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  1. Hope everyone collecting their results today got the results they need Just picked mine up, got 4 A's, 6 B's and 1 C So got the results I need to get into Hartpury Good luck everyone! Tom
  2. Ooo your evil I told Maggie she has to go broody in the next couple of months Doris has certainly made an impression on the other girls, she evil haha
  3. Well here are the 4 little ducklings me and Sally (Pikey) brought back from Tasha's (She made me I promise ) Aren't they cute?! Thanks again Tash x Tom
  4. Lovely breed but please be wary of the fact that they are very prone to Mareks and hatching with other breeds isn't a great idea. I speak from experience here, hatched 4 along with 28 other different chicks and lost all 4 and 18 of the others over the course of 4 days. There's no medicine either They become immune to it (if I remember rightly) about 7-8 months old.
  5. Not too sure what to make of this program Personally, I think it's a shame that they picked the clueless couples for entertainment who will almost definitely not succeed if they win whereas they could have picked couples who know what they are doing and would make the most of it and actually do well out of it. I think the prize will be wasted personally The fencing was hilarious though I felt sorry for the blonde sister, her sister was making an absolute mess of that electric fencing, where an earth was she going with it??!! How is it harder to go in a straight line if you start with 2 ends then follow the tape? Voila, straight line And the 'know-it-all' guy who did the stock fencing? Tree stakes! Tree stakes! To tension the fence he used Tree Stakes!! Bit of a joke really. Oh and the couple that used the logs as fence posts, was anyone else shouting at the TV when he couldn't work out why there wasn't a current running through the tape? Uhh maybe because you've just wrapped it around a metal screw Then feed sacks wrapped round it! Would have saved a lot more time just buying the purpose made insulator screws. The only people who I think are in for a chance of winning are the older couple. They seem quite knowledgeable. Should be entertaining to watch just a shame that they had to pick a bunch of numptys! JMO
  6. I miss it too! All the dust, all the feed, all the extra electricity... what more could you want?!
  7. Congrats on the eggs The colour can vary from bird to bird and from month to month so it could get darker throughout the year.
  8. Well the eggs are in! 45 in total, 22 Dottes, 11 Pekins, 6 Frizzles & 6 Dutch Due from the 13th-18th February. 6 are under a broody (Pikey's Olive!) Can't wait
  9. Good luck with the Chocolates Tash, the boys are such a lovely colour and as long as you have some good quality blacks to cross out to then you should be fine
  10. I have 3. A 6ft x 18ft one divided into 3 equal runs, an 9ft x 18ft one & 9ft x 9ft one

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