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  1. Urgent Help Needed

    Me too, in her sleep tonight would be good. Shes been a lovely bird, not cuddly but strong and somewhat cranky. Full of character. She was always the boss. Always kept her girls in place. Like some kind of school mistress, complete with beak shaped cane. I will miss her ... A lot Thanks for helping me thru this
  2. Urgent Help Needed

    No lice, mites, fleas, ticks nothing, in fact, that creeps, crawls, visits or slithers. When you say let her go, do you think ... I should call on the abilities of my neighbour ... Or let her go in her own time? I know she wont get better, it will only get worse, looks like i have answered my own question I will visit marie tomorrow
  3. Totally know how you feel about not taking her back to the breeder, I have a hen, Susan, who is the ugliest bird ever - two broken toes, one missing toe, a broken top beak and I'm sure she is cross-eyed but if I'd taken her back we all know what would have happened to her. We don't get many eggs from her but she's part of the flock and deserves more than a chance. Hope all goes well for you,
  4. Urgent Help Needed

    Update, It seems that she has been pulling her own feathers out. She is barely eating too. I have given her the most comfortable environment I can but I think she is simply old and senile. A very sad time
  5. Urgent Help Needed

    Well, Yes and No, I separated her 2 days ago by putting a temporary fence inside the chicken run with our reserve hen house (a compost bin). She still has lots of space as do the others, they can see each other, make faces and do little dances back and forth. Bluey is better in that she is not losing any more feathers but she is definitely a sad old bird. I am feeding her a grain & corn mix as there is no need for her to have layers and I thought it might put some meat on her bones as she is getting frail. I have noticed that she poops as much as the other 5 put together. Each morning I remove poops from the trays and the last two mornings has been a marked decrease in poops. Especially runny ones. Now I have my sensible head on I think I can honestly say that I doubt she'll last till Christmas (sniff sniff). I haven't taken her to the vet as I really think that this is down to old age, there is no physical injuries or oddities about her. I feel her body is just shutting down and to take her to the vet would only stress her more. We had a little cuddle at lunch time and I gave her some tinned sweet corn (her fave) which she took eagerly. If she lasts a couple of weeks I'll put Pepper in with her (quiet, gentle little bird) and then introduce them together to the other four. Hopefully this will give the superior ranks a bit of a shake up. Keep your fingers crossed for her. I think time will tell on this one but I'll keep this post updated.
  6. Urgent Help Needed

    Yes, I have already prepared for that. We have a local farmer with chickens who will come and do the deed if necessary. I will not see her suffer. (big swallow, deep breath).
  7. Urgent Help Needed

    Hi Dogmother, I don't know why I didn't think of it without being prompted. Seems obvious now. Perhaps panic made me forget logic ? Thanks guys
  8. Urgent Help Needed

    Thanks Grandmashazzie, I will do that and see how she gets on. I've been a mess all day, I'll keep you informed ...
  9. Urgent Help Needed

    I have a very sad girl, her name is Bluey and she is 10 years old, she has been in retirement in the past year so doesn't lay eggs. I have noticed over the past two weeks that her poop is runny and soaks into the Arboise a lot. About the same time she started losing bottom feathers. As she has had mite problems in the past I gave her a thorough examination but found nothing untoward (except pink skin and a bald patch). At first I didn't notice any change in her temperment but recently she has started hanging her head a little and now she has started losing feathers from around her neck. Again more checks but no obvious problem. It seems to me that she may be being picked on by my other, much younger (6 months) girls although I have seen no evidence of this. When I first got the little ones she was queen of the pack and strutted her stuff and got top pickings for the food. But not any more. This is so painful. Most of the feathers are outside the cube although there are a few small ones being removed at night. I think I am losing my old lady and the others are picking on the weakest of the flock. What do you think ? Should I put her out of her misery ? I don't want her to die at the hands of the others. If she is going to go should I make it peaceful ? Please help ...
  10. Which Food is Best ?

    Hi All, I have been looking into "what is in the girls food" and am beginning to wish I hadn't. I seem to have opened a whole hive of problems. Almost all standard (ie non-organic) foods seem to have GM products added. I am against this so I am now looking at Organic feed. In a nutshell this is my feeding routine; 7.30 I let the girls out of their cube run and scavenge around their larger run (6 hens in an 8m x 5m area). They munch anything about. 8.30 I put out their mixed grain food with another dish of layers pellets for when they run out of grain. 3.30 I join them for treats and a chat. Whilst reading up I have heard many stories saying that they should be fed only layers and grain as a treat ? My girls get beans, tinned corn, cucumbers, fruit and stuff as treats, basically whatever is about and they will like ! I would love to hear when, how and what you feed your girls. I am especially interested in Brands and how you rate them and why. Many thanks for reading this and any replies entered
  11. Hi All, I have just changed from Straw to Auboise as I was fed up with the dust. It was like fall-out ! No kidding ! How my girls slept in it I have no idea their poor little lungs. Anyway I digress ... I have just received my bag of Auboise and as I stared at it in awe I read the "instructions" - wetting it down with a hose ? Okay I admit that after heart-failure I did notice that the instructions were for Horses and Stables. My question is a simple one (hopefully) - Do I really need to wet it before putting it into my cube ? I admit that I poo-pooed the instructions and simply popped it into the nesting box and poop trays. Go on ... tell me I've done wrong ??? Cheers for any help on the use of this weird product. On a side note do you think putting Hemp into their cube will make them have psychedelic dreams ?
  12. Have to say I went to Center Parcs in UK too. It was a disaster. I was in a wheelchair (although I could walk short distances) at the time and it was advertised as being Disabled Friendly. It Wasn't !!! I couldn't go anywhere due to steps. Also the doors weren't wide enough for a wheelchair to get through without a special key and a member of staff to open an ajoining door. It was really embarasing and I'm not one to be embarased! At one point I was refused access anywhere near the pool because I was wearing a false leg. Their ruling was that I had to take my shoes off. If I took the shoe off the leg I'd never have been able to walk - they said (and I quote) "sorry, it's policy". Grrrr !
  13. Wine making!!

    I remember, as a child, my mother would make ginger beer. I think she new me pretty well so hid it at the top of a tall cupboard. I still managed to climb on a kitchen stool, balance one foot on a plastic rack on the inside of the cupboard door and (on tip toes) could reach the bottled nectar. I hassen to add it was in those bottles that you get Grolsch in now - the resealable ones. I wasn't daft though I'd only ever take a sip or two out of each bottle that way mum thourght it was evaporating evenly. I ws only 8 !!! I was a horrible child !
  14. The Gallery

    Help !!!
  15. The Gallery

    Gallery ??? Who, what, where or why is "The Gallery" (Damn can't seem to do this anonomosly)