to suggest Bovril, I've had this just for a change on fast days. Cinnamon - hope you feel better soon. What sort of diet are you doing?
  19. Well done Vicki on your first day, you coped better than I did. On the forum it had said that some peopl cope better by not eating at all until the evening. I'm going to have a break from fasting due to gallbladder problems. Read yesterday that you shouldn't do low calorie diets if you have gallbladder problems as it can make it worse. I've not had symptoms for a couple of years but its worse now than it was before. I'm hopefully seeing the doctor this week and will ask what they think. Hubby has done another fast day today, I'm hoping he will carry on even if I don't.
  20. The first few fast nights, I would say 'I'm going to eat so much tomorrow' but it usually takes me an hour after waking up to even have breakfast. We have porridge made with water, usually nothing until dinner but if I'm struggling then I will have a slim-a-soup. One of our favourite meals is the vegetarian chilli. Kidney beans and brown rice are quite filling. We just eat normally on other days, if you fancy chocolate or cheese then you have it. I've rather overdone the cheese recently and am paying the price with a bit of a painful gallbladder hopefully that will settle and I'll get back on track. I only fasted once last week as I felt unwell.
  21. Congratulations, lovely news. Good weight too.
  22. Me and hubby have been doing this diet for the last month. We've had varying degrees of success, he has quite a lot of weight to lose and I've got about 10lbs to lose. We decided to try this diet as because its only 2 days a week it seemed achievable. I found it really, really hard to begin with and got headaches and very cold but it actually gets easier as you go along. I put a little back on last week but I've had a birthday and a weekend away, Easter etc. Hubby says that if he hadn't of been on the diet then he would have put on lots of weight recently but has managed to lose a bit without even trying. We fast on Monday and Thursday and by Sunday night I'm actually looking forward to not eating as much the next day. I've lots about 4lbs but I really do need to exercise too. Its also a good way of dieting for us as we're away a lot at weekends at tournaments and the food available usually consists of burgers and hot dogs so at least during the week we can have our fast days. It also makes me eat less on the non-fast days too, you don't want to stuff yourself.
  23. Yes you're right Goldie it was called Angel Eyes. My friend didn't use it for long thankfully.

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