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  1. DebbyTutton

    The mystery of the missing eggs

    I have hens that do that too, I think it’s just a way of getting away from the little ones who run about like wee nutters. 😁
  2. DebbyTutton

    The mystery of the missing eggs

    Hi everyone following this, Susan has started laying again ... after a scary long break she has gradually come back. No idea why. to start off the eggs were a bit whiter than normal for a Maran and not smooth, kinda gritty in texture. Not a constant colour, kind of tie died for those of you old enough to remember that, but now after a week or so she is back to her normal self. Very weird but I am SO relieved she is okay 😃😃 happy faces all round.
  3. DebbyTutton

    The mystery of the missing eggs

    Great News ! Susan is laying again. The first egg was very pale for a Maran but now she is in full throw and back to her normal self. Still no idea why she stopped, but it lasted for two months and then she starts again as if northing had happened, she has no idea how worried I was, a happy ending 🥳
  4. DebbyTutton

    The mystery of the missing eggs

    Hi Dogmother, i wormed Them with the flubenvet two weeks ago, infact I shut her in the run to make sure she had a full dose. I checked her poos with a x32 magnifying glass (what has my life come to ? 😆) and all seemed fine. No eggs or wigglies that I could see. My darling husband says that I am poo obsessed 😷 Do you still think I should send off a test ? I guess it wouldn’t hurt and desperate measures call for desperate actions. thanks I will try that.
  5. DebbyTutton

    The mystery of the missing eggs

    Hi Beantree, thank you for your reply and detailed information. It is hard to see her each time she comes out so proud but no egg. My first thought was peritonitis but I felt that by now she would be showing signs of illness. Six weeks without any egg, but build up could still be a problem as you suggest and I guess all I can do is let her be happy with her flock sisters. She does seem a very happy girl and that is most important thing to me. i will keep this post updated with any developments incase someone else has a similar or the same problem. many thanks
  6. Hi, I have a problem with Susan. She is a two/three year old Maran. Apart from being cross eyed, missing two toes, cross beaked and hairy feet she is a lovely girl. She has laid every other day almost constantly since she first started laying. But then she stopped. Her last egg was on 29th March. The shells went a bit weird towards the end. Bit rough, bi-coloured. The insides were fine. Now she goes into the nesting box every day for about two hours then comes out singing the “ive laid” song. But no egg ! Nor any sign of an egg. She struts about for a while then joins the rest of my 7 strong flock. Does anyone have any idea what is happening with her ? Can hens get dementia ? A bit of background - I have two coops and seven hens, all different species mostly middle sized. They are wormed monthly with verm-x and six monthly with flubenvet. There are no ticks, mite or lice that I can find. They spend the mornings in the main gardens and, after a decent egg count, get let lose into our small oak wood where they have dust baths, hen parties and lots of fun. At night they come back to the garden for beer o’clock with us and then they go to bed. They all have bright red erect wattles and beautiful plumage - especially Susan who’s black gown positively shimmers with health. Could she have simply stopped laying, like as an age thing? Bit early but I can’t think of anything else? Early menopause but without the cranky rhino thing? Any ideas anyone ? Cheers
  7. Hi Patricia W, Many, many thanks for your advice. I will remove the sleeping bags in the morning and carry on monitoring the situation. Very helpful advice, I will keep the forum up to date.
  8. Hi, i started getting concerned as four of my girls were cuddled up in the nesting box so I assumed they were either cold or in a draft (I think that’s the wrong soelling lol). interesting what you say about the mk2, perhaps I will follow my instinct and go for a second hand mk1. cheers
  9. DebbyTutton


    Eek ! The Bain of the poultry keeper. i had an infestation a couple of years back and saw two rats this year. In response and to cure the panic I purchased two rat proof chicken feeders. Worth their money in my opinion. Haven’t seen any rats since. Even put up hubbys night camera with movement sensor and it found nothing so I am happy. I have two feeders for six medium sized hens. If you have mixed sizes they would be difficult as you need them a certain height from the ground (hen shoulder height). As one of my girls is an Araucana I have one a little lower but it doesn’t seem to stop the others using it. May be different for bantams though.
  10. Yeah, that makes sense. I will still monitor it though I think, as I have the equipment. As I said ocd 😌 I originally bourght the thermometer as they were all cuddling into the nesting box at night, therefore too cold. I put the sleeping bags on top and this helped considerably. Only Annie goes into the nesting box at night now and I think it’s because she used to get pecked by Ingrid. Then Ingrid was killed by a bird of prey - hope it choked ! All my girls are traumatised and won’t go into our wood anymore. Hopefully In time they will forget and go back in as they used to love it there.
  11. Many thanks, I was having a mild panic about this. Seems so high compared to household recommendations of 50% it only goes to show you shouldn’t believe all you read on the internet as I read that it should be 40% to 46% ! i don’t get condensation of any sort inside. I am a bit OCD when it comes to my girls and clean them daily, remove offending items from poop trays and a quick wipe inside the cube, turn over the barley straw in their nesting box etc.
  12. Hi, mine also don’t like the omlet feeders, they don’t like putting their heads into something and leaving themselves vulnerable - that’s my theory anyway, I saw a couple of rats and had a bit of a panic so purchased rat proof feeders from amazon. They are great and the feed seems to last a lot longer. cant add poultry spice or garlic powder though as the powder seems to clog it up. highly recommend.
  13. Hello and thank you for reading my question, I am hoping that someone out there has a solution for me. i decided to see the temperature range inside the cube during the winter to see if my 4 girls are warm enough. I can’t afford a cube cover at the moment so I have covered my cube with two unused sleeping bags and moved it to a covered sheltered area. The sleeping bags do not cover any of the ventilation slots on the cube, the are on the top and side where the egg door is. the thermometer I purchased stores the min and max temperatures and they have been fine but my concern is the humidity lows and highs. These are averaging at a min of 60% and max of 80%. This seems way too high. I have tried opening the poop trays a little and even leaving the door open a little but I cannot reduce the humidity. Has anyone else out there done any research into humidity inside cubes ? I have read (internet sites) that high humidity is a leading factor in spreading coccidiosis. i also see that the mark 2 has far more ventilation than the mark 1. i am open to any advice. Many Thanks
  14. DebbyTutton

    Urgent Help Needed

    Me too, in her sleep tonight would be good. Shes been a lovely bird, not cuddly but strong and somewhat cranky. Full of character. She was always the boss. Always kept her girls in place. Like some kind of school mistress, complete with beak shaped cane. I will miss her ... A lot Thanks for helping me thru this
  15. DebbyTutton

    Urgent Help Needed

    No lice, mites, fleas, ticks nothing, in fact, that creeps, crawls, visits or slithers. When you say let her go, do you think ... I should call on the abilities of my neighbour ... Or let her go in her own time? I know she wont get better, it will only get worse, looks like i have answered my own question I will visit marie tomorrow