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  1. Is it worth contacting Trading Standards? Jx
  2. Sent DS hurtling round to Asda yesterday..........not on offer anymore so he got me 2 jars of Nescafe for £6 instead (Which I do use as well.....it's over £4 a jar here ) Bless him! Jx
  3. Are they still on offer? I Looove my Tassimo Jx
  4. Cookiemonster............... How do you know what prisoners do with their mugs Jx PS........they're plastic now
  5. Another one here with leaky eyes! It's gorgeous and a very beautiful tribute to the memory of Ashley. Jx
  6. I'm really enjoying Larkrise to Candleford at the moment Jx
  7. France for me too Soooo much to see and do! Why not get an Alastair Sawdays ' Special Places to stay' and just travel around as the fancy takes you stopping at some amazing chambres d'hotes and trying different regional foods? Happy holidays Jx
  8. My daughter in law has just rung to say she passed her driving test this morning. She had to wait an extra 2 months 'cos the last one got cancelled due to snow! Oh yes...........and the sun is shining Jx
  9. It can only get better Good news is...if it's the same as wot I 'ad......it only lasts 24 hours Jx
  10. What a horrible situation to be in. I'm afraid I can't offer any advice, but just wanted to wish your YF all the luck in the world. Jx
  11. Hate 'em Always have.....always will Jx

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