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  1. My DD has been doing the 2 day diet for a few months now. I think they're probably quite similar. I'm looking at this as a lifestyle rather than a 'diet'. We both like food and apart from the rubbish that we end up eating at the weekends I do cook healthily most of the time at home. My OH though is a comfort eater, he makes himself a sandwich the minute he has finished his dinner which is so silly as the dinner hasn't even had a chance to get down to his stomach. He also never leaves anything which is a hang over from his parents. If I'm full I will leave food on the plate, I never tell my children to eat everything. Just got to get the exercising back on again now too.
  2. Will bear that in mind - the cake has nearly all gone. My weight has crept up due to eating away at tournaments for the last couple of years. Virtually every weekend we are are away. Not too bad with day trip ones, I make up a salad etc and take fruit to eat whilst watching the games, my downfall is after the tournament when YS's starving and wants a macdonalds on the way home. So far I haven't been able to resist. We are coming up to starting our weekend tournaments both here and abroad, everywhere always serves the same thing, burgers or hot dogs for the foreign ones. There was only one last year that served a pasta salad and that was Belgium. We're usually by the side of a lake or river miles from anywhere. This is where this diet will help in that we can do the 2 days during the week and try not to pig out too much at the weekends - although I have to say I do take porridge pots for when we're camping so I don't have to eat burger/dogs/bacon rolls all day long
  3. Haven't done much in the way of exercising over last couple of weeks and it was OH's 50th birthday the other weekend so we've been scoffing the leftovers (I managed to forget to cut the cake up for everyone to take home) Today OH and I have embarked on The Fast Diet, I've had a poached egg and tangerine so far. I am pretty hungry and finding the no milk in tea really hard BUT I know that its just for today and I can eat normally tomorrow. I have got a rotten cold at the moment so probably not the best time to be starting. I'm hoping that my OH can stick to this, its really about the best one I think he could do as he can eat normally for 5 days out of 7. He's been on Lighterlife before but as soon as he starts eating again he just overeats. I'm hoping that as we're doing this together then he'll stick to it.
  4. I'm so sorry to hear your sad news, I don't have any advice really to add. You've been given some good advice above. Just try not to worry about everything yourself, its good that uni are being very understanding. I think you just have to take it a day at a time. Sending (((hugs)))
  5. I agree with a lot of what has been written on here. I was quite shocked when I heard what had happened to Miss Steenkamp. We also saw him run at the Paralympics, he was one of the 'faces' of the Olympics/Paralympics. I feel shocked by his actions, whether he thought his girlfriend was an intruder or not. I feel this way about Lance Armstrong too, he cheated his way to winning his titles. People look up to these athletes, whether they should or not is neither here nor there. In my mind I'd rather look up to an athlete than a bit part 'celeb' famous for falling out of clubs etc. But at the end of the day they're all humans with human failings and just because they are athletes or celebs doesn't make them perfect or even nice people. I heard some of the details of the defence today on the news. I have no idea how they will decide whether he deliberately killed her or if indeed he thought she was an intruder.
  6. When my husband's group did it they had a couple of guides, primarily for insurance reasons. They were quite a large group and had a coach to ferry them about.
  7. Having met up with Reikiranf yesterday for lunch, first time for months, I can confirm that she's looking very good, really impressive! Well done Reiki
  8. Over the last couple of weeks Sophie has begun to lose weight again. Took her back in for more tests - blood and urine. The blood was slightly raised on the kidney analysis but the urine was very high. She's been given some tablets for chronic renal failure which should make her feel a bit better in the short term. The vet said that she has a very poor prognosis and she doesn't expect Sophie to last more than a couple of months. I'd sort of expected this diagnosis, it doesn't make it any easier though. Now I just have to make sure that I recognise when the time is right to make that awful decision. At the moment she's still going out, likes to have a lap to sleep on. I'm hoping she at least makes it to her 15th birthday next month. It doesn't make it any easier with each pet that you have, the end is always awful. I'm making the most of our lap cuddles.
  9. I have to say I've never thought of raw feeding any of them, cats or dog. my problem is that I'm away quite a few weekends and I don't think that ES would probably cope! I'm dreading our first weekend away as who knows who he'll end up feeding what (I've currently got Toby kitten on metacam in food for a limping leg)! He has to eat separately as does Sophie! I'm thinking of just setting up a standing order to the vets!! Plus side is that Sophie has gained a little weight and her fur looks better.
  10. That's great news, I am glad that they've definitely proved it was him.
  11. We have the Hills Kd wet and dry food now. She ate half the dry portion, so that's probably more than she would normally eat. I might give her one of each per day.
  12. Thanks Olly, honestly it's almost as bad as having a new baby and not knowing what to do for the best! Sophie keeps miaowing at me for more of the runny stuff - I think I'll get a few sachets of wet just in case she turns her nose up at the dry Hills food. So funny when I'm feeding her, I shut us in then kitchen and I have a glazed door - Toby and Lottie (the kitties) and Cook keep sitting patiently at the door hoping to get some of the lovely food!
  13. Hmm should I just leave her on wet food then? I've just always fed dry, I can't stand the smell of wet food. She did love it though! I've only ordered a small bag on advice of vet in case she doesn't like it. I've never managed to keep a cat until old age (apart from when I was a child) so this aging process in them is all new to me.
  14. Ah it's such a shame isn't it. How old is your kitty Couperwife? I thought I'd stick with the dry as Sophie gets spooked really easily so would probably run off after a mouthful and then it could spoil. I'm hoping it makes a difference to her re her weight as she is so skinny.
  15. Okay I'm back from picking Sophie up from the vets. They successfully managed to manipulate some urine out. Poor Sophie does have kidney disease . She has to go on prescription food now, she's just eaten half a sachet. She's normally on dry food (they have to order it in) so she probably thinks its Christmas. Apparently we have to be very careful that she doesn't eat anything other than the renal food.
  16. Glad everyone who has been suffering are starting to feel better. I'm another child of the 60s who used to suffer regularly, the doctor always said 'next time she gets tonsilitis we will arrange to get them taken out', it never happened even though I continued to suffer and have on and off since. I especially get it now if I'm stressed out. My DD suffered an awful lot as a child, much worse that I did. She ended up with a quincy one, and was almost hospitalised. She had hers taken out when she was 12 and even though she is most indignant that she still gets a sore throat occasionally its nowhere near as bad as having tonsilitis. Lots of fluids always seems to help.
  17. We went to a polo tournament in Bedford yesterday and a youth team from Kingston-upon-Hull had followed a snow plough down the motorway so they were very plucky for driving all that way.
  18. Ahh that's a lovely end to the story, apart from your mum being upset.

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