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  1. Busybird you have my sympathies. I too hate get togethers with the in laws, and avoided them for years by feigning illness, prior engagements, even bookintg a last minute holiday to avoid spending Xmas with them. However OH asked me to attend a 70th birthday party for MIL and I reluctantly went. Shall we say I don't want to repeat the experience any time soon, but it was OK. Don't listen to them. It's what OH thinks about you that is important and he likes you the way you are. Let the children stay at home, book a taxi for 10pm (say you need an early night as you have a busy day the next day ferrying the children around, or you have to get back for the babysitter, and OH will need a good night's sleep as he has to drive to the airport) Alternatively take the children and use them as the excuse to leave early! And as Ygerna said, remind OH that you are his priority now he is married. Men find it difficult to escape from their mothers, many still think they have to justify every action to them. He does need to tell his sister and mother to keep their opinions to themselves, particularly if they are spiteful, problem is he may not feel brave enough! There's always Rescue Remedy too!
  2. Clipping their wings won't necessarily stop them flying, it just means they fly in circles. My Jess has her wing clipped but still clears the Omlet netting with ease.
  3. OH made big house number stickers for our bins. Next door painted numbers on his and they've started to flake off now.
  4. My shortest text was "?" sent to Son when I didn't understand a word in his text to me
  5. When we go to the Lake District on holiday, one of my must-do's is visit the Windermere Lakeland!!!! For years I could only shop once a year and mail order the rest, but we have one in Canterbury now so I get a regular fix!!
  6. Shortly after we got our girls a neighbour had fireworks (in May!!!!). OH rushed up the garden to check the girls. He opened the Eglu to find them all fast asleep. Over the last year I've decided mine are easily spooked by the sight of something rather than the noise.
  7. OH and I both have brothers and sisters but Son is an only child. I only wanted one, and after Post Natal Depression that was probably a good thing.
  8. The headteacher was allowed to put her point across when the story first broke last week (might have seen that on South East Today so not everyone will have seen that). As per usual though she was then completely misreported. Paul O'Grady was interviewed saying he thought it unkind to let the pupils rear the lamb for 3 years to then send it to slaughter. 3 YEARS???????? The headteacher said they had had him since March this year. I for one applaud what she tried to do with the children. Case of an over protective mother springs to mind!!
  9. you can count me in if that's the case!! Ooargh me hearties (is that convincing enough?)
  10. Hope you feel better soon! I once woke up with a sprained ankle. The only explanation the Doctor could give was that I may have got it tangled up in the duvet during the night!!
  11. Our Tchibo in Canterbury closed years ago, which was a shame as I loved popping in there. Wonder if the mail order will continue though?
  12. we fancy doing that!! At the moment we are enjoying a weekend away every month in our caravan. I thought I would miss the 2 weeks away somewhere but I haven't.

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