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  1. She could be moulting. Three of my girls are moulting at the moment and have lost most of their neck feathers and their frilly knickers but if you look closely you can see more feathers coming through so in places they look like hedgehogs.
  2. Hi Mrs Pottts I recently had to give one of my girls a course of Baytrill over 7 days. I was advised by my vet to mix it 50/50 with Ribena to make it more palatable. It did seem to do the trick and made my job that much easier.
  3. One of my Labs ate 7kgs of horse feed (obviously, unbeknown to me at the time) which resulted in bloat (gastric torsion). Luckily I recognised the symptoms - panting, drooling, wanting to stretch and a stomach like a balloon. His stomach had started to rotate but I rushed him to the vets and after a 3 hour operation to remove the impacted food and re-organise his stomach, he was saved. It is one of those times when the sooner you get them to the vets the better the outcome and something not to be ignored. It was a very scary time because I thought I was going to lose him. I hope Henry is feeling a lot better.
  4. Poor Jazz. It's so sad to see a Lab lose their wag. Cold tail is quite a common complaint in Labradors and can either be caused by cold water hitting the base of the tail or indeed over-wagging. It is something to do with the nerves at the base of the tail and usually resolves in a few days but sometimes can take a couple of weeks. It is an unpleasant sensation for the poor dog and is a bit like having a stiff neck in humans. Lots of tlc and cuddles needed.
  5. Wow, he's 105 years old. I can't imagine me having all that energy at 60.
  6. She looks so sweet. Whatever she is crossed with she has come out mostly chocolate Labrador to the point where it would be hard to tell that she was crossed with anything other than another labrador. Luckily, she has landed on her feet with you.
  7. How lovely. You must post some photos of Charlie so we can all see how gorgeous he is.
  8. Ah bless. I love the expression on her face in the last photo. "I'm really grown up now and no, a bee sting doesn't hurt - well not much - but I'm really brave".
  9. What a stunning boy. It might be something to do with food and genetics.
  10. I agree with Chelsea. Unless you intend to 'work' a spaniel do not get a working strain. They need plenty of mental and physical exercise. Otherwise they make up their own entertainment which may not agree with your definition. However, the show strain are much more docile although I have no experience on how they react to chickens.
  11. Wow I'm really impressed. I get really worried about driving my 6kg horse lorry.
  12. Yes . You'd really want to wash them again afterwards though .
  13. What a lovely boy he is. So willing to please with a big smile on his face. Does he do the washing-up?
  14. Poor Milly. It's probably just a reaction to the anaesthetic and her change in circumstances. I'm sure everything will settle down and she'll be home again soon.

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